Elite Serum Review


If you have crow’s feet, puffy eyes, dark circles under your eyes or other imperfections that make your eyes look less than beautiful, you might be interested in an application cream that gets rid of them for you. Elite Serum is designed to do just that, but does it manage to be successful? Reason to find out what we thought about it.

What It Is

Elite Serum is a skin-care cream developed especially for use around the eyes. There are no injections to be made, so if you are concerned about Botox-like treatments, you need not be. You Simply apply the cream and massage it into the skin around your eyes.

It is made to treat all kinds of lines around your eyes, including circles and crow’s feet. It also treats puffiness, discoloration and other imperfections. These are conditions that are quite common in people who are older than 30, and it is made to work for consumers of any age. No matter how old you are or how severe the damage to your skin is, Elite Serum is made to provide some rejuvenation for you.

What You Get

Elite Serum contains a number of different active ingredients that give it the rejuvenating effect it has on the skin.

The main ingredient is Argireline. This chemical has a similar effect to Botox, but without the injections. It fills out and smooths the wrinkles in the skin, which makes it ideal for treating crow’s feet and circle sunder the eyes. It does this by making the muscles contract. Wrinkles are often caused by very relaxed muscles, particularly around the eye. The Argireline in the serum contracts those muscles and creates tighter, younger-looking skin.

Matrixyl 3000 is a collagen producer. You may recognize collagen as a substance your body needs to look younger. Essentially, it evens out wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic and smoother. This ingredient is a powerful way to turn back the clock on your face.

When your capillaries break, they cause all sorts of skin blemishes around your eyes. These are little blood vessels all around the eye, and in fact, all over your body. But the ones around your eye can be strengthened by the Eyeliss within Elite Serum. It actually manages to make your capillaries stronger and less likely to break, preventing future eye problems and imperfections.

As you can see, this product is not just designed to deal with short-term problems but is also made to help with beauty issues that can affect you for years to come.


Is It Worth Your Money?

Now that you know what this product us, what it does and what makes it work, you have to consider how effective it is. Before we say anything about its effectiveness though, it is worth pointing out that there are two versions of this product out there. The older one is discontinued, as it wasn’t terribly effective. The new version, called Elite Serum RX is what the manufacturer and retailers are selling now. It is far more effective, so if you see the old version, don’t bother with it. You only want to buy the RX version if you are going to get Elite Serum at all.

The new and improved serum provides incredible results. It manages to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, circles around the eyes, crow’s feet and other imperfections in the skin. It not only rejuvenates the skin, but it also protects against problems that could present themselves later.

There area lot of options out there for people who want to clear up the skin around their eyes and beatify that area of their face,but none of them quite matchup to Elite Serum. It is simply the best method for making the skin under your eyes look younger without having to get an injection or surgery. There are also no side effects to worry about.

That all being said, it is pretty expensive for a cream. It costs $89.95 for a single applicator, which gives you about a month of use. The manufacturer offers a discount for people who buy a lengthy plan (that can be canceled at any time), but it is still costly.


  • Works great, rejuvenating the skin around the eyes
  • No side effects
  • Easy to use- no injections


  • Expensive
  • Older versions did not work very well

Elite Serum is basically the best at-home remedy for under eye skin problems, just be prepared to pay a hefty price for it.

Reviewer’s Score: 8 out of 10.

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