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  • Selection: 80%
  • Hardware Quality: 85%
  • Prices: 85%
  • E-Liquid Quality/Selection: 95%
  • Overall Rating: 91%

Totally Wicked is a good company that offers customers both hardware and e-liquid. They have opened retail locations all across the US and UK. Their prices are a bit high but otherwise very solid.

Totally Wicked is a complete electronic cigarette store. I know many establishments make that claim, but that’s all it is, a claim. With Totally Wicked I am here to tell you that it is more than just a claim, they get it. From complete kits to top shelf liquids (including a mix your own variant), this is a place that you can get everything you need without breaking the bank.

Complete Package

There are those who take the nice, easy, and soft approach to their company image, then there is Totally Wicked E-Liquid. With a sly-looking, shade-wearing, e-cig vaping red devil as their mascot, they definitely get the “cool vote”. Sometimes this is done in a tacky way but TW makes it work for them, I like the look.

From the Tornado Mini to the Tornado V3 the slick style continues. The selection of starter kits and accessories is not the biggest out there, but it is adequately stocked. The kits they sell, like the Tornado series all come complete. They also sell a wide array of disposables as well, even cigars!


Things They Are Doing Right

The company has been around since 2008 so they have a healthy idea of what is happening in the industry. They seem happy to not make too many waves and to keep producing their products and juices. Speaking of juices…

Electronic cigarettes are nice and without them what would we do.. but it is the e-liquid where Totally Wicked would prefer to make their mark. They take great pride in their liquids and their quality.


Top Shelf E-Liquid

If you prefer to get your e-liquid pre-mixed then have no fear. Their selection contains a top shelf Red Label house brand as well as other brands and even organic juices. There is however a growing number of people who prefer to mix their own juices and Totally Wicked caters to them as well.

For those who like to mix their own juices Totally Wicked provides mix kits, a variety of mixing tools and accessories as well as guides for the beginner and tips for the experienced. So if it is your first attempt at coming up with your own creation or your 100th, you will find what you need here.
The e-liquid is a self-proclaimed focus of Totally Wicked so it would stand to reason that they would be one of the best places to get your e-juices from right? While they have an impressive selection of devices I have to say that their e-liquids are not a second to anybody.

The Red Label juices are great and so are their Patriot Range and Titan Fluid. The quality of these juices can easily make a sub-par e-cig taste like it too was a quality piece. There is no denying that this is the power of the brand.


tw-red label


Vaping Devices

Beginners who purchase starter kits will linger on those kits for a little while. I have said it before, there is a natural progression that takes place with vaping and when the novice finally gains some experience they will move to the next level.


totally wicked ego


This “next level” is when they make a choice to try something new or stick with the style of their starter kit, but get a more advanced model. Regardless of which route the choose, they will find what they need at Totally Wicked.

Thoughts and Observations

Totally Wicked E-Liquids
QSC Rating: 85/100 by

Totally Wicked is by far one of the most complete e-cigarette and e-liquid suppliers on the Internet. You can go almost anywhere these days but it is wiser (and cheaper) to choose one place for all your needs. TW is that place. With a full range of disposables, advanced personal vaporizers, mechanical mods, and accessories, not to mention the Odyssey line, they have everything you would need.

If you run out of e-liquid or need a new tank or clearomizer, they will have it. Your order is shipped quickly and arrives just as quickly. They offer frequent promotional deals and will often package free juices with certain orders as well. If there is any one place that you go to, this should be it.


  1. I bought an e cig from theTotally wicked Bolton Lancashire store a bout a week ago I tried the same e cig instore as I had purchased from them I bought the same liquid infact I purchased about 4 bottles I was told that the e cig would last 8 hours of continous use if it lasts 2 hours thats good. i have tried replacing the wick thing twice and it still doesnt work anywere near as good as it did in the shop In total I spent £36 pounds and thought wow I have found a way of smoking but a lot healthier than going back to smoking for real.Well it was £36 pounds chucked away as its rubbish as I was told customer service was there upmost most Important aspect . went in today 27-10-14 as the battery compartment has come loose I have been told I have broken it in my pocket so they wouldnt replace the battery by the bolton shop and head office. When I got home I called head office again spoke to a customer service manager who accused me of saying that it was in my panths pocket and i sat on it I said I never said that It was in my coat pocket tottally wicked (tottally unprofessional and tottally ripped off more like going to contact trading standards next as well as the MD.

    If customer service wants to contact me its 07599340206

  2. I have been a customer at the Deland Wicked store for about 2 years. They are the most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure a doing business with. No matter how lame my question may be, they always help me and explain without making me feel like I am stupid. I now have introduced my son to them and he is very happy with the service too. I enjoy the products and the way they stand by everything in that store. Oh and the cats are adorable too!

  3. people in store, everyone was nice until a complaint was made and they soon became rude and unhelpful! In 1 year i had to buy 4 different vapes because they’re just cheap and badly made! Even when i have been in the 28days for the battery staff wouldn’t help no refund or exchange because my matte black vape had a few scratches on.

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