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V2 Pro is now in its third iteration. Each new product adds additional features and changes the way the vaporizer works. V2 is continually upgrading and changing their products to make them more modern and accessible. But does this desire to change even when a product is seemingly fine hamper V2’s prospects or does it revolutionize an already great product?

Read our review to find out what we thought about the latest version of the V2 Pro.

Designed for the Future

With e-cigs becoming a more frequent topic in the news nowadays, more and more people are trying them out. And it also means that the FDA is trying to crack down on what these products can do and what substances they can accommodate.

The V2 is answering both parties by making a product that is both very accessible and able to handle just about any substance you want to smoke. The streamlined operation and look of the V2 Pro make it a vaporizer of choice for people who want to vape casually or for people who are new to the experience of electronic cigarettes.

And the V2 Pro version 3 is capable of smoking just about anything you put in it. This includes oils, tobacco, herbs, e-liquid, waxes and gels. That covers the entire gamut of substances people like to vape. So it’s obvious it’s not just a dry herb vaporizer, which makes it a little more suitable to what the FDA will probably require out of vaporizers in the future.

v2 cigs pro imageThe design of the product itself is very sophisticated and modern, bringing to mind the kinds of products that Apple is doing now. It only has a single button on it, which is used to turn the device on and off. And the V2 Pro will automatically detect what kind of cartridge head is placed on its top. A different head is used depending on what materials you are vaping. The vaporizer will determine which material you are vaping and sets its temperature accordingly.

This takes away some of the control that some people prefer, but it also simplifies the process and makes the vaporizer for more accessible than most of what is out there on the market.

How It Works

We’ve covered a little bit about how to use the device already, but we’ll go a bit more in-depth now on some of the operational methods. The vaporizer will likely come uncharged. It comes with magnetic charging cord, which is pretty spiffy. No matter which way your vaporizer is positioned, the charging cord can attach easily and automatically. The magnet on the vaporizer and the cord will connect without any fiddling from you. And the device is made to be charged at any angle, as you can charge it upside down and not lose any liquid or herbs.

You press the power button to run the vaporizer on. You have to hold down for three seconds. Hold down for another three seconds to turn it off. A safety feature makes the device shut down if the power button is depressed for more than 10 seconds. So if it is in your pocket and you are pressed up against a wall or lying on the vaporizer, you don’t have to worry about it turning on by itself.

Switching from one type of vaping substance to another is very simple. You just unscrew the head of the vaporizer and replace it with the right kind of head. The vaporizer does a lot of things automatically, meaning you don’t have to mess with controls or settings to make it work properly.

Is It Worth Your Money?

As much as we have praised the V2 so far, it is not for everybody. For people who have been using vaporizers for a while, this just isn’t going to be their preferred vaporizer. It doesn’t allow them to modify the temperature to change up their settings in ways they are used to with most modern vaporizers.

And if you want to set it down and vape, using it like a tabletop vaporizer, you are out of luck. It isn’t designed to stand up like that, and it will just roll off the table or wherever you are using it.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of this vaporizer to get a better idea of how it performs.


Can be used while charging

Works with oils, waxes gels, dry herbs and liquids

Easy to use and very intelligent

Won’t drip out or leak while charging

At $70, it’s a steal


Can’t stand up like a tabletop vaporizer

Limited options may not be ideal for veteran vapers

Minor grievances aside, this vaporizer offers hands down the best bang for your buck for a portable vaporizer. You will not be able to find a vaporizer that is this versatile and this well made for such a price form anyone else. If you don’t have one, you should at least get one jut to have the ability to vape whatever you want wherever you are.

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