Vapex Free Trial – A Rebill Scam (But You Can Get Out of It)

vapex scam

Before you get too worked up, just know that the scam is only $99 and if you act now you can get your money back. Here is a tip from a commenter on about how he handled the situation:

1-800-554-5447 This is the number I took off of my bank statement when I ordered the trial pack. I was able to argue them into sending back 99.95 by expressing how inefficient their service was at NOT delivering what they promised. I told them to cancel my account and refund ALL my money. The supervisor in charge made a deal with me that I went along with (hoping to get most of my money back.) I am still due 50.00 per the agreement I made with that supervisor, and a conversation I had with a not so crafty tele-girl that tried her best to confuse my math skills. Poor girl ended up telling me that I still had money coming. I probably won’t see it, but these are some slimy C*&ks*&^*%$. This is bottom feeding business at it’s worst. Anyway, I expect to see another charge to my account this weekend which I’ll have to call them and tell them to stickit again. Stay on top of the people you talk to and be a pain in their ass till you get your money back!!! Good luck 🙂


At the Quit Smoking Community, we are dedicated to keeping you well informed about any product that could potentially help you to achieve your goal of quitting smoking. This means that we also have the responsibility to prevent people from trying to take advantage of your deep desire to quit.

Electronic cigarettes, the kinds you actually pay for, have saved millions of lives by helping people like you and I put down tobacco forever. And you know that we support electronic cigarettes as a quit smoking product, but we don’t support scam companies that are hurting your wallet.

One of these bogus electronic cigarette brands is called Vapex. We recommend avoiding them like the plague, unless of course you think that paying $100 for 40ml of e-liquid is a bargain. But if you value your money, then you will know that this is far from a good deal.

The Try Vapex 12 Day “Evaluation Period”

This may may sound like a legitimate proposition and a good deal,  all you have to pay up front is $4.95. But that’s not where the scam takes place. It takes place twelve days later, 12 days after you placed your order, expect to see a $99.95 charge on your bank account statement. 30 days after that, they will send you another 40ml of some generic non-AEMSA approved e-liquid and five cheap disposable clearomizers. Once again, they will bill you the insane amount of $99.95.

According to the Vapex website, their evaluation period is “risk free.” But if you ask the hundreds of people who have been victimized by this scam, they will all agree that it is anything but “risk free.”

The 12 day “evaluation period” begins the second you place your initial order. If you want to avoid being charged the $99.95, you will have to send back the cheap eGo starter kit that they send you before those twelve days are up. That is assuming that you will even receive the starter kit within the trial period limits. Even if you do, you will still have to go through the red tape of explaining in writing why you wish to cancel their subscription scam. If you are somehow able to contact them in time to cancel, they will let you keep the piece of junk eGo starter kit for $49.95. It’s really a shame.


Scammers Don’t Play Fair

I have heard from several victims of this scam, and many have had a difficult time getting a hold of Vapex once they realize they’ve been hoodwinked. The people who do manage to reach a human voice on the other end of the phone have been made to practically jump through flaming hoops to recieve their refund. And still didn’t received it. Vapex will make it as difficult as possible for you to get any of your money back.

If you have been scammed by Vapex, then you are not alone. Many others have fallen victim to this nonsense. Our best advice is to band together and don’t give up. Take legal action if you have to. There are enough Vapex victims to attempt a class action lawsuit.

Vapex hides the link to their Terms and Conditions page which explains what you are getting yourself into in fine print. So it is very easy for them to trick people into signing up. Because of that, it is extremely important that you share this article with as many people as you can so that you may help others avoid being scammed by Vapex.

We have no affiliation with Vapex, and no means to contact them. If you need help fighting against Vapex, go join the conversation on and try the number we listed at the top of the article.


Even Without the Trickery, Vapex Prices Are Through the Roof

$100 is a horrible price for 40ml of e-liquid. Just to give you an idea of how bad that deal is, if you were to order e-liquid from V2 Cigs, you would only pay $29.95 for a 50ml bottle.

Just to make my point clear:

Vapex charges $100 for 40ml.
V2 Cigs charges $30 for 50ml.

Gee, which one do you think is the better deal? V2 Cigs is clearly the best option here.

So avoid scams like Vapex. Instead, buy your e-liquid and other vaping supplies from dependable electronic cigarette brands like Halo, V2 Cigs, or Vapor Zone. These brands have full-time customer service, will give you a refund if anything goes even slightly wrong and offer prices that look like bargain bin deals next to Vapex.

Please pass this warning along to anyone you know who might be interested in trying electronic cigarettes. They will thank you for helping them to avoid losing money and getting a headache from trying to get their money back.

Be sure to check out V2 Cigs so that you know what a legitimate electronic cigarette brand looks like. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the quality and price that you will get from V2 Cigs.

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  1. I called 6 months+ ago. got confirmed to get refund. Then they stopped the phone service. After 2 month, I got thru the phone service, they don’t have my refund record. I can’t contact to the comp at. We really need to collect the law suit to get our money back. 626. 429.8935. pls let me kno if u have such info.

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