The Best Quit Smoking Books

The Best Quit Smoking Books

There are tons of methods out there for you to choose from when you are looking for ways to help yourself quit. One of the most overlooked methods may just be books. But many self-help books have proven to help people quit their smoking and turn their lives and their health around.

We’re going to look at a few of the most influential and successful books that focus on helping you drop the habit. Maybe one of them will help you.

Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop SmokingAllen-Carr's-Easy-Way-to-Stop-Smoking

With millions of copies sold and thousands of people professing that this was the book that helped them quit, this may be the most powerful book for putting an end to a smoking habit. Those who have used it say it changed their life completely and that it was the only thing that allowed them to truly get over their nicotine addiction.

It offers a perspective on smoking that influences people to give it up and make serious changes in their life. It has worked for numerous people already, and it is very likely it will work for you.

You Can Stop Smoking by Jacquelyn Rogers

This book claims it can help people quit smoking in just 28 days, no matter how many years they have smoked. It’s a bold claim to be sure, but it has the support of over a million people who say that the book and the program detailed within have helped them to quit smoking.

Jacquelyn lays out her own smoking cessation method that she followed for four weeks. This gives smokers an easy and illustrative guide to the exact steps necessary to cease smoking forever. For those who need detailed instructions and a hand to guide them at every point, this book is the perfect fit.

The Smoke Stops here by Jim Lacey

This is a set of fictional stories that present a compelling reason for smokers to give up their habit. The stories are interspersed with Jim Lacey’s personal wisdom about how to quit smoking and why it is necessary.

It is a unique take on the concept of a smoking cessation book, and one that many readers will find easy to get into and read through. Its narrative style makes it more compelling to read from start to finish than the typical self-help book, and by the end, smoker’s will feel like they have found their own reasons and methods of quitting smoking.

Cassius Cheong’s Positively Quit Manual: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Stop Smoking

This book is meant to appeal to a more logical mind. It doesn’t grip your emotions like Lacey’s book above. Instead, it attempts to appeal to your mind, and it helps you to change the way you think about smoking. By working on your cognitive processes, the book enables you to view smoking in a different light and to come out the other end as a person who no longer needs their nicotine crutch.

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  1. I’m a 59 yr female & am serious about quitting smoking, however I can’t afford to buy any books & don’t have a desktop pc. Is there any free quit smoking books available to me that would truly help me to quit?

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