Vuse E-Cigarette Review

Vuse E-Cigarette Review

Do you remember when Blu cigarettes were a really big deal a few years back? That’s because they had a major marketing campaign and not because they were the best thing out on the market.

Vuse Solo

The same thing is happening with Vuse from RJ Vapor. This electronic cigarette is getting a marketing push that is placing it just about everywhere in the public’s consciousness. It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing it advertised. For those who remember Blu eCigs, this may be bringing back familiar feelings about an overhyped product that doesn’t quite deliver. Is that the case with Vuse? We’ll let you know in our review below.

What You Get

A lot of people get swayed by price points and the extras that manufacturers throw in for the basic kit. We don’t think is the most important information when it comes to reviewing any eCig, but a lot of people are going to get turned away by the price before they ever give the product a fair assessment. The first thing a lot of people what to know is how much it will cost them and what they are getting for that cost.

The Vuse is selling for ~$10.00. At that price, you get a very basic starter kit that includes the eCig, the charger and a flavor cartridge. It’s not much, but you shouldn’t expect much at that price point. The cost of additional cartridges, different flavors and other such items you are going to need later is priced equally low.

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The low price point shouldn’t necessarily be a warning sign that the quality is low. You have to remember that this is coming from a big tobacco company. They are looking to edge out their competitors, and they are doing it on a retail level. That’s right, you can buy all the Vuse products through retail stores, and the catch is that they are only available in physical stores. You won’t find the manufacturer selling them online.

Now you can find plenty of other people trying to make a buck with them online, but you don’t always know if you are getting reliable products or not. You don’t know how much they have been used, how reliable the seller is and if you are getting the real deal. As cheap as these are, there are knockoffs out there that are even cheaper. So if you plan to buy yours online to save a few bucks and enjoy some convenience, then do be careful.



One thing to note about the e-liquid in the cartridges is that it is all high quality stuff. It is actually food-grade glycerin being used in place of very cheap liquid that would be more in line with the price point. It’s not that making great glycerin is expensive, but it isn’t easy to do, and it takes a certain level of commitment that we haven’t seen from a lot of other electronic cigarette companies. The company is advertising their e-liquid as some of the best stuff out there, and after a careful analysis of what they put in them, we can say that is an easy claim to back up.

This eCig comes with an LED light. The light will change color to tell you different statuses. It is usually a pleasant white, but it will start to flash if there isn’t much more e-liquid in the tank.

The light will flash more frequently if you need to trade out the cartridge with a new one.

And if the battery is running low, the light will change from white to red., indicating it needs to charge.

Now this feature is pretty common for pen vapes like this one, but not very common for this price point. It is another nice addition to a compelling, yet inexpensive package.

Product Performance

The Vuse is advertised as a product that produces perfect puffs every time. That’s a bold statement in an industry where a lot of eCigs and vaporizers make for some pleasant and tasty puffs on the first go, but lose their flavor over the vaping session. As you get to the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, they become bland or burnt. It has to do with the quality of the vapor and how the device is heating up the liquid.

The advertising seems to be spot on in that regard. We tried the Vuse out and found that it delivers its flavor consistently throughout the entire vaping session and even down to the dregs of the tank. You can still get that great flavor no matter how low your tank is getting.

What did bug us though is that the throat hit is uncommonly strong. There must be a ton of nicotine in the contents to provide a throat hit that is so powerful. Now that makes for a wonderful experience, especially to long-time smokers or vapers who are used to strong hits and actually want that from their vaping. But for people who only smoke occasionally or who are trying to transition away from smoking and vaping entirely, this may be the wrong choice. There is simply too much nicotine content in this to recommend it to everyone.

The flavors are quite good- at least the ones we tried. They all provided a soft, natural taste that was never too chemical for our liking. Many e-liquids create a vapor taste that feels like something that was cooked up in a laboratory, but this tastes like the real deal, even if it isn’t particularly strong.  It’s not an overpowering taste, and that is a positive in our book.

Battery life is decent on this eCig. On about an hour of charge, you can get a few hours of battery use. That may not sound great, but for an electronic cigarette it is above average. What’s not great are reports that batteries stop working after a while. We keep seeing these complaints pop up, and our solution is just to buy a new battery. They are cheap, so it’s not a big deal if you get a faulty one.


The batteries may not be the best, but the overall quality on this product is pretty great, especially when you consider the price tag. You wouldn’t expect much for a $10 eCig, but the Vuse certainly delivers its money’s worth. The eCig itself is light yet sturdy. The cartridges are not some of the cheap ones we are used to getting in these low-priced eCigs. Instead, they seem to be of reasonable quality.

There is actually nothing about the Vuse that screams super high quality (save for maybe the e-liquid contents) but that’s fine at this price point.  You are not just getting what you pay for, but a bit more.


The Vuse is not a revolution for the industry. That much is apparent. Its advertising heralds that it is as much better than the competition, and if that competition is just considering the products in the same price bracket, then that is true. If it takes in the larger market, then you do have a lot of better options. The Vuse is great for its price point; there is no denying that. But it can’t really compare to a lot of better options out there.

Still, if you just want something cheap and of decent quality, then you can’t really go wrong with the Vuse. It is well made and inexpensive, so it will do in a pinch. But if you plan to vape for years to come, then you probably want something better.

While the Vuse seems cheap on first glance, buying refills at $3 a pop and replacing the battery every so often adds up. You will probably need to replace the eCig itself after a short while as well. All of that means that it can be troublesome and may not be as cheap as it initially seems.


  • Great price point
  • Excellent throat hit
  • Lasting taste, all the way through the cartridge
  • Good battery life


  • Batteries tend to malfunction
  • Only available in retail stores

The Vuse is something of an experiment, but a costly one if it doesn’t work out for the manufacturer. Other tobacco companies have stuck their toe into the eCig pool before, and it usually doesn’t result in a quality product. This one seems different, but it still is not one of the best options out there.

That said, you can’t really go wrong with the price point. If you think the Vuse could be for you and you just need a cheap eCig fix, then it is a good investment. Even if you end up hating it, you haven’t lost very much money.

To counter that though, if you already have a good eCig that you are happy with, then there is no need to give that up for the Vuse. It’s not doing anything extraordinary that is worth a look to long-time eCig users.

Vuse Electronic Cigarette
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  1. Loved this product! Menthol is awesome, however there’re not cheap and buying 3 at a time and losing 1-2 tips straight out of the package, has me let down and irradiated!! I finally counted my saved failures (thinking I would keep trying them periodically). 28 tips that I received NO hits off of!!! Sorry Vuse, I’m done! Sincerely, a former customer!!

    • I had the same issue with some faulty cartridges. However, I called them after finally having had enough of throwing my money away, and they sent coupons for free cartridges to replace every one that I had bought that malfunctioned. Call customer service… they want to keep their customers and they’ll make it up to you.

      • I’ve used Vuse for quite some time now. I have had issues on several occasions.
        1. The Vuse battery connector broke where it would not even connect with the cartridges anymore since it was made of plastic. (Contacted Vuse by phone, they sent me a coupon to purchase another Vuse Solo for $1…made me pay for their faulty product).
        2. I was going on a business trip so I bought several packages of cartridges knowing I would not have the time or transportation to go purchase more during my trip. Of the 8 or 10 cartridges I bought, atleast half were faulty, where the unit would just blink red and white. (Contacted Vuse by email, received response with no resolution insisting that I take time out of my day to call to discuss this matter. So I did because I was not wasting the money I spent on those cartridges. They sent me only enough coupons to replace the faulty cartridges, not my entire purchase. Oh but they also sent me a coupon to buy another battery for $5 off. Never used that one.)
        3.Once again, I purchased cartridges that were faulty. So I submitted an email containing all of the information they requested from me the first time I had this issue and made note that I do not have the time to call so please resolve by email…Received response from Carrie stating to call. I immediately replied stating I don’t have time to call. Carrie then replied stating for me to call.

        Guess what, I will no longer be using Vuse products because they do not value their customers or their valuable time. The product is clearly terrible. Their customer service representative clearly cannot understand English. I’m done. If you choose to use their product then my condolences. I will be spreading word of their product anywhere I can. I cannot believe the way they totally disregard their customer’s wishes.

        • So just call them. No one is that busy, especially if you think you’re getting ripped off. Take the time and speak to a human to get your money back. They sell these things everywhere. At the airport, at the local corner store right by the hotel you’re staying at.So the “I dont have the time” thing is garbage. If its a priority, then make time. You’re complaining about a $10, entry level product. Ive been using them for quite some time….never had a problem. But if i did…Id give them call.

        • The red and white blink is a faulty connection. Take the cartridge out, spin it 180 degrees, and put it back in. A simple google search could have solved your problem.

        • You’re just be ridiculous. If a 5 minute call can’t suffice to your needs then there’s something wrong there. Also ALL businesses use consist of a variety of people with a variety of backrounds. Your unluckiness is your own problem. But getting back to a simple phone call would be more convenient and efficient for both parties. If you seriously can’t call then you must not call anyone for that matter. Also it’s your own fault for buying in bulk when you anticipated problems. If any company replaced all “faulty” products then the eventually would go under. A customer could simply report a faulty product that may really not be faulty at all. Scams are all the rage these days. A customer could easily lie.

          • I disagree. Over the last four months, I have increasingly purchased defective cartidges. They either won’t work when connected, or the filter piece will not fit the battery end. It is frustrating. Also, I have noticed that the liquid has been reduced significantly. The time that the cartirdge is emptied is about half the time it used to be. Finally, CA just raised their taxes on tobacco…so what used to cost me 23.00 for three pack (2cartirdges) now costs 47.00 with tax. I have decided to move to a real e-sig that I can replenish my own liquid. This product has fallen from good quality to poor quality (less e-fliud, hirgher nicotine levels to facilitate higher addiction rates, and faulty parts. I’m fine. I just won’t give RJ Renyolds/Vuse my money anymore.

        • I had the same thing happen to me 3 times now in the last two weeks. When they offered me that same deal this time I told them to keep it! As well, they were making me pay for their faulty product….and lets not forget that it will take up to 5 weeks or longer to get your coupons for a dollar off. I paid 15.00 for two packages of filters. NO MORE…they have ripped me off long enough. I have put up with it because I enjoyed the flavor. Long time user or not…they are ripping off the public! I tried to return this mess to the store from which they were purchased….NOPE you cannot return tobacco products!! Time to move on….VUSE has just lost my business as well as a few of my friends. Spread the word….

      • I’m a long time Vuse user. I came from filterless Camels and wanted something with some bang and some flavor. Vuse was the ONLY one to true deliver. Now they make the Vuse vibe, which lasts twice as long, is more powerful, and is a metal screw on base so the cartridge malfunctioning is no longer a problem. The bonus point is that they’re within the same price range. Now your losing them, that’s your own issue. I am a heavy user and have yet to lose one. The cardboard pack is slim enough to tote in my pocket and still be concealed. There’s no real reason to remove it entirely from its’ casing just to move about with even “less” packaging. About the failed cartridges, yes it was an issue on one of their models about a year ago. It happens very little now. However, as marked on the packaging, all you had to do was keep your receipt and return to the seller for an exchange. They then handed them to the distributor and got their discount. It’s a very easy process for all parties. That’s a nice change versus other distributors. And again, even their new model of the regular Vuse (not Vibe) very rarely has that issue anymore. I remember one time where I had to replace 2 complete boxes. The whole order was bad apparently, not just mine! But, it was a very easy fix and didn’t stop me from continuing to enjoy their product. As far as customer service and mainstream vaping products go, I don’t think you will ever find a better one.

        • if you look at the end of the cartridge…it has a small metal tip in the part that fits in the battery…i have found that the reason it wont engage in the battery is that lil tip is in the wrong spot. If you just click push it back in the slot (with a fingenail or something small) it will engage in the battery and work fine. I figured this out after having purchased several that didn’t work!

      • That may have just been the retailer. There are some stores on my area that carry them at $6.40, and some at $7.48 (before tax)

      • It was 5.99 when I started. Our CA Taxes just doubled for tobacco. What used to be 24-26.00 for three boxes of 2, now costs 47.00 (tax incl). It’s insane. I finally bought an e-cig that I can fill myself with e-liquid. It is soooooo much more economically practical for me. I am also frustrated because I had been buying 2-3 boxes at a time, and at least two of the little cartridges woulnd’t either fit properly or would not work at all.

      • YES!! CA just raised its tobacco tax to. This item now costs almost double what it used to a few weeks ago….Not worth it with all of the duds and price increases. I bought an e-cig that allows me to replace my own liquid. It’s sturdy and reusable for a much longer time, costs around 37.00, and the e-liquid is cheap and lasts a very, very long time. I could be spending 47.00 every few days, but with this, I spend about 15.00/month after the initial cost of the e-cig. I am done with Vuse.

    • I agree. I started using VUSE menthol in October of 2014. I go through about one cartridge per day. I had absolutely no problems with this product for about the first six months. I ended up wih three duds (red-white-red) over the course of the first year. I called VUSE and they did send me coupons. Which, IMO, is a pain in the butt to have to wait for resolution. I wish I could simply return the product to the retailer right on the spot. I was told by VUSE that I could not do this.

      Fast forward another year. I’ve been saving up cartridges that have either leaked or do not connect to the battery. I’ve saved up 15 in the last year – ten in the last few months. I don’t know why there has been such an increase in issues. It’s really frustrating because when there is a problem, I have I weigh whether it’s worth my time to deal with it (which is why I’ve saved up cartridges instead of dealing with it at each instance).

      I am looking at alternative products now. If I would not have had so many problems recently, I would rave about this product. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a hassle and a time waster.

      • Get the Vuse Vibe. You’ll have no worries with it. Even though the basic model (get a new ecig base not just new cartridges) is now fixed , you can at least have a new assurance with the Vibe. With its’ metal screw on base and larger, stronger, longer lasting cartridges it’s now my puff of choice.

      • I went through a similar situation. However, now, out of the three boxes I usually bought, at least two have been bunk. This has happened so often over the past three months. I got over it. The price increased, the quality decreased, and the tax, here, increased by almost double. I finally bought a real e-cig that allows me to refill my e-liquid. Over the last two weeks, I have saved probably 120.00 (costly due to bunk cartridges and Vuse starting to use less liquid- with higher nicotine to create more addiction). I think that alternative products are a much better idea than Vuse, now.

    • I’m so tired of buying the refill for my Vuse and 1cartridge out of every pack doesn’t work. It lights up red and white which means that there’s not a connection. I’ve been using this product for about 1 year. But I’m soon going to switch to Blue e-cigarette. I hate when I have just enough money to buy 2 cartridges for 1 not to work. I literally was just smoking a brand new cartridge refill a d it was the last cartridge in the pack everything was fine …and then all of a sudden it flashes red and white. And guess what…..I scraped up just enough change to by a refill. The battery isn’t low because I can put a old cartridge that taste like pure SHIT and it hit. This Fn pissis me off. Thanks vuse for making a crapy refill cartridge . Mark my word if u start using it regularly u will get a cartridge that doesn’t work. So your just giving them money for nothing. It’s happened to me like 10 times but I liked the taste so much that I would just suck it up. But now cash is tight and I’m not going to pay for nothing!!!!!!

      • Don’t go with the blu because they are really bad for leaking. I am reading these reviews to try and decide what the replacement for blu will be.

      • Have you tried to turn ithe cartridge to the left then hit it see if it still blinks if not then switch it back to the right … 90% of the time my “all of a sudden” blinking cartridge works properly again

    • Hey get something that can slip between the metal prong and plastic side and kinda separate or make room in between the two. Seems to work for me

    • The power units have been flashing both white and red at the same time (after charging). The do NOT work as directed. I have taken 1 back for replacement, yet, again has only lasted 3 days. I have 3 defective units now and am not sure what to do. Someone said these were being taken off the market ~ now I see why.

  2. I Love vuse! The new flavor packs are awesome! I’ve settled on berry and cream. The only negative thing I have to say, is that occasionally, they burn your bottom lip, leaving you a small blister. It only happens when you puff the e-cigarette and don’t remove it from your mouth. It’s only been about six months for me, but I love this product, especially now that different flavors are available!

  3. Like the vuse. My complaint is more than half of fhe cartridges do not work. So i am searching for another brand. I quit smoking ciggs a year ago. I would hate to return to it

  4. Cartridges do not last very long. They say they equal to a pack of cigarettes, I do not believe that is the truth. Not real thrilled with the product.

  5. From customer. I’ve been on the vuse kick for more than month now. And several packets I have purchased are either faulty or empty. What should I do. I’m on at least a tip a day trying to staying off the cigarettes. Cream and mint are the best. What should be done about this? Resort back to cigarettes or keep buying everyo ther blank for 5 bucks.

  6. I am retively happy with Vuse ecigs but I have found that about 10% of the cartridges I buy are faulty. It appears that you need to work on your quality control.

  7. I’ve been using vuse e cigs since they hit the shelves. I buy the mint.. However.. my habits haven’t changed and the refills seem to be gradually dropping their lifespan. I have considered other options. Almost as if they start with a great product. Get you to buy and enjoy… Then they start to skimp on the products lifespan. Talking with other vuse users. This seems to be the case…

    • I had the same experience you did. I don’t like the strong throat hit. I even tried another flavor and the throat hit was still very strong. I’ve moved on to the V2 e cigs and they are perfect!

    • Yes I did feel like that for a few minutes. It was a bit strange but still had that nice buzz feeling
      Probably because like they said, the nicotine levels are a bit high, as well as you might be a little light weight when it comes to that stuff like me.

    • Dawn, there is a possibility that you are taking too much in at one time. If you are “cutting down” or smoke less than 15 cigs a day (I smoke 5-10 cig a day), it CAN give you a ‘rush.” It’s also NOT a cigarette 🙂 The vapor has a different feel in the lungs, which I can’t really fully inhale — almost as if it’s too ‘hot” to inhale deeply. Dawn, maybe try doing shorter and smaller puffs — that might help. PEACE …

      • It’s the nicotine content…if you’ve ever tried nicorette gum it’s the same throat hit. Vuse has 4x the nic hit as you get with a regular cig draw. That’s also why some get “spacey” or headrush.

  8. I bought menhol by mistake and like them more than non menthol. It is a light hit of menthol, very pleasant. Consistent flavor and vapor. I am sold on this brand after being a Blu puffer.

  9. Pretty spot on with this review. I totally and completely quit smoking on this produt. It has been 6 months and I smoked cigarettes for 14 years at one pack a day. I had to wean myself off of cigarettes and did it with this product. I have gained weight but not too much. I can breathe and run for a long distance without any problem. If you are serious about quitting smoking, then you need to use this product to do so. It’s not overnight just like you didn’t start smoking cigarettes overnight. most good things take time and why not do it? You’ll stick around a good while longer and feel so much better while doing it…plus you don’t stink and you won’t go back smoking because it STINKS in all aspects. Blessings to you all!

    • Ginger,
      I’m trying to quit smoking, and have tried and failed before…have even tried Blu. Recently, my doctor suggested I try again with vape cigs.
      I didn’t like the Blu…as it felt as if I was just inhaling air; not really getting a hit off of the darn thing.
      So, I’ve been thinking about trying this product; but wasn’t sure if it was worth the money. Reading your review changed my mind. I have more to gain by trying once again to quit smoking…and with God’s grace, hopefully I’ll be successful this time.
      Thank you 🙂

  10. PS…I starting using VUSE “red color” regular and the throat hit was too strong so I went with menthol then switched to mint “the blue one” when it came out. it was refreshing and their product doesn’t lose flavor until right before you need to change the cartridge. I started in March of 2015 by weaning myself off of cigarettes” meaning I would still smoke cigarettes and take cigarette breaks” I totally stopped smoking cigarettes in July 2015 because I adapted to the vuse and hated the way cigarettes smelled and made me feel. It’s January 2016 and I have been cigarette-free for 6 months. I feel pretty darn good. I love to run. The only thing that stops me is that my knees and ankles get tired…meaning ” I can breathe! I’m never going back!!

    • But to me this sounds like you are not really cigarette free or can say I have not smoked for so many months when it sounds like the Vuse has more Nicotine than a regular cigarettes. so I am confused on this I thought it would help me wean from smoking cigs and quit. I have not a real cig for 2 days. but I am smoking more nicotine with vuse than a regular cigs or least from what I read and researched online. confusing. from what I read online vuse has 48 mgs nicotine per cartridge. So I guess i,m trying to figure out is vuse better than regular cigs.

      • Using nicotine and smoking cigarettes are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things. Cigarettes have thousands of poisonous, cancer causing chemicals in them and the smoke inhalation from a cig alone is bad. So if you are using Vuse, gum, a patch, eliquid..any type of nonsmoking nicotine delivery system then you are definitely making a healthier choice. Nicotine on it’s own isn’t what causes smoking related health issues. Good luck!

      • Yes! I intake more nicotine now then ever before I just replaced one addiction with another ? I enjoy this much more than a cigarette and can do it anywhere anytime .

  11. What stores do you buy refills from, Wal-Mart? I was given one for my birthday and like the smooth hit and non lingering smell of the vapor. I use it at work so I don’t have to deal with. My boss complaining about the smell of cigarettes on me. He’s an ex smoker… need I say more.

    • Hi Richard,
      Congrats, + tipping my hat to you ?!! To know there’s hope out there, WOW-THANK YOU for sharing + I admire your strength. IN RE: I enjoyed your comments + couldn’t agree more. I too am in search of finding my Vuse products. Could you let me know if you had any luck? Keeping in mind…I’m a Boston girl, so NO Wal-Mart’s yet…crazy I know! Too busy dealing w/such tragic events here though, ex., oh “Tom Brady’s Balls” lol!! So 40 miles for cartridges, no worries!! B.T.W, the Menthol+that throat hit, I luv it too. In closing why are hypocrites/X-smokers filled with such entitlement to judge us now? Dr.’s are kinder, + non judgmental! Your Boss
      Is simply oozing w/Envy! Keep up the good work, stay STRONG, and THANX A MILLION!

  12. My first cartridge was faulty, I thought it was the battery, thank goodness it wasn’t, It is WAYYY better the blu that is gross.

  13. I smoked on and off since I was a teenager. There were times in the past when I was able to quit cold turkey for at least a couple of years however as I got older it just became extremely difficult and always found an excuse in my head to buy smokes. Anyway, since October of 2015 I would not smoke for a few days than smoke then not smoke again for another few days. It was frustrating and I thought I’d give Vuse a try. As of today (January) I have not smoked a cigarette. I think Vuse is helping and luckily I have not bought any bad cartridges. Hopefully by spring I can start vaping non-nicotine products . With that said , I’m glad I bought this product. Although it may get costly, to me it’s ok as I know my health is getting better.

  14. I’ve been a vuse coustomer for over 2 years and now the prices have went up to 7.5 a pack when I’m doing a pack a day it has gotten to far expensive right around 50 bucks a week the cartridges use to be flatly but they have added an extra pin to correct the problems and I haven’t had one since. BUT I just spent 150 on a vaporizer and oil for a month. I was worried about all the stories about them blowing up and hurting people come to find out its people buying the cheap ones from gas stations and plugging them in to chargers they don’t belong. Also when I talked to vuse they said that oils in theirs are the only ones regulated by the FDA and that other oil were made across seas and that you don’t know what kind of oil or how much nicotine is going in them. After going to the vape shop I found out a lot of oils were made locally in the state I live OHIO and if they are not made in Ohio they are all made in the US for the most part. The oils in vuse range between 18-24 mg is what I was told witch is the highest out but due to the vape pin the best vaporizer it like hitting a 6-12 mg oil. Needless to say in three weeks the vaporizer I just bought will pay for its self. I love vuse and it was my go two for over 2 years always had one on me no matter what I just wish they headed raised the price for them or else I would still use them they kind of forced me to have to go to this new vaporizer.

    • If you live in Ohio, check out The Joint on High Street. I got my vuse for $5.99 and the refills come with 2 cartridges and sell for less than $4 there.

  15. I go to 3 different stores to get the refills . Lately the cartridge’s do not last very long I am so disappointed. I spent $38.00 on 4 refills thats eight cartridges. I continue also to buy new whole pkgs new starter kit. The price just went up and I am thinking of finding something different.Just not worth the price up and still they do not last long. I get at least 4 pkgs at least 4 times per week. They have not offered a cartridges without the nicotine. How can you wind down? I have no recourse as I had gone right back to store when the cartridge ‘s did not work and sinse they were opened they did not want to replace them. So dissatisfied Jane

    • I agree that the cartridges I’ve purchased in the last few months (since they rose the prices) are not lasting as long!

  16. I have been using Vuse for about a year now. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED and I am looking for an alternative option because I have done nothing but spend countless dollars on this product just to have the $6 refills have NOTHING IN THEM! I really like the convenience of it, but refuse to keep spending my hard earned money on something that does not have the product I’m paying for!
    Broke Unhappy Customer

  17. I’ve found that about 1 in 10 cartridges are faulty and if they’ve been on the shelves for awhile, they’re bitter. Way too costly just to throw cartridges in the trash, at 3 bucks a cartridge. Nor do they come close to a pack of cigarettes…puff per puff.

  18. The Vuse has helped me to quit smoking cigarettes since May 2015 but like others I have purchased refill cartridges and they are empty, now the price has jumped from $5.99 to $6.99 overnight that’s a bit steep considering for about every 2 to 3 refill packs purchased their at least 2 and sometimes 3 that does not work or only contains a few draws. My biggest complaint is that I am unable to purchase lower nicotine or zero nicotine values.


    Checking out my options

  19. I have a big problem with Vuse I have bought over $60. Of them and I have not had any luck with them they loose the flavor after the second hit. They run out and start flashing empty after I have hit the Vuse after 10 hits, I have paid too much money on them, I am looking for something else to try. This is costing me 3 times of what I was paying for cigarettes. I am finished with this unless the company will do something about the failure of their products.

  20. These flavor cartridges don’t have much flavor anymore. I loved the cream ones but they actually run out of flavor fast & they burn your throat & make you cough. Went to a different store & no difference in them. In fact, I bought four packs & there was no flavor at all! I’ve been using vuze for two years & if it continues I’ll switch to another brand. I thoroughly enjoyed these but I’m giving up. I want a product that I can enjoy the flavor not the burn!

  21. The quality of this product has declined dramatically. After puffing on them for well over a year I got my first empty cartridge. I chalked it up to a very unusual occurrence and continued to use them. Lately, I have found a good 10% of the refills are complete “duds” and most do not last nearly as long as they used to. I haven’t had as much problems with the battery packs as some of the users claim.
    As for the price, The last cigs I smoked were self rolled (which had drawbacks such as mess) that were MUCH cheaper than buying the VUSE. I am still an advocate of vaping over smoking but with the decline of the product, I must search for a more dependable alternative.

    I would also like to see a stepdown in nicotine….”Vuse Lights” for less nicotine and “Vuse Zero” for none. Of course we all see the drawbacks from the manufacturing point of view – why would they want to decrease their customer base and profits.

  22. I, too, recently have had several empty cartridges or, very low cartridges. Seems as if Vuse has changed. In will be switching as Vuse carries a high price point.

  23. When I started using VUSE, one cartridge lasted me a week. NOW, however, one cartridge lasts me ONE DAY. The menthol and mint are decent, the rest taste like crap (and the chai tastes like burnt black tea, not chai). However, the most aggravating issue I have found is that, with no exceptions, every last mint cartridge I have purchased started leaking the liquid about 3/4 of the way through. This liquid BURNS my mouth, and I swear if that burning crap gives me lip cancer, they WILL see me filing a lawsuit. There is nothing worse than taking a hit, expecting a cool minty vapor and getting a mouthful of nasty tasting, burning vape fluid. As for price… when I bought my first cartridge, it was $5.99. Now it’s $7.48. I think it’s time to find an alternative. That, or go back to my regular smokes. I only smoked 4-5 cigs a day, anyway.

    • Same thing has been happening to me, only with mint. I’m wondering if they had a bad batch of cartridges or something. It only started happening in the last month or so. And yes – it is disgusting and it wastes the damn fluid so it runs out quicker.

  24. I dunno what ppl are talkin about; “VUSE helped me quit”…..what?! These e-cigs are marketed so we can get more nicotine inside of us at ANY time. No outdoors, lighters, etc. Vape it anywhere. I smoked these thangs REALLY heavy. Chai, Creme and Menthol were my favorite flavors….especially Chai. When u quit these (if you will be able to), you cough up HELLA phlegm and cough in general just….alot. I like them, and maybe its just me, but this brand seems more addicting to me than Blu or some other ones. And the cartridges add up financially just as much as a pack of Newports or Salems would. Here in DC/Maryland, they run up to 7 bucks.

  25. The only thing that I have found was that the cartridges don’t last long. I’ve already had to buy two more and I only just bought it so kinda bummed about it.

  26. I have been finding that the cartridges are faulty. If you put them in your pocket and they sit on an angle one of the pins will brake. I have fond if you lay it flat you’ll be ok.

    I’m trying to quit smoking all-together and have been trying many e-cigs.

    The taste is good for an e-cig. The battery life I have found is short as well as the cartridge life.
    But overall it’s not bad of a e-cig.

    The biggest thing that is making look on is, how cheap the connection of the cartridge and the battery is. They fix that and maybe the life of the batteries life, I would think about using them more often.

  27. Seriously one cartridge last about 1-2 days max! These are way overpriced! I do like them but now that they raised the price to $7+ I will fer sure discontinue to buy them. Sorry Vuse but these should be sold for $4. Regular cigarettes last way longer.

  28. Vuse helped so much when I quit, great taste, decent price, and the refills would last a good week. Within the past month, the price increased dramatically, the refills last about a day, and they leak-my mouth and throat are NUMB. Can you not make e-cigs that we have to drink and go back to your old formula? k thanks.

  29. This product did help me move away from cigarettes completely; however, the claim that one cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes is far from the truth. Hopefully this will make me drop VUSE too and be completely tobacco free.

  30. I personally like the style and taste of the vuse menthol, but the cartridges don’t last that long. 3 days is how long it took to run out while the blu lasted almost a week and a half. Granted that the taste is better and Vuse is completely digital, the hit is a little too harsh for me and causes me to choke even when taking slow long drags. If vuse were to ensure the customers had a cartridge that actually lasts like a pack of regular cigs they need to at least extend the amount to last up to 5days and I can last a week on a pack of newports.

  31. I’ve been using vuse for about a year now. They raised the prices of the cartridges, and lately I’ve noticed the cartidges don’t last as long. 1 used to last me at least a day. Now I’m going thru at least 2. Is any one else having this issue??

  32. GARBAGE !! I have been vaping with vuse for about two months and they are the most inconsistent crap out there. some of them last for only two puffs, most of them work for maybe half of the day before they start blinking red, or the “blinking white because because the cartridges empty”bull shit. its just designed to make you buy more !! I just bought my last vuse product !!! if your going to make a good product that tastes good don’t ruin it buy putting a little micro chip in it that malfunctions all of the friggin time. RJR has been screwing people over for years. I guess some shit company’s never change !!!

  33. I’m finding that a lot of the USB chargers won’t charge all batteries. I end up buying more batteries hoping the USB charge will charge them. Quite expensive to do that.

  34. The fact that vuse quality is backed by rj Reynolds makes it a no-brainer to use these (mechanical quality control aside). This system produces a vapor that is the most cigarette like out there. The BIGGEST DANGER with these is the nicotine content…if you don’t consciously limit your intake per session your blood pressure will go through the roof! This presents new and life threatening risk. I found that my BP went up significantly on these – and back down to normal with my usual Marlboro Lights 100’s. So be careful in that regard and do only about 5 puffs per hour. 😉

    • Not saying Rj Reynolds is in any way a morally responsible or admirable company, but they are a HUGE Fortune 500 and have the quality control of such…

  35. In this town of 25,000about half use your product,however if you continue to rise your prices on product we will not be ,its ridiculous and getting out of hand

  36. I’ve been using Vuse for about a year,they did stop me from smoking the cigarettes but about 3 months ago the cartridges started blinking way to soon.I thought it was a fluke & continued using them ,about every other cartridge is almost empty.Then the cigarette itself started going bad.None of them last 2 weeks any more,I complained to the store about them ,they said I had to call the company,Ihad to buy one on Saturday & it is now only Tuesday & it isn’t working anymore.,I’ve had enough of this rip off & the price hike is just the last straw.Has any one else had trouble with the cigarette or am I going crazy.

    • I agree totally with the disappointment in these reviews. I’m fed up with the Vuse – dud cartridges that don’t work at all – the price increase to 7.99 refill packs – for lower quality and – there is NO way cartridge lasts EVEN CLOSE to as long as a typical pack of cigarettes.

  37. I can’t say I can complain really. Yeah the price adds up if you buy in bigger numbers at once, or over time. But truth be told, it’s actually really neat. It gets the job done, has a solid quality, and a solid build. Some parts can be faulty, but I don’t care much for that (considering it’s pretty fuckin rare.) I honestly like it, and if it’s just something to keep you going for a bit, then I recommend it for sure. Maybe even long term if you don’t mind. It’s cheap and simple, especially when you have a job and money coming in. Just take care of what you have, then you won’t be disappointed (for the most part)

  38. I just started smoking VUSE about a week ago and my throat is burning and every now and then when I smoke it seems to have some liquid leaking. Everyone is saying its in my head because I am trying to quit smoking. Is there another brand maybe that’s not so strong and burning. Or is my throat just healing because ive smoked so long.

  39. I am having the same problem many people are having…. Cartridges are duds. I don’t know how to get my money back when you have a dud. The store will not reimburse me. These are expensive and made by a quality CO., so why aren’t they backing their product?/ I an going to start keeping the duds and mail them to McReynolds, hoping they will make good on their product.

    • Because RJ doesn’t REALLLY want you to quit. They want you to be disillusioned with an alernative nicotine delivery and go back to their big money maker. If you read about how Big T is trying to influence the government to get vaping wiped off the map, you understand why they made such an inferior product in the first place.

  40. Used for two years. Great. Then….they got shitty. Now I have literally looked inside every single battery and cartridge in every gas station after buying at least 10 batteries and 20 mints and i came up with 90-100% FAILURES!!!! so now I’m addictedtonictine but can’t get any unless I risk my throat and lungs to getting burned AGAIN AND AGAIN

  41. I don’t know if the cartridges I’m getting are duds, or if the silver part is malfunctioning, but lately it seems like the first few hits are great, produce a lot of vapor, and then the rest of the time i feel like I’m getting barely anything except a burn on the back of my throat. I have also experienced some kind of leak on two cartridges, where i could not even put it to my mouth because it would burn my lips, and touching the cartridges caused a burning sensation on my fingers. These are really really strong with nicotine too and its easy to overdo it, sometimes one extra puff that I didn’t need can make me feel sick and gross for hours. I have sworn them off many times. I feel that they are more satisfying than blus, probably because of all the nicotine, but the leaking, quality, and health effects concern me.

  42. Got one for the first time today… Bought a starter pack and some creme refills. But the e cig didn’t even work out of the package. I charged it for about 2 hours and tried again.. Nothing… Then about 20 minutes later the battery started to go crazy. It indicated it was on but it was in the plastic case it came in. This thing just freaked ya it’s crap..$20 down the drain but I’ll never buy another one again ..I just stick to Mark Tens for now on

  43. I have wasted time and money and calling on every box for months and as much as I enjoy them I have went back to buying more cigarettes again as I am getting so frustrated as I don’t have time for calling and the money to invest in replacements of empty cartridges

  44. I began using VUSE in December ’15. Almost immediately began getting defective packs of the cartridges, they cause the tip lit to alternately flash red/blue/ and no vapor. While they have sent coupons (buy one get on free) they don’t cover the number this happens with. It’s frustrating wen it happens. I have switched to MARK10XL.

  45. Oh wow….maybe I should have read this thread before I invested in this product to quit smoking 🙁 I’m going to be pissed if tomorrow I have to spend more money for another product because this didn’t last long……

  46. I check mine before I even leave Gas Station if they don’t work right there I have them give me new ones so far I have only had one bad one and have been on and off it for a year, I just started using it every day to help quit, and cheaper then smokes.

  47. These have helped me quit smoking, I use the menthol flavor and it’s the best of all the other e-cigs I’ve tried. The cost is about the same as smoking but it’s much better (hopefully) for me. However, they do seem to have some quality control issues which have seemed to have gotten worse recently. I’ve always gotten ‘dud’ cartridges which just get thrown in the trash. Recently I’ve had cartridges that leaked, there’s nothing like ending up with ‘nicotine juice’ in your mouth unexpectedly. I always buy them at the same place and I think a batch went out that was mislabeled… I’ve had 5-6 cartridges in the past 2 weeks that were labeled menthol that were one of their fruity flavors and these also went in the trash.

  48. Nobody here want to suggest an alternative for Vuse please. I like them but can’t afford to spend $10 day on refills. Each cartridge lasting half a day to a full day max for. Any other similar but cheaper one?

  49. I had a coupon, so I bought it. Can’t think of anything nice to say, I’ve tried the blu and they’re ok, but the best for menthol is 21 century. The vuse has a bad after taste, might be a little cheaper but isn’t worth the little money you save. The old saying, “cheaper isn’t always better” .

  50. To anyone reading this, go with Vaporfi from the get go…I went with Vuse because they are cheaper, then ended up having to buy another with Vaporfi. Save yourself the hassel.

  51. Hi, I have to say that my experience with Vuse is not as bad as many of you, however in the past two years that I have been using the Vuse I’ve had only one
    dud, (menthol), but in the last month or two I’ve noticed a dramatic change in the length of time a cartridge lasts, it’s much shorter. A cartridge used to last a whole day plus some of the next, my most recent cartridge only lasted about three hours.

    The info supplied with the starter kit says that one cartridge is equal to a whole pack of cigarettes. I will be making a call to customer services to see how they want to deal with these issues. After I contact them I will try to return here and let you know the results.

  52. The cartridges are too expensive for something that doesn’t last too long and occasionally doesn’t work, I love their mint, menthol and chai flavors but I need something that will last longer, because mine stop working after a few hours and 2 cartridges a day is ridiculously expensive to maintain.

  53. I have been using Vuse for about 4 months. I started using 2-3 refill packs a week. My body must be becoming tolerant because now i use a refill pack every 1 to 2 days. I have had many cartridges what you would consider “duds”. But the issue with these duds is the metal contacts not connecting with the battery. If you take a really thin tipped pair of needle nose pliers you can bend and/or slightly pull on them until the cartridge does connect properly. Also another essential trick: put a brand new cartridge on and take a pull so it lights up. Have another spent cartridge in your hand and very quickly-before the light can extinguish from the pull-take off the new cartridge and stick on the old one. It resets the empty cartridge chip to what the new one is at so you can at least puff on it until you decide it is empty.

  54. I had a coupon for $1. At my store it would have cost me $11.76 after tax and I walked out the store with $10 extra dollars in my pocket.

    I took a few puffs and it felt good. I did get that strong feeling in my throat so there must be a good amount of nicotine in the cartridge.

    I took it apart and connected it to the usb charger and within 20 minutes it was fully white so I’m guessing it lost charge over time from sitting on the shelf.

    I’m going to give it a try with this menthol which has a somewhat sweet taste to it. Once my cartridge runs out, I have a $1 coupon and am going to try berry first.

  55. I too have noticed the huge decline in the quality of the Vuse vapor cigarette and cartridges. I think the problem with half of every refill being a dud, is pretty well gone now, but the new issue I and my brother are having is the burning liquid leaking from the cartridges all the time! I am concerned now about the health risks that we don’t have any data to support yet, but recently i just haven’t been feeling like myself. I have been vaping with Vuse for 2 years now, and yes Vuse helped me quit smoking regular cigarettes completely. But I have to say, I am more addicted to vaping than I ever was smoking, and I know that my frequency of vaping has continued to grow exponentially to the point where there isn’t a moment of my day that I am not puffing on that thing unless I am in a place where it would be socially unacceptable or awkward or if I am on an airplane (although even then sometimes I sneak a puff or two in shhh). But most recently, I have started feeling nauseous at times, overall having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night (despite my prescription sleeping medication that always has worked like a charm for me but suddenly isn’t) and I feel like its impossible to get out of bed in the morning. My overall energy levels have plummeted, and I feel like I am always fatigued, really lazy most of the time which isn’t like me, and no motivation to do anything. I notice if I take a little break from vaping for several minutes to maybe up to an hour, I start to feel a little better, but then i still crave it all the time so it never goes much longer than that before im puffing on it again. up until the past month or so, I didn’t see any problems from vaping on my vuse, but now, I am getting concerned. Is anyone else noticing anything declining with their physical well-being? Or does anyone know of maybe my gradual overall increased use of vaping might be linked to these symptoms I have mentioned? I really don’t know what the effects are of nicotine or whatever else is in the Vuse E cigarette cartridges, so I welcome any information anyone can offer me on this. Thank you!

  56. I have been using this product for over a year now. Never had any problems until recently.
    It use to take me 3 days to puff out 1 cartridge.
    I obviously don’t smoke much.
    I bought 5 packages recently and half of them are duds and it seems that they are not filling them like they used to. 1 cartridge was empty after 9, yes 9 puffs!
    Chargers don’t last very long either.
    I’m done with them!

  57. Lets say for argument sake one vuse last as long as one pack of cigarettes as advertised..vuse has 48 mg nicotine (which they dont disclose) one cigarette has 12 mg…20 cigs times 12 mg is 240 mg…1 vuse has 48 mg and last as long as a pack. So how are so many people including above article say vuse has 4 times as much nicotine? Do they mean “has 48 mg or 12 mg per a certain amount of puffs? This nicotine content argument doesnt make mathematical sense unless i have these details..anyone know?

  58. I am so discussed with vuse berry.this is the 11th time I’m having trouble with the refills. They are blinking red and white. This is a bad connection. Great I called got some coupons an got more refills. I’m so sick and tired of taking the top off and reconnecting. It’s really a bitch when I’m driving. If I keep calling, they are going to think I’m making it up to get coupons. What good are the coupons if they aren’t working. I’m going to have to look elsewhere

  59. RE: faulty cartridges

    I’ve been using Vuse for about a month. I’ve found that whenever a cartridge gives the red-white blinker, inhaling through it once without the battery attached makes it work again. Done this with 2 or 3 so far. I hope this helps!

  60. I just started smoking the Vuse Menthol brand today and I already love it! I am hoping to go from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day to none completely. I am not weening myself off them I am just completely switching over to the E-cigarette life. I enjoy it already. I noticed if I take a huge hit it sort of gives me a light head feeling but thats because the nicotine content is very high which is expected because its concentrated nicotine. I really hope to achieve my goal and stop smelling like cigarettes and to live a lot healthier cleaner life and get my teeth white now that I am done with the normal cigarettes! Wish me luck!

  61. I haven’t found the cost to be a detriment. Actually, with cigarettes running between $9-$10 a pack in my state I’ve found I save money as the cartridges cost me around $5 a day on average. I’ve been a committed smoker since I was 16 years old (38 now) and I never thought I could quit! I realize that all I’ve done is replace one nicotine delivery system for another, but this one doesn’t offend friends and family! It also doesn’t have those awful craving moments where I was in situations where I couldn’t smoke for hours at a time! Now I just take a couple hits and I’m ok! Rough at first, but 8 months in I don’t even keep emergency cigarettes in my house or car anymore. I do keep a backup vuse at all times though just in case the battery dies and I can’t charge it right away!

  62. I have been buying Vuse for over a year now. I have had some issues with the cartridges in the past and still do to this day. They were fairly cheap and I didn’t want to bother with writing an email to the company for a refund. However, over the course of the year they have been continuously raising there prices. NOW up to $10 Dollars!!!! Which is insane. Now when I get a faulty cartridge its FIVE bucks down the drain. Which seems to happen way to often. I’ll have to say after I saw the total on my purchase today I am no longer a Vuse customer. I used to recommend it to people over the year who were curious about buying them and what they tasted like. I will never recommend it again and will actually advise them to stick with the electronic cigarettes that have the refillable juice catridges because that’s what my Next purchase will be until another company comes out with a better REASONABLY priced product. Which I’m sure will happen since their insane price increase.

  63. I switched from V2 to Vuse only because of the availability in retail stores rather than tobacco shops who don’t keep a steady supply of V2’s in stock. However I am going to switch back to V2’s because the Vuse cartridges are not quality controlled in regards to amount of liquid. it doesn’t state the percentage of nicotine anywhere and the e-cig itself just stops working. I’m on my third in two months!
    Otherwise I do like the taste and functionality. RJR QA should be much better for a big tobacco company. If anything they should realize that this is the future of tobacco

  64. About once a month, take an old tooth brush and scrub the battery terminals, This will allow better contact and stop the red-white-red flashing. I have several batteries and use a freshly charged battery every day while one of the others is charging. Happy vaping.

  65. I too LOVE Vuze products!
    I’ve gone from one pack a day (20+ years), to one pack every 3 days, in less than 6 months.
    I live in Kennesaw Georgia; about 20 minutes outside of Atlanta. Here, there isn’t a corner store I’ve gone into yet, that doesn’t carry Vuze products.
    I’m surprised that anyone is finding them hard to locate.
    I moved here from Maine 9 years ago. The stores I regularly get my vuse products at are Marathon, and Shell. But again, every store that I’ve gone into so far has carried vuse products.
    Out of all those refills I have purchased, only a handful have been bad. Reading these reviews, now I know I can call and get reimbursed for those few. Hardly a downside in my opinion.

  66. I really like the berry and for some reason ever place is always out of them and I get a little mad I think they need to keep the supply on the shelf.

  67. After 40 years of smoking cigarettes and cigars. I can finally say I stopped smoking with this product. All the reviews are right on here unfortunately. Very poor quality control. Almost 1 out of 3 cartridges do not work. The battery is unbelievable. This thing last two days before I need a charge. One cartridge last me 1 to 1 and a half days if it works. Not great but better then some. Don’t know if I’ll continue to vap. Might look elsewhere for a long term product. This has a lot of good qualities that I like. Few bad one are not going to sway me just yet. Other competitors cost more and have the same problem.

  68. Vuse – price went up, quality went down. I am done with these unreliable products. I will go back to smoking cigarettes before I buy another VUSE cartridge. No wonder this market needs regulation, to protect consumers from the total rip off that VUSE has become.

  69. I bought one of ypur E Citerettes yesterday 3/5/17, and it doesn’t work. I am pretty unsatisfied and a little upset, considering i spent $12. When I put it on the charger it lights up white; telling me that it is fully charged but when I take a puff, nothing. This is the first time I have purchased this product.

    • I recently bought one too and this happened to me as well. However, it was the cartridge. When I replaced it, it worked. Like many have posted, there are problems with the cartridges. Out of all I have bought, only 1 did not work and it happened to be the first one I tried. The only complaint I have, is they don’t last long and the strength of the vape is not consistent. I could understand if I vaped all day long, but I don’t. I am getting about 1/2 day use out of one so I am using about 2 a day. Sad face…. using this to quit smoking has been a challenge. I do love not smelling like a cigarette though.

  70. After using vuse for about 6 months i have noticed that, yes the “puffs” are much smoother than that of a cigarette but after smoking it for around 30 minutes i find it hard to take a full deep breath and i am also having a very hard time completing a full yawn. A yawn is the bodies way of telling you that your body is in need on oxygen. I have had serious trouble with this product in the sense that it disrupts my lungs from collecting and distributing enough oxygen to my body. Yes i realize that any for of smoke may disrupt lung function; hence a hooka smoke “high” is nothing but a brief lightheadedness from lack of oxygen. But this product’s flaw lasts more than a few hours after i have smoked it. At work i find myself attempting to take a gasp of air and a tight sensation in my sternum. It may be more healthy than a cig, but it has other side effects that are very frustrating. No health issues have occurred, I just do not like not being able to complete a full breath of yawn as my body is clearly telling me i am lacking in oxygen intake.

  71. After 33yrs of smoking. Bad feet problems had to stop smoking. Vuse menthol or regular. I like them both. Absolutely love this product!!! I have only bought 5 cartridges so far and ive had 2 bad ones. Hopefully I can figure out how to get a refund 4 those. Good luck everyone. If you want a better life smoke VUSE. Gina

  72. Vuse is the most expensive ecig I have tried. The cartridge pops off all the time and dose not work very well most of the time. They would be better with screw on cartridge and refillable. They could sell the eliquid to make cartridge laztlo get. I will not be buying vuse again. I have now switched to v2 ecigs which is a very good product

  73. So far I am well pleased with this product. I used another brand with a blu light for years and I had finally had enough of them. To many cartridges had a chemical taste to them. Vuse has out performed the other by a long shot. Taste better, last longer, cheaper to purchase and stronger. Thank you Vuse.

  74. If you ever used any Vuse product and claim it’s good then you have never had any other brand.

    This is easily one of the worst-tasting electronic cigarettes I’ve ever encountered. There’s no mouth feel, the hits are weak, the cartridges last a suspiciously inconsistent amount of time (some lasted several days and others lasted an evening), and worst of all the flavor is absolutely abysmal. I don’t like the taste of burning plastic with a hint of menthol. And that’s when the cartridge is full. The emptier it gets, the more vomit-inducing the flavor becomes. I honestly cannot see what the developers of this brand were thinking.

    I’ve had to resort to buying these a few times and each time I try to give it a fair shake, but it never wins me back. The burnt plastic, almost chemical taste in the back of your throat is so offputting it makes me want to go back to regular smokes.

  75. Brought it home, tried it. To be perfectly honest it irritates the back of your throat, it makes you cough, not a good feeling. I wish they had no chemical in it, just pure water vapor, that’s the best.

  76. Wow. I love love love my vuse. I went to the bigger vaps which cost less in the long run. but there messy, non attractive and they always break. buying oil is inconvenient and there 60 +.

    so I went back to vuse, and once realized 1 cartridge is equal to a pack of smokes, I counted puffs and YES i got 200! I also was going through 2 cartridges until I realized it’s a pack a day. So now I take lighter smaller puffs and OMY what a difference. Creme is my all time favorite.
    You can expect like cigerettes Vuse and all other ecigs to keeop going up. I bought 100 pens and 100 cartridges to stock up for myself and to sell to friends before the rise. I suggest you do too. Anything is better than smelly cigs. if you need one find me on mercari @ miaizabella.

  77. Called customer service today, one week after buying my second single pack. This morning every time I would take a puff the white light on the end would fade into white, as though it was trying to produce vape, but would immediately shut off. No blinking, no solid white. I attempted another cartridges, same issue. I plugged the power system into the charger, in hopes that may work… It flashed red and white for a few seconds and then the whole charging system would shut off. I called customer service after reading that the company, “Stands behind their product”. Which I hate to break the news but is not the case at all. The customer service rep, after I told her I believed it was the power system, not the cartridges told me she would send me a coupon to “buy one get one cartridges refills”. Again, I explained that I don’t know why I would need to replace the cartridges when the charging of the power system is messed up. Not to mention, I am not going to spend more money on a product that is faulty. I would think if you stand behind a product a customer has already purchased that was faulty you would fulfill the purchase by giving a replacement. Nope, I can go spend $12 on more cartridges that may or may not work. The rep put me on hold twice to come back saying that she now did believe it wasn’t the cartridges but the power source itself that was the issue (like I initially said) and offered a buy one get one coupon for a starter back… Back to the same issue, why would I spend more money for a faulty product? When I asked her this she became agitated and immediately began speaking to me in an extremely unprofessional way and when I attempted to explain my issue further she talked over me. Finally, she said she would give me a coupon to buy a new power unit for $1 and it will take two to four weeks to get. Looking at the reviews now, I have no idea how this company is still in business. Between their dud cartridges and terrible customer service this will be the last dollar I give to this company.

  78. I find this to be a horrible product. Almost every pack of cartridges I buy, one is faulty. I just bought a whole new set up because I lost the old one, and guess what, all it does is stay red every time I try to take a hit. I don’t mean it flashes red like the battery is dead, it literally just stays red for a long time, and maybe I get a hit after messing with it for at least ten minutes. The company will only send a coupon to replace it, which isn’t even close the cost i paid for it. Also, it is now $8 a pack for refills, which is crazy considering that at least one probably isn’t going to work. Thanks Vuse for making a poor product.

  79. Vuse is a terrible product! If you are planning on switching from cigs to this product DONT! The cartridge refills are at $8 a pop is way to expensive they dont last more than a few hours,even at a moderate pace smoking. I suggest trying another product. You will find yourself buying a refill everyday.

  80. Hi, just like most here, I had issues with Vuse as well. I been using Vuse for a few years now. I started using Vuse when they first came out with there first product. The new first digital designed e cig is what they were advertising. I tried it out and I was impressed but over time I noticed there refills started failing, I started getting more duds and noticed about half way through a cartridge I noticed a nasty burnt plastic taste. I also started having issues with the e cig itself. The metal ring would lose its connection and not work any longer, it would just flash red and white. Vuse went from a high quality product to a piece of junk product. I am very disappointed.

  81. I’m really concerned about this product. I started with Safe Cig roughly 5 years ago. Then V2. Slowly, V2’s became less available in the convenience stores near me.
    I switched to VUSE. WOW! Heavy stuff! Of course, I’m sucking down 2 of them a day, and finally am worried about what possible side effects could be (beyond a rapid heart rate, etc). I’ve had coughing fits that I can’t stop. My lungs feel wheezy, at times, and I’m a little concerned about the e-cigs, but too darn hooked to quit!
    While doing a personal search on benefits and risks to e-cigs, I learned about the Popcorn Lung study. Researchers from Harvard found that the flavoring chemical, diacetyl, when inhaled, was linked to irreversible scarring to their lungs.
    VUSE lists their ingredients, including “natural and artificial flavors.” What are the artificial flavors?
    I called them directly, and a man named Chris, put me on hold to ask his supervisor. He came back to me and stammered “they are…uh, I can’t say it.” He started to spell “proprietary.” Oh! So, they’re a secret for only Big Tobacco to know, right???
    I asked for his supervisor. He put me on hold, again (1-2 minutes). He then told me I had to give them all of my information (DOB, full name, address) BEFORE transferring me to a supervisor. It made me feel uncomfortable.
    Once John, the supervisor, answered the phone, he said he could not tell me the proprietary ingredients, but that he would forward the request to the appropriate parties.
    I also asked him to tell me how much nicotine was in each cartridge. He had to put me on hold again, and finally responded “4.8%.” That’s 48mg of nicotine per cartridge.
    I’m sharing my experience with others to see if anyone else has the same side effects (coughing, wheezing, rapid heart rate, a “flushed” feeling) from using VUSE. Please share!
    And as they refused to tell me the “artificial” flavorings, I must go back to V2’s. If they’re still around. I’d love to quit, so…maybe this is a good time to start.
    I don’t trust R.J. Reynolds. I’m tempted to send my cartridges to a lab to have them tested.

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