Vivid Smoke E-Cig Review


  • Vapor Production – 79%
  • Battery Life – 75%
  • Flavors – 75%
  • Selection – 85%
  • Prices – 75%
  • Overall Rating – 77%
Batteries, tanks, and a few accessories is what you will find at Vivid Smoke. Like any other company that might specialize in one particular area of an industry, Vivid Smoke is putting their money in tanks. So far it seems to be working out well too because their tanks are pretty good.

Accessories – The Core of Vivid Smoke

Chrome tips and atomizer headers might be a bit on the pricey side when bought separately. But then again, if you are even looking at this kind of stuff you already know that. Believe it or not, there are quite a few suppliers like this around since the rebuildable vivid-accessatomizers and tanks started getting bigger.

People like to customize things and they get that chance with Vivid Smoke. As a matter of fact, many of the latest mods and personal vaporizers took their designs from customizations that people had made early on with their e-cigs. It is this same community of people who will be the primary customer for Vivid Smoke.

Starter Kits Too

While at first it might seem like all they sell are accessories and various parts, however they do sell complete kits. They are broken up into three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level represents a different budget level and how advanced the kit is. The Bronze kits for example are geared towards the budget conscious. The Silver kits are still for those who are watching their wallet, yet they will include more accessories and options. The Gold kits are well, the premier kits and accessories sold at Vivid.

The advantage to shopping at Vivid for both the novice and the experienced vaper is two-fold. The first advantage is the price. While their accessories and kits are broken up into various groups based on price and how advanced they are, the costs of such products are not overly high. Vivid realizes that their profit lies in upselling the customer, not gouging them when they first start shopping.

The second advantage comes from their accessories. Let me explain. Vivid Smoke sells a lot of accessories and various parts or add-ons for e-cigs that you might already own or are planning to purchase. This is an advantage on its own, however because of this fact, that they sell so many items, it gives people more options when it comes to accessorizing or customizing their devices. More so than any other online e-cig supplier that I have seen anyway.

E-Liquid Options

Vivid Smoke carries only 6 distinct brands of e-liquid. While I wish they had a bigger selection, the brands that they do carry offer an adequate amount of choices. That being said, they carry the following brands of e-juice.

  • Adam Bomb
  •  Space Jam
  • The Standard Vape
  • Jameson’s
  •  The Mastermind Elixir
  •  Halcyon Vapors

I cannot claim to have tried all of the six, but I have tried four of them. Of the two I had not tried myself I have done some research and found that they are not the best, nor are they the worst on the market. The one’s that I have tried I am content in saying that I have come to the same conclusion. All of the Vivid Smoke e-liquids are good, but not great. They provide a decent vapor cloud as well as a good throat hit. But keep in mind that depends on which flavor, strength, and combination you are vaping with. There are many different preferences related to each of the above listed brands, too many to list here.

The Overall Opinion

Vivid Smoke
QSC Rating: 77/100 by

I have said it a couple times in the review and the more I think about it, the more that I feel the statement fits the entire site as well. What I am referring to is “good, not great”. I feel that fits Vivid Smoke perfectly. They have a large selection of accessories and a small selection of complete kits. Yet, even with their small kit lineup it is still better than some other suppliers out there.

The same can be said for their juices and their prices. “Good, not great”. For those vapers who prefer to build their own atomizers or rebuild them, Vivid is a great place and probably already bookmarked in their browsers. For people who have yet to discover their website, it would not hurt to take a look. Like I said, there is a good selection of accessories as well as parts that you will eventually need.

Their prices are ok and so are their sales, but if you come to the site enough I think you will come to find they stock things you cannot easily find elsewhere. They also offer a pretty robust points program for frequent shoppers. It is for this and a couple other reasons that I would recommend Vivid to most anyone.

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  1. I bought the vivid starter kit, thought it was vey good until the mouth piece snapped off. Took it back to the shop and got another one, after a few weeks this mouth piece also snapped off. Returned it to the shop and I thought I would give it one last try so got another. The mouth piece has stayed on so far but cant use it any more because now when I use it I get the liquid in my mouth. Based on my experience I would not reccomend

  2. Send emails, never an answer. Bad management. Honestly, don’t waste your time. Go buy from a company that deserves the money and has better customer care, because you won’t get any from this company!!

  3. Bought the starter kit only for the battery to start going crazy on me and staying turned on within hours of me buying it. Thought I’d give it another shot and the second battery just had a meltdown after only a few puffs.
    Useless junk, I had to argue with the shop I bought it from to give me a refund. Turns out they’re all coming back.

  4. I got the Vivid starter kit and at first I thought it was a start to stopping smoking for the first day and a half was fine using the 18mg come about the 2nd refill after pouring the E-liquid I noticed the stuff turned darker in the vapour clear bit. I thought that’s strange then it got darker and turned in to a beer like colour and I noticed black little bits floating in it which was totally different to the rest of the E-liquid that was in the 18mg nicotine 10ml bottle. The bits started to increase into more bits I heard gurgling sounds from under the mouth piece and couldn’t get much suck off it. I noticed at times I wasn’t getting enough vaping then all of a sudden it packed up and completely stopped working and this is only after 2days of having it I thought their supposed to last a month at least before changing the top bit.

    I luckily brought a different brand and noticed with this other brand their was clearly an engrave CE and then looked at the vivid one and there was no engravement on it, so I am going look out now for imprints on them I went back to the shop and showed the person who sold it to me and he said he had no idea about them and just sells them I am having to learn hard way about these E-cigs and trying to do research on them myself for my own knowledge on here but I would say to any1 out there who wishes to purchase this crap make sure you do some surfing around first before you buy a good E-cig its like Iv paid fr half a starter kit for 2days pleasure which was a waste of money iv gone for EGO atmo half the price of Vivid and plus got a charger plug and 2 E-cigs I am finding them so much better Vivid isn’t any good Iv heard Totally Wicked is a good E-cig to buy 🙂 but never tried them I hope my comment helps other ppl to be aware of Vivid E-cigs Don’t buy shop around elsewhere 🙂

  5. bought a e-go t some months ago and very disappointed with the use of it,very little vapor coming out and and sucking like hell on the thing id still have a cigg after it,and on top of that,,it would leave my throat feeling sore, i then bought vivid expecting the same thing and very surprised by the quality of this ecig, its giving me alot more satisfaction ,alot more vapor , i can taste the flavour,battery life is fine,so im 1 happy customer

  6. Im from witham, Essex, England and I bought 2 of these kits and I was expecting to use them as a smoking reducer but they worked so well I stoped for 2 days now and bought about 10 refills, considering what ive tried in the past these worked quite well so im gonna stick to it… I haven’t had any problems with it so far..

  7. tried Vivid Golden Tobacco yesterday and utterly disgusting. Option 2 Classic tobacco today marginally less repulsive but now in the bin with the other. 10 pounds wasted. Can’t believe anyone passed those flavours as being acceptable. AVOID

  8. Not impressed at all 🙁 i have spent a fortune on cartomisers for this damn thing and not even lasting a day, they keep burning out and they taste disgusting. Its cost me more this week in vape and extra parts than it would in cigarettes. Highly annoyed as current one tastes horrid and have no spares so now going to have to spend more if i want to stay off the fags. My advice would be Avoid this brand. I will be searching for a replacement ecig asap. This is the starter kit i am refering too

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