Nicotine Lozenge Review

Nicotine Lozenge Review

Smoking cessation products have been around for a while. It is uncommon to find new innovations or products in this niche that most people haven’t heard of. That’s why we though it was a good idea to shed some light on nicotine lozenges.Nicorette Lozenge

These are small, candy-like tablets that a person would suck on for anywhere form 10-30 minutes. The purpose, of course, is to alleviate nicotine cravings that are common in smokers who are trying to quit smoking. So is this product successful, or will it send smokers back to their cigarettes?

How to Use It

Because this product is designed to help people quit smoking, it cannot be used like a typical lozenge. You cannot just stick it in your mouth whenever you have a craving and get the relief you need. You also cannot take several at a time or just use them whenever you like. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed in order for these products to work well and not cause any health problems.

So the first rule is to only use as much as is recommend at a time. That’s usually one lozenge every few hours. Anything more than that can cause an overdose or at least the early symptoms of an overdose. This is concentrated nicotine, after all, and it can be quite dangerous if it is abused.

You also have to make sure you don’t smoke while you use it. That leads to nicotine overdose as well. This condition is very unpleasant and starts with increased heart rate and higher blood pressure and ends with a heart attack or seizure. So you will want to avoid it as much as possible.

You also have to give yourself some time between eating food and taking the lozenge. Any acidic foods will negate the effects somewhat, so you need to put a space of about 15 minutes between eating a meal and using a nicotine lozenge.


There are several different brands of nicotine lozenges. They go under the names Nicorette, Commit and Nicorette Mini. They are all made by the same manufacturer, though, so they all have about the same level of effectiveness. The only real difference is that the Mini will dissolve faster, which can mean that it starts working faster.

Both clinical trials and consumer reports have shown that these lozenges are quite useful for helping people to quit smoking. That is particularly true for people who have tried numerous other smoking cessation products without much success.  That is likely because the lozenges provide nearly instant relief from cravings. They also satisfy some of the oral fixation cravings that some people who used to smoke may have unconsciously. They may not realize they feel the need to have something in their mouth to keep it occupied, but the lozenge provides them comfort there regardless.

How much someone smokes or how long they have smoked will determine how often they need to take the lozenges.

There are a few side effects associated with these, but they are mostly mild. They include sore throat, oral discomfort, nausea and heartburn. More severe side effects relate to a nicotine overdose, which has been covered in the review already. As long as people are following the instructions for use exactly, there should be no danger of that occurring, though.


This is one of the better smoking cessation products out there. It has already been proven to work, and it is simple enough for anyone to use. Nicotine patches may be embarrassing or complex for some people. They can also lack effectiveness if they are not placed correctly. The lozenges work right away, however, and they satisfy a number of different cravings.

All that being said, these are expensive products. But then again, most smoking cessation products are. A box of 72 lozenges can cost anywhere from $200- $300. If they work for you, they will cost you much less than if you bought cigarettes for the rest of your life, but there is a large initial investment, all things considered.


  • Works quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with numerous cravings
  • Proven to work effectively


  • Expensive
  • Some mild side effects
  • Can be abused, causing overdose

Ultimately, these lozenges are an effective way to quit smoking. They have been shown to work for most people, and it is very simple to use them properly and enjoy the best results.

Final Verdict- 9 out of 10


  1. I’m not sure where that price is from or if it’s not in the US but the 3 pack of nicorette mini 81 total is only 33$ at Wal-Mart. You should change that just in case someone is thinking about quitting and says screw it I’m not paying 300$ for that. Ha. It is wrong to have that price listed.

    • Good point, I just purchased the Equate losenges from Walmart yesterday and got 2 boxes, total $68. 1st full day of being off cigs and surprisingly, the losenge is more preferential over the patch and vap. It seems to be working. Just had one a few hours ago, but craving a cig now that I had a meal. But you can’t just pop these in your mouth like a cig after a meal. I’ll need to wait another hour before I can take another one since there’s already nicotine in my bloodstream. I’m expecting to be smoke free for good and feeling really good about this. Good luck to whoever is thinking about quitting as well.

  2. I just bought a box of 72 lozenges and it was $34. Agree that you need to take a second look at the price you have listed in your article.

  3. Where did the author of this review get the $200 to $300 price? I buy WalMart knock-off generic – 108 lozenges for $32 or $33 and it has 108 lozenges of the regular size – so about 30 cents a lozenge which is probably a rip-off for WalMart. I did try the patches and had an allergic reaction with skin red and raised and it took almost a week for this to go down. I think we should ask Medicare Part D to cover the cost at their lowest copay, for me this would be $5. I am addicted to them now. I buy no sugar cough drops at Dollar Tree and suck on them between the lozenges. I wish I could completely stop the lozenges – too expensive.

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