VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit – An Ideal Kit for Beginners?

VaporFi Pro 3 Review

The VaporFi Pro 3 is a decent, affordable, and elegant vape starter kit that’s geared towards beginners, with most features tailored for ease of use and convenience. Moreover, what really makes the Pro 3 ideal for ex-smokers turned vapers is the new mouth to lung technology that accurately mimics the traditional smoking experience. However, because of its average performance, we can’t recommend it to expert vapers or people looking for huge clouds. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out our guide to the best vape mods.

VaporFi Pro 3 Rating: 89/100
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First Impression

Being the improved and latest version of the Pro series, one of the first tank-style electronic cigarettes, we had a mixed first impression. In fact, we are still debating whether it looks better than the original VaporFi Pro, which had a more simplistic design. Although the Pro 3 is available in eight different colors, we only liked the ones with black and steel finish. But since all the other colors are feminine, women might be happy to have a variety to choose from.

Ease of Use vs Performance

VaporFi Pro 3 in ColorsBeing bluntly honest, it seems like VaporFi has compromised performance for ease of use, and this does make a lot of sense considering that this is an entry level device for beginners. Instead of being overwhelming, the device tries to offer a smooth experience. If you want massive clouds of vapor or strong throat hit, look somewhere else. But if you’re looking for a mildly flavorful and satisfying vape, the Pro 3 by VaporFi will fit your bill.

On the flip, the device is extremely easy to use. It supports a USB cable, is very easy to assemble/disassemble, and the vaping process is totally hassle free. To top that off, the top fill tank design allows you to instantly refill the tank without having to disassemble the entire unit.

Features and Benefits of VaporFi Pro 3

Quite understandably, the features of the VaporFi Pro 3 are not the best, but they aren’t bad either, especially for the price. The vaporizer has a decent sized 2.5ml tank, 1000mAh battery, and an atomizer with 2.0ohm resistance. It’s a nice, compact device, though feels a little thicker than the predecessors. The vapor quality and quantity are fairly good, and the best thing is that unlike most other starter kits, it doesn’t produce the burnt taste neither has the annoying aftertaste that deters many new vapers.

What really impressed us when we first used the device, was the instant heat up. It started working at its peak within seconds of our vaping session and even when the tank was about to run out of vape juice, it kept offering the same quality flavor. This is something really impressive, and we don’t see it even in many expensive e-cigs.

Battery Life

The VaporFi 3 has a 1000mAh battery, which is not the most powerful one but suits the size and power of the vaporizer. The good thing is that it can charge pretty quickly and the USB port allows you to use any USB cable to charge the device. However, if you vape a lot, the Pro 3 might not last a whole day even when fully charged.

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We have been using the device intermittently for the last few days. The VaporFi Pro 3 does what it promises, and the price is reasonable. If this is the first time you’re buying a vaporizer, and think sub-ohm vaping is too much for you to handle, the Pro 3 offers a decent choice. Ease of use, affordable price, and smooth vaping experience are its biggest benefits. 

VaporFi Pro 3
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