White Cloud E-Cig Review

White Cloud is a solid ‘cig-a-like’ brand and they perform decently, but if you’re looking for anything more than you will probably be disappointed.

  • Vapor Production – 79%
  • Battery Life – 67%
  • Flavors – 81%
  • Selection – 42%
  • Prices – 25%
  • Overall Rating – 58%
White Cloud does one thing, miniature cig-a-like models, but they do it pretty well. However their prices and lack of selection really hurt their score.




White Cloud Starter Kits

There are a lot of choices available today, but if you have decided that the cig-a-like is the electronic cigarette for you then you will need a place that knows the type. This is what White Cloud is all about. They went all in on their brand and they have a great product to show for it.


The Great Thing About..

The great thing about what White Cloud puts out there is that you just know it is going to work like it should. There is no hesitation or anxiety about whether or not you will have to start all over again somewhere else. The Cirrus 2 is a starter kit that gives you everything that you need and then gives you a throat hit and vapor cloud that you would not expect. So you take a look at it again, just to confirm what you are smoking.

Cirrus 2 is also compatible with all the standard and specialized cartridges that White Cloud sells. This includes the Cleardraw2 and any flavor that you choose. There is nothing at all wrong with the style factor either. The one advantage a cig-a-like has over any other model is the style. You will not be holding some strange box, you will have a state of the art device.




What is the Downside

The advantages of these types of e-cigs is clear. Ready at a moments notice, pre-filled carts are very simple, very quick, and is perfect for those who prefer the no-mess way to vape. They have new promotions all the time to make it easier to shop online.

But what about the downside? Even though the convenience factor is there with these e-cigs there are drawbacks. The limitations of the batteries and the capacity of the cartridges are always brought into question with these styles of e-cigs. While White Cloud does make a great product it is still somewhat limited.

The Final Word

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes
QSC Rating: 58/100 by

Draw and vapor production are things that people look for. With the Cleardraw2 and the Cirrus line put to the test, I am glad to say that the combination does work well and produced what I would call more than adequate vapor clooud. While I would love longer battery life and more “puffs for fill” I cannot fault the company for the model they have out there, it does the job.

As for the flavors available, if you hitched your wagon to the White Cloud train you will not be starved for variety. There is a great selection available for the Cleardraw2 that you would likely order and they are producing a new flavor each week. The new flavor headlines the home page on the website too so you will not miss out on a chance to try it.

The White Cloud Cirrus line is well made and does work well, but the bottom line with these will always be that they are cig-a-likes. Sure, everybody has their preference but the fact is that no cig-a-like has thus far been able to out perform even the most modest of APV or mods. Therefore the convenience of the pre-filled cartridges eventually wears off and you realize how much easier it is to use refillables. But until that happens, if you are vaping with this type of device, then White Cloud is where you want to shop!


  1. I have been a menthol smoker for 50 years. I love good menthol. Simple as that. That is why that ebven though I use a vape pen quite a lot I still keep up with white cloud. They have a very sharp style, decent vapor…..and most of all they have zero k menthol flavour. It is an unbeatable menthol. There is not a vape juice like it. I do not know how they make it but they sure know what they are doing !!! Great work White Cloud ! Steve

    • Steve,
      You are absolutely correct about Zero K. It is THE best vaping flaor out there -and I have tried so many, ranging from the entry-level to the custom eLiquids to those for the giant mod vaping kits. In the end, I end up with Zero K and the Cirrus 3X batteries. Compact (vs. lugging a detonator around) and the Zero K is like the Artic winter air in Antarctica. I wish I could find an alternative as good just for variety!

  2. White Cloud has excellent customer service. I’m writing a couple reviews just because I was very happy with how well I was treated.

  3. I like them because it’s cheaper smoking these than any type of cigarettes. They don’t make me smell and they aren’t nearly as hazardous to your health. I’m in the big city so things are pricier here but I got a good price today. The batteries last long thank God:)

  4. I could not disagree more with this review.. white cloud was the brand that got me to quit smoking overnight. As a stick e cig, they are in the top 3 very best. I progressed to tanks and mods etc, but i was never able to find a replacement for the white cloud flavours, so i was actually going to go back to smoking stick e cigs after 2 years just so I could get the bora bora tobacco and the vanilla. I have tried 100’s of flavours in 2 years and no tobacco comes close. Nothing. Well to my joy and surprise, they now sell their juice of many of their flavours.
    I find this review especially harsh. No other e cig provider has this many flavours for pre filled carts, NO ONE, and no one else has a charger included in a kit (cirrus 3 kit which is overall the best one and the right size) that charges 3 batteries simultaneously whilst using just one usb port. Let’s not forget the massive range of nicotine strengths in every flavour, and the large variety of disposables that really pack a punch. They are such an accomplished e cig vendor, and this review is designed to demean them as far as i am concerned.
    Their customer support, packaging and QUALITY are all exceptional. There is no possible way this review could be from someone who was looking for a cig a like vaping experience.. This is probably coming from a heavy mod user or someone who is sponsored with another major brand, that could never be truly satisfied from a cig style vape. Cause as far as cig a likes go, there is simply nothing better on the market. I have tried Halo (their tobacco tastes like perfume, all except prime 95 which i like, but i will admit their chocolate is the best, i will give them that, WC choc is second best on the market), V2, Volt, Volcano, greensmoke, southbeach smoke, apollo, blu, and more.. that’s the mainstream brands.. Then i have tried around 50 different top rated mom and pop style ejuice brands, like johnson/rocket/goodejuice/wicked, etc etc etc. And sure, there are some great flavours out there, but i still prefer my white cloud flavours. I haven’t been able to replace their vanilla with any other brand, none of them have a throat hit even at high nicotine, only white cloud does, and white cloud bora bora tobacco in my opinion, is the finest tobacco vape in the world for THOSE WHO WANT IT AS A SMOKING ALTERNATIVE. And if you even THINK i am writing this as a shill or white cloud employee, i’ll show you all my order invoices right now. I am just being honest on how cruel and unfair this review is.

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