Facts about Quitting Smoking

There is ton of research out there about smoking and quitting smoking. With so many organizations devoted to helping people quit smoking, it is easy enough to find some great facts about the process and how it affects people all over the world.

For instance, did you know that there are more ex-smokers in the world right now than there are smokers? That’s incredible, and it means that people are quitting and incredible rates. Not only are they making the commitment to quit their destructive habit, but they have successfully moved past the point of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. They are free from their habit. It’s facts like these that can inspire more smokers to quit.

Also, once you quit smoking, the beneficial effects start kicking in immediately. After just 20 minutes, your heart rate, your body temperature and your blood pressure all start to normalize. Smoking takes its toll on many of your body’s systems, but your body is amazing at healing itself back up.

After just 8 hours of having quit smoking, your body expels more than 90% of the nicotine it normally gets rid of. Even when you are smoking your body is trying to get rid of this toxin, but once you give your body a good long smoke break, it goes into toxin removal mode.


Now let’s look at some factors that affect quitting success. The most common measure people took to help them quit smoking was to see a doctor. The doctor didn’t necessarily prescribe them some medication or do anything to them. Instead, just getting some advice from a medical professional about how to quit smoking seems to be the most effective way for people to stop smoking. Coming in second is counseling, either by phone or in a support group.

Some people try to quit smoking in different ways. Some will cut back their smoking a bit at a time. Others try to replace cigarettes with nicotine patches or some form of nicotine therapy. But the most effective way that people have been able to quit is by going cold turkey. When you just stop taking in nicotine altogether, your chances of quitting are far greater than any other measure you could take.

A lot of people are trying alternatives to ease out of their smoking habit. Many are using vaping as a replacement for cigarettes. Vaping is quite a bit healthier than smoking, as it contains none of the harmful toxins created by combustion. It still has its health drawbacks, and it can still contain nicotine, but vaping is certainly safer than cigarette smoking.

There are more ways than ever to get help quitting smoking. Quit smoking organizations like the American Cancer Society and American Lung Association have been around for a while. But now they are joined by counseling organizations in every single state of the union. On top of that, online help is readily available as well. People who are trying to quit can find expert advice on quit smoking forums and many other resources that will prove invaluable.


  1. I quit smoking 8 days ago. I had been smoking over 40 yrs. It got to the point were I was smoking back to back cigarettes from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. I don’t even remember how it is to not smoke, I made sure I never ran out of smokes, But I also know that I won’t start back again it go so bad I was short of breath had to go to the ER and get breathing treatments. So it doesn’t matter how long you smoked, when something scares you like not being able to breathe you’ll quit and be glad that you lived and are breathing better. Good Luck everybody!

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