VaporFi E-Cigarette Review (And 20% Off Coupon)

VaporFi Products Lineup

VaporFi Brand Rating: 99.3%
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Wondering what’s the best vape VaporFi has to offer?
  • We have been testing all VaporFi’s products for more than two months and after analyzing all pros and cons we picked the best bang for buck device — VaporFi Rocket 3!
  • VaporFi Rocket 3 Vape Pen

Introducing: VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes

VaporFi Products

VaporFi has quickly become and unquestionably become one of the best electronic cigarette companies on the market. VaporFi is operated by a company that also owns EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke, but VaporFi is different. They’ve stormed onto the scene with a number of high-quality vape starter kits and re intent on becoming the best and largest online e-cigarette retailer.

The Bottom Line: Would I Benefit From Choosing VaporFi?

There’s no denying that VaporFi is a top 3 brand right now – glowing reviews abound online and in vaping communities. After running our own tests, this high placement on our list was definitely solidified.

VaporFi has a huge range of 8 different e-cig models, ranging from the traditional “cig-a-like” to a huge “vape mods” that look like a sci-fi prop. But the greatest asset in the VaporFi lineup is their awesome e-liquids. Not only do VaporFi have a huge selection and a lot of great reviews, but they also allow you to create your own flavors by mixing existing ones. It’s incredible.

You Will Enjoy a VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes If:

  • You are someone who loves to challenge their taste buds
  • You want a simple yet effective e-cigarette setup
  • You want options and explanations of your options when shopping
  • You like to accessorize and customize

Honestly, anyone with an interest in vaping will appreciate VaporFi products if they try them. Below we’ll go ahead and see what those products actually are, or you can go visit the store and see the products for yourself by clicking here:

VaporFi Starter Kit Options

VaporFi has a wide selection of models, so we took the liberty of giving you a little information about each of them, along with the price. Here is their whole lineup:

▼Our #1 pick — VaporFi Rebel 3 — The Best Bang for Buck Vape
  • Rebel 3 Starter Kit - $69.99
    The VaporFi Rebel 3 Vape Starter Kit is a powerful new addition to the VaporFi lineup. The sleek, compact Rebel 3 has sub-ohm capabilities, and its powerful 3000mAh battery will make any cloud-chaser’s mouth water. The device is extremely easy to use, and is designed to make a vaper’s life easier. The Rebel 3 has a huge 5.8ml tank and a large window to check liquid levels. At only $69.99, the kit comes with everything you’ll need to take this exciting vape out for a spin right out of the box.


    VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit


  • Rocket 3 Starter Kit - $49.99
    For a newer step up from the Rocket, you’ll want to look at the Rocket 3. It has a more powerful battery, improved tank capacity, and powerful sub-ohm capabilities. The customizable features of the original Rocket are expanded, and if you can drop the extra $20 we highly recommend it. The Rocket 3 also has a variety of colors to choose from, allowing the device to reach peak levels of customization.

    Rocket 3 Starter Kit

  • VAIO 75 TC Starter Kit - $124.99
    If you’re looking for a more powerful vaporizer, look no further than the VAIO 75 TC. This device is a mod, which allows it to produce thicker and better-tasting vapor clouds. Not only this, but you can customize everything from the e-liquids you use to the atomizers. The vaporizer kit comes with 5 cartomizers and a custom vape juice blend, which make this a powerful and flexible choice for vapers looking to up their experience.

    VAIO 75 TC Starter Kit

  • Pro II Starter Kit - $18.37
    The Pro Kit is a fantastic option for beginners or those who are looking to upgrade from disposable e-cigs. The batteries in these devices pack a very significant punch, and the refillable tanks can pump out amazingly delicious vapor. The kit comes in a many fun and attractive colors, so check the kit out to get started today!
  • VaporFi Pro2 Starter Kit

  • Express Starter Kit - $29.99
    The Express Starter Kit is your typical “cig-a-like” option, except that VaporFi offers refillable cartridges so you don’t need to buy cartridge after cartridge, and instead have the opportunity to try any flavor or brand of e-liquid. The Express is a great kit for those who want something small and portable!
  • Express Starter Kit

  • Custom Vaporizer Builder - $29.99 and up
    Take control of your vape experience with VaporFi’s Custom Vaporizer Builder. This easy to use feature on the VaporFi website allows you to design your own, perfect starter kit of choice. Select your battery, pick out your tank, and then top it all off with the perfect accessories. In no time at all, you’ll be vaping with your very own custom starter kit. This is just another way that VaporFi takes personalization to yet another level.
  • Custom Vaporizer Builder


  • Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer - $139.99
    The Atom is one of the most gorgeous, powerful, and consistent dry herb vaporizers that you can get your hands on. The device comes with three pre-set temperature control settings and innovative motion control. Just shake the device to have the lights display the battery level! The Atom has amazing battery management due to its high-tech preservation settings, so the device will be ready to use whenever you need it.

    Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer

So Which Starter Kit Should I Buy?

In most cases, we would recommend purchasing the Rebel 3 Kit. It’s just the perfect combination of great pricing, portability, and high-quality vapor production.

The Express Kit will be perfect for those of you who want the look and feel of a cigarette or simply want to keep their device as small as possible. These smaller, “cig-a-like” products are becoming more of a secondary e-cig that people use when they have their hands full or just want a change.

The Famous Vapor Fi E-Liquid

Vapor Fi’s e-liquid has launched into the public eye very rapidly. They’ve become so popular not because their flavors are better than anyone else’s (which they very well may be), but because they offer customers the ability to create custom blends of e-juice.

VaporFi has a widget on their website that allows you to customize your juice by mixing up to three flavors and choosing the amounts of each flavor to be included. You should definitely give the tool a try.

E-liquid is a very hit-or-miss type of product, so when you find a provider like VaporFi that receives rave reviews across the board, you know that it’s going to be very high quality. Our reviewer found the vapor flavor to be very full-bodied and complex, with pleasantly heavy vapor production that isn’t harsh. This is quality e-liquid.

VaporFi Review: Summing It All Up

Overall, I’d have to say that VaporFi is a magnificent brand that brings a lot to the table for beginners and veteran users alike. If you’ve never bought a quality e-cigarette before, or if you’re buying a gift for a smoker in your life, we highly recommend the Rebel 3. This starter kit will satisfy your cravings, give you that same smoking feeling, and taste delicious to boot.

QSC Rating: 96/100 by


  1. I have done business with Vaporfi for a year now. I am always greeted by friendly and professional staff. I met the District Manager one day in the Reynoldsburg, OH store, and she was a tremendous source of information on your products and helped me greatly.

    Today I was greeted by Amanda at that store and after I told her my needs she described some offers and ways I could save money now and over over time. Using my points earned from their point system, I was able to get twice of the products I use for 1/2 the cost I would have normally spent.

    Vaporfi is my store for all my vaping needs and supplies and I appreciate doing business with the knowledgeable and pro staff.

  2. I had been buying from vaporfi for about 3 years and until recently had been fairly satisfied with their products. what has caused me to stop doing business with them is when I recently ordered some vape juice and paid a premium for 24 hr shipping. they did not send my order out from their store until 31 hrs later, so my order didn’t arrive until 2 days after I placed my order. this in itself wouldn’t have been a issue except when I e-mailed their customer service and requested a refund of the difference between 24 hr shipping ( what I paid for ) and 2 day shipping ( what I got ) – a difference of $15.00 – I was given the run-around until their customer service rep stopped answering my e-mails all together. so much for “customer service”. the products themselves aren’t bad, but, their customer service made me go to another vape supplier. their products are not good enough to put up with bad service.

  3. I just ordered some juice from Vaporfi for the first time because my current store, Saffire, has gotten so expensive. I chose the mix my own option. I picked vanilla custard and orange, to make orange cream. I also ordered a pecan and butterscotch combo. I just spent $37 dollars and it is the worst juice I have ever smoked. It tastes like chemicals. I knew something was wrong when I opennes them up to smell them and they didn’t smell good at all. My normal juice smells so good u want to drink it, yes but I don’t. I’m very pissed and I guess I shouldn’t trust what people say because I heard good things online about Vaoirfi. The juice is watery and disgusting. Never again!

  4. I have used this company several times. I got tired of the constant pilings of newsletters and emails. I opted out of receiving so many emails, but I decided to continue buying from them. However, I did not receive a confirmation of my purchase. I called about it and they have no records of it. I do have money taken from my account showing they received the money. The lady on the phone was rude with tells me I should not continue buying anything else again.

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