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RedCig Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the RedCig followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Choice: 75%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 90%
  • Price: 74%
  • Vapor Quality: 70%
  • Overall Rating: 77%
Red Cig offers a small range of solidly biult products, even though they are a bit overpriced for what they do.

RedCig’s goal seems to be offering as realistic-looking e-cigs as possible at a price that won’t break your bank. What that means is that they are made to look like regular combustible cigarettes you light up, but with all the advantages of electronic cigarettes. Do they succeed or fall flat on their face? Read on to find out what we thought.

What You Get

REDCIG StarterKitIn an effort to appeal to as many ranges of budgets as possible, the company offers a number of different starter kits. The very basic one (the Disposable Kit) only costs £6.99, and it comes with a single battery, 50 cigarettes and a case. As you can see by the number of included cigs, these are meant to be very disposable. This basic kit comes with no charger, so you will either need to upgrade if you want one or buy one individually.

The Starter Kit comes with 100 cigarettes, a battery, a case and a USB charger. It will cost you £19.99.

The Deluxe Kit comes with twice as many items as the Starter Kit (that’s 200 cigarettes) and it has a wall charger as well.

If you want the most comprehensive kit, you can pick up the Ultimate Kit for £64.99. It comes with three batteries, three USB chargers, two wall chargers, a case and 300 cigarettes.

The Quality of the Products

Redcig kitRedCig’s products look and act a lot like conventional cigarettes, they light up red when you activate them; they are shaped and designed like traditional cigarettes; and they give off a nicotine smell as well. But of course, you will be releasing vapor into your lungs and into the air instead of smoke.

The battery life is industry standard, offering around two hours of use for each charge which takes about two hours to fully charge. The vapor production is quite mild, and it may not offer the pleasing throat hit that experienced e-cig users are looking for.

Only five flavors are on offer- menthol, light tobacco, regular tobacco, cherry and apple. They taste very much like traditional cigarette flavors, but they aren’t the exceptional, quality flavors that the company advertises. In fact, they tend to taste pretty flat once you get near the end of using one.

RedCig Electronic Cigarettes
QSC Rating: 77/100 by

Is It Worth Your Money?

The price isn’t bad for an electronic cigarette, but these aren’t very good e-cigs to begin with. If you want something that really mimics that conventional cigarettes and feels like what you are used to as a smoker, then RedCigs is one of the few choices out there. But if you really want a great e-cig, there are better choices available.


  • The price is decent
  • Looks and behaves like a conventional cigarette


  • Below average flavors
  • Poor selection
  • Middling quality product

RedCigs fills a niche part of the e-cig market, but they have trouble doing even that very well, and we can’t recommend them to anyone outside of those who absolutely need something that looks like a conventional cigarette.

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