Vapor King E-Cig Review


  • Product Selection – 78%
  • Product Authenticity/Quality – 75%
  • Prices – 70%
  • E-Liquid Quality/Selection – 81%
  • Overall Rating – 76%
Vapor King is a company that is quite happy selling other people’s products. Their goal is clear. To give users an easy way to find what they need, weather that is accessories, refill kits, entire starter kits, juices, or DIY juice kits. They strive to give the customer everything that they could need and it is a valiant effort by anyone’s accounting. Now, they might fall a b it short or their goals here and there, but that is does not mean the effort isn’t there.

Vapor King Sells it All

I have said it before and I will say it again. A starter kits aim should be to give the vaper a complete electronic cigarette, along with the ability to charge it, the ability to vape uninterrupted, and the ability to at least start to replace things that are used up. In all of those very basic needs the kits offered by Vapor King succeed.

The best thing they can do is offer you choices. When you are looking for a starter kit from Vapor King you will have the choice between a Joytech cig-a-like, the Joytech eGo e-cig, or a Kanger e-cig kit. Honestly, no matter which kit you go with you will be satisfied.

Start Kits Offered

I have learned long ago never to argue with a person’s personal choices. So while I do not prefer cig-a-like styles of e-cigs, you might. If that is the case then the Joytech starter kit from Vapor King will suit you fine. Of course it comes with everything you would need to get started and the device itself will work just fine.

The same can be said for the eGo and the Kanger kits. Both are great kits and both have a reputation that I can do nothing to change. So I will just say that no matter which you choose, you will have a great device that you can add to and keep for a long time. Vapor King made a wise choice putting these start kits up for their customers. All they have to do at this point is keep them in stock and work their customer service.

The Company Itself

A company is only as good as its treatment of its customer. On that I can say that I do not have a big enough sample size on my own. However my research and the sample I do have is enough to allow me to form an opinion at least.

From what I have seen and experienced, Vapor King is trying. They are not a company like some that cannot seem to get out of their own way. What adverse situations they have come across I do not know. But they do understand the treatment of the customer comes first and they do what they can to help. So in this I say they will be fine, so long as they continue on this path.




We all know that in this industry the devices are only half of the story. The e-liquids and the choices that they offer in this area are just as important as any kit they will sell you. Over time, Vapor King has steadily amassed a decent selection of juices.

They offer at present, the following brands for you to choose from:

  • Primo Vapor
  • Flavorz by Joe
  • Five Pawns Juice
  • Halo Juice USA
  • NicQuid
  • Liqua Italian E-Liquids

In addition they also offer various refill accessories for all you do it yourselfers out there. You will find syringes and various other tools you might have a hard time finding elsewhere. Their shipping is just like any other place as they too offer various promotions and free shipping after various amounts of purchase.

Their juices again, just like their devices are brands that they only sell, so their reputation precede them as well. But the brands they chose to carry are all quality products. They all give great and variable throat hits as well as vapor clouds and fullness of flavor. Because they sell these various brands they also inherit a decent selection of flavors.

The Prices and the Industry

The prices of all their products I would call average. Thing is, these days it seems that the average price is a high one. It is beginning to be a common thread amongst some of these companies that are selling multiple brands to be a bit overpriced.

The starter kits are, for the most part, moderately priced and they fall in line with the rest of what is available on the net. Everything else however is a bit more suspect. Many of the products and juices are a dollar or two over what I would accept if I was buying the product. Of course there are certain things that are priced in the “normal” range, but most is not.


Vapor King
QSC Rating: 76/100 by

You can tell that Vapor King tried really hard to be the best. But for all that trying they just do not make it to the top. Then again, not many can. So they, like many others, must be satisfied with what they have, which is not all that bad.

They are a decent company with a decent selection of products. But that’s it. I’m sure they wanted more but so do we all. It is just not possible for everyone. They serve up average all across the board and some of that is slightly overpriced “average”. People do not want to pay more for “average”, yet that is what Vapor King will give you.


  1. I have been using the Vapor King ecig for over 5 years, and at one time would have given them 5 stars without even thinking about it. The Vapor King Storm 2 was excellent. It worked well, was easily repairable, and sturdy. The new, Storm 3 is GARBAGE. Drop it once, and it will likely be unusable If it quits working, all you can do is throw it away and use another one (not repairable). You frequently end up with either your hands coated in liquid, or a mouth full of liquid, (never really sure where it came from). You CANNOT use it laying down or you will end up with a mouth full of liquid. I have had to change brands to another company that uses the older Storm 2 type body. Avoid the ‘clearomizer’ body from them, or anyone else, it is junk. I do still use their liquid, but not their hardware.

  2. I love the liquids from vapor king. I have no need to by the kits as i already had them before i discovered you. But i will continue to buy my liquids from vapor king. Thank you for a great product!

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