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VaporFi E-Cigarette Review (And 12% Off Coupon)

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VaporFi Brand Rating: 99.3%
VaporFi is our #2 rated brand!
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Wondering what's the best vape VaporFi has to offer?
We have been testing all VaporFi's products for more than two months and after analyzing all pros and cons we picked the best bang for buck device — VaporFi Rocket 3!
VaproFi Rocket 3

Introducing: VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes

VF products lineup

VaporFi has quickly become the unquestioned best electronic cigarette company on the market, which is very interesting after seemingly no one had heard of them before last year. It turns out that the same company that owns VaporFi also owns EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke. But VaporFi is different, they have stormed onto the scene with a huge amount of high-quality vapor setups and seem intent on becoming the largest online retailer of e-cigarettes.

The Bottom Line: Would I Benefit From Choosing VaporFi?

After months of ordering electronic cigarette starter kits, having our e-cig expert test them and post the findings, we finally finished and were ready to move on to other projects. Then we realized that this brand, VaporFi, was all over the e-cigarette space. People seemed to really like their product. And after running our own tests, there's no denying they are a top 3 brand right now.

They have a huge range of 8 different e-cig models, from the traditional "cig-a-like" to a huge "mod" that looks like a sci-fi prop. But their greatest asset is their e-liquid. Not only do they have a huge selection and a lot of great reviews, but they have a feature where you can create your own flavors by mixing existing ones. It's incredible.

You Will Enjoy a VaporFi Electronic Cigarettes If:

  • You are someone who loves to challenge their taste buds
  • You want a simple yet effective e-cigarette setup  
  • You want options and explanations of your options when shopping 
  • You like to accessorize and customize 

But really I think anyone would like Vapor Fi products if given the chance to try them. So let's go ahead and take a look at what those products actually are. Or you can go visit the store and see for yourself by clicking here:

VaporFi Coupon!

Before we forget, we have a 12% off Vapor Fi coupon that you can use on any purchase from their store! It's not a coupon CODE, you just have to press the link and you will get a notification on their site that 12% off has been applied.

vapor fi coupon

VaporFi Starter Kit Options

VaporFi has a wide selection of models, so we took the liberty of giving you a little information about each of them along with the price. Here is their whole lineup:

Our #1 pick — VaporFi Vice — The Best Bang for Buck Vape!
Vice Starter Kit - $74.95
The VaporFi Vice Starter Kit is one of the latest additions to the VaporFi's lineup. Boasting powerful Sub-Ohm vaping capabilities in a sleek, compact and very easy to use design, the Vice is a great device for anyone looking to get into sub vaping. The Vice tank offers air flow control to help you regulate the tightness of your draw, has a battery that can vape all day on a full charge and at only $99, this is a premium vape at a great price.

vaporfi vice

Pro Kits - $36.73
The Pro Kit is the absolute best option for beginners or those who are looking to upgrade from disposable or other miniature e-cigs. These batteries pack a very nice punch, the tanks are refillable and pump out really great tasting vapor. This is what the majority of e-cig users will be vaping within a few years.  

VaporFi Pro 3 in Colors

Express Starter Kit - $29.99
The Express Starter Kit is your typical "cig-a-like" option, except that VaporFi offers refillable cartridges so you don't have to continue buying cartridges and have the opportunity to try any flavor or brand of e-liquid. Great for those who want something small and portable!

express kit vapor fi

Custom Vaporizer Builder - $34.97
Take control of your vape experience with VaporFi’s Custom Vaporizer Builder. This easy to use feature will allow you the ability to design the perfect starter kit of your choice. Select your battery, pick out your tank, and top it off with the perfect accessories. In little to no time you'll be vaping on your very own custom starter kit. This is just another way that VaporFi is taking personalization to yet another level.



Rocket Starter Kit - $89.99
The Rocket Starter Kit is a new release by Vapor Fi that should appeal to anyone looking for a high powered yet portable vape. These setups are a big step up over the Pulse and the Pro. The batteries are variable voltage so you can adjust the power to your liking, and the tanks have airflow control to add even more controllability. It's a fantastic setup and the price ($120) is very reasonable for a high end vape like this.


VaporFi Vox TC Kit (with tanks included) - $159.99
Vapor Fi hasn't stopped their production of new products, they just released the Vox TC mod last month to a lot of cheer from advanced vapers and e-cigarette users. If you follow the vaping world at all, you know that mods are all the rage. They produce bigger and better-tasting vapor clouds and allow for more customization. And Vapor Fi's Vox TC Mod is no exception. If you are an advanced user or if you just wanted to get started with mods, you definitely want to check this one out.

vox II

So Which Starter Kit Should I Buy?

In most cases, I would recommend the Pro Kit. It's just the perfect combination of good pricing, portability and vapor production. I love the tank they chose for it, it is bottom fed and so you have less burnt hits and other issues.

The Air, Jet and Pulse kits are all interesting in their own right, but, in my opinion, a lot of their features are nonessential. Instead of puff counters and sleek looking chargers, they should have variable voltage capabilities and hold more power (higher mAH).

The Express Kit is perfect for those who want the look and feel of a cigarette, or for those who don't want to carry around a slightly larger tube all day. It's also great for fellas or ladies who like to have a smoke hanging out of their mouths as they do things like typing, working in the yard or driving (I used to love that). These smaller, "cig-a-like" products are becoming more of a secondary e-cig that people use when they have their hands full or just want a change.

The Famous Vapor Fi E-Liquid

Vapor Fi's e-liquid has launched into the public eye very quickly in 2014. They've become so popular not because their flavors are better than anyone elses (though they could be), but because they offer customers the ability to create custom blends of e-juice.

They have a widget on their website that allows you to customize your juice by mixing up to 3 flavors and choosing the amounts of each flavor that will be included. I would try to explain it to you better but you should just head over to their website and test it out. Click below to give it a shot:

In terms of quality, all 3 of the flavors that I've tried have tasted delicious. I didn't get a chance to try the customization tool but it has been getting rave reviews by e-smokers all over the web.

E-liquid is a very hit or miss type of product, so when you find a provider like Vapor Fi that receives rave reviews across the board, you know that it's most likely going to be very high quality. I thought the flavor of the vapor was very present when I used it, and I also loved how the vapor itself was full without being harsh. This is quality e-liquid.

Vapor Fi Review: Summing It All Up

Overall, I'd have to say that Vapor Fi is a magnificent brand that brings a lot to the table for beginners and veteran users alike. If you have never bought a quality e-cigarette before, or if you're buying a gift for that smoker in your life, I highly recommend the Pro Kit. It will satisfy your cravings, give you that same smoking feeling and taste delicious to boot. If you happen to have experience with more advanced e-cigarette models and want to know about the e-liquid, I'll just tell you that any person in the "vape scene" would have no problem calling it gourmet juice.

QSC Rating: 96/100 by

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