Vapor Craze E-Cig Review


  • Vapor Production: 71%
  • Battery Life: 70%
  • Flavors: 60%
  • Selection: 40%
  • Overall Rating: 59%
Vapor Craze offers up a pretty bland website but that is not a guarantee of bland products. In this case however, it is. With not much to get excited about, how long will they make it?

Some people like to go with flair and some don’t. Some people think being devoid of flair and flash is even more stylish in some ways. This must be the plan behind the Vapor Craze website. Based on the name alone I half-expected flash animations and glitz and glamor to greet me when I loaded up the web address. That is not what I got however, what I got was a website that got straight to the point of selling electronic cigarettes and accessories.

Get A Vapor Craze

They might not be the biggest e-cig and e-liquid supplier in the world, but they have enough of a selection to keep most people happy. If you need a variable voltage device or mechanical mod, there is a couple. If you want a pen-style or cig-a-like e-cig then you will find a couple of those to choose from as well.

As long as you do not expect to be just inundated in choices you will get along with vapor Craze just fine. They are a no frills company that seems to want to take care of their customers and that is something that I can get used to.

What will you get?

Like some of the recent sites that I have come across Vapor Craze seems to be a bit on the high side when it comes to price. They do stock other brands as well as their own, but the quality of their products is the big question. How do they stand up to the name brands?

In general they do ok. They have some well made devices and accessories and there are a couple that are just like any other product on the market. I have read reports of one of their rebuildable tanks leaking but can that be the tank or the builder’s hands? Hard to say.

The Vapor Craze E-Liquid

VC Juice

Just as with the hardware, Vapor Craze mixes their own juices as well. Just as with everything else they do it seems to be halfway. What I mean is they do not stock or produce a large amount of devices and they do not manufacture or mix a hundred flavors. They do everything just about average.

The same can be said for their e-liquids as well. They are not the greatest and I have my doubts if I would even rate them as average at times. What their juices reminded me of was the cheap $3 bottles they sell at my local gas station. Nothing special, but it will suffice in a pinch.
As with any other juice, they offer choices between the standard flavors (strawberry, blueberry, peach, etc..) and also give you choices of the standard nicotine strengths as well. Their prices are about normal but for the quality they should be cheaper. The problem is that they do not offer up enough information about their e-liquids.

Customers who want to know what their e-liquids are made from will have a hard time trying to figure that out. The website does not offer any options for information at the point of sale. If you want anything you have to search out their blog and hope for the best.


Vapor Craze
QSC Rating: 59/100 by

Vapor Craze is just ok. I would not shop there only because there are what seems to be a million other choices. If I was desperate and I could not go anywhere else, I would use them and be happy about it. Sadly, I do have other places to go.

With overpriced products that do not impress and juices that are adequate at best, I would not be in a big hurry to shop here. They offer free juice with every purchase, which is great. The problem is, the might have to start offering many more.


  1. I would not suggest them even though I got a good deal on 8 bottles of juice and paid to have it in 2-3 days from the time my order was placed it still took them 3 1/2 days just to mail it. If you need juice sooner go somewhere else and get it!

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