Top E-Cigarette Options for the UK

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Top E-Cigarette Options for UK Residents

Welcome to our list of the best e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom. We did our research to find out which e-cigarette is the best in the UK based on vapor quality, battery life and usability. We hope that these reviews for the top e-cigs in the UK will help you in your search for a device that sets you free from tobacco!

Apollo E-Cigarettes

Apollo holds the title for the best electronic cigarette brand in the UK. Although not as popular as V2 Cigs, Apollo is so far the most famous e-cig in this part of the world. Their refillable, tank-style e-cigarettes are top quality and reasonably priced.

Apollo’s best product is the VTube 4.0 Kit, which is a powerful 50 watts sub-ohm tube mod that produces a truly impressive amount of vapor. They have combined the power of the VTube 4.0 with a 18650 battery and a Phazer sub-ohm tank and came up with the most excellent advanced vapers’ kit in the land. It is sold at £109.95, and comes with a 16ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice.

They also offer some beginners options, including the Apollo Endeavor Kit (£48.95), that includes 2 e-cigs as well as 2 bottles of e-juices inside.

Apollo is also known for their popular e-liquid line, which includes flavors ranging from tobacco to menthol, drinks, fruits, desserts, and drip tonics. While all of their e-juice is at 60-40 PG-VG ratio, everything on their menu is guaranteed Kosher and food grade, made in the US under strict standards. Apollo also has cartomisers, clearomisers, batteries, and accessories on their website.



Vaporfi takes our #2 spot because they have a wide range of high-quality products. They have a number of starter kits which you can choose from which will get you vaping right away.

Their specialization is focused on larger setups with refillable tanks, with which VaporFi has constantly done a great job. Their Rocket 3 Vape Pen is our most recommended product. They range anywhere from ~$30 to ~$170 depending on which options you pick. These vapes have powerful, long-lasting batteries that will ensure that you are satisfied with your investment.


Vapour2, is the European branch of V2 Cigs, one of the top electronic cigarette sellers online in America. They have built a strong presence in Europe and offer some of the most high-quality miniature e-cigarettes in the world.

We suggest their product because their EX series of starter kits are fantastic. They feel like you’re smoking a real cigarette (size, weight, etc) and the vapor production is better than any other miniature vapor products on the market. To check out their EX kits, visit their page, go to “Starter Kits” and scroll down a bit. If you’re looking for a larger e-cigarette that lasts longer, take a look at JAC Vapour or our #1 pick — Apollo (and their Vtube 4.0).

Rok Universal  

Taking the fourth spot in our list of the best e-cig brands in the UK is Rok Universal. This UK based company has been growing its market all through the biggest countries in Europe, and we would not be surprised to see it extend to the US in no time.

Rok Universal was given a 99% positive rating through eKomi, where more than 1200 reviews were received from different customers. They also have exceptional customer service, which has earned them the loyalty and respect of their consumers.

Rok Universal has very few e-cigarette kits to offer, but their products are among the most popularly bought in the UK. Performance and aesthetics-wise, Rok Universal e-cigs are excellently built.

Their Ultimate Legend e-cigarettes bundle is their entry-level starter kit that includes more than what you need to start vaping. With one 1300 and 900 mah batteries, 3 tanks, a free carrying case, a mains adaptor plug, and 2 1.8% nicotine tobacco or menthol e-liquid bottles, this kit is even better than one can actually imagine.

They also offer the Max Legend e-cigarette bundle, which is also made for beginners who are looking for a powerful and high-quality vape that delivers a decent amount of vapor. The Max Legend includes a 900mah and 1600mah battery, as well as two tanks, one e-liquid bottle, and a free carrying case.

Although Rok Universal does not have advanced mods to date, their selection of kits is enough to provide a good variety of options whether you are after battery life, strong throat hit and decent vapor production, or ease of use.

Blu Cigs 

Placed fifth in our UK list of the best e-cigs is Blu Cigs, a Lorillard owned company. The same brand has risen to the top of the charts in the US, owning the largest shares of the market due to its widely sold disposable cig-a-likes.

Although Blu Cigs does not compete with other names in terms of advanced mods and vape pens, this company has managed to become one of the most popular beginners’ brands in the UK. It may not have a wide selection of products to display, but Blu Cigs has the machinery and ability to sell its cig-a-likes like a necessity in the most strategic places today.

The most advanced kit they have to date is the Pro E-Cigarette Kit, which has a 950mah Kanger battery, a USB charger, one 2.1 ohm clearomiser from Kanger, one 10ml (Classic Tobacco) e-liquid, and a user’s manual.

Their starter kit, on the other hand, comes with two small batteries that would each last an hour to an hour and a half of vaping. It also includes two cartridges, a USB charger, and a portable charging case.

Both the Pro and Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit are entry-level and made for newbies who wish to try vaping. The vapor and battery life that you get from them are mediocre but are nevertheless enough to give you a taste of what vaping has to offer. Most users who like Blu Cigs are particularly impressed with the authentic tobacco flavoring that this brand has, and that may be the topmost reason many ex-smokers turn to this brand when looking for a healthy alternative.


E-Lites is one of the pioneer companies that started the vaping industry back in 2007. Despite many other companies that offer more advanced and superior devices, E-Lites remains one of the best e-cigs for UK residents today. Theirs is a limited selection of e-cigarettes that continue to sell in the market.

If there are two words to describe E-Lites’ products, that would be quality and simplicity. Both the E-Lites Original and CURV are products of superiority without the fuss. The E-Lites Original is their version of a cig-a-like, which surpasses the performance of many other cig-a-likes at present. The CURV is a vape pen with a more modern design.

Both the Original and the CURV are basic devices that are suitable for new vapers as they are straightforward, uncomplicated, and easy-to-use. The amount of vapor, flavor, and battery life in these UK favorites are above average.

E-Lites make sure that their products are made of high-quality materials and under high standards. Counting the years that they have been in service for the vaping public, it is easy to tell how they integrate innovations into their products—such as ergonomic shapes, Swiss-made e-liquids, and fast-charging long lasting batteries that are remarkable. They have been around since 2007, and we are pretty sure they will stay to create more quality and affordable e-cigs.

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