E-Cigars – What Are They?

E-Cigars – What Are They?



E-Cigars are essentially electronic cigarettes. They mainly deviate from basic e-cigs in their design. They are made to look just like real cigars, but of course, they do not produce any actual smoke. Instead, they release a bit of liquid, chemicals and flavors into the air in a form of vapor. It’s not quite smoke and it doesn’t have any of the harmful carcinogens that smoke would.

These cigars are a lot of fun because they give consumers all the benefits of real cigars without the nasty side effects. They are perfect for those special occasions when you want to relax and unwind with some friends. And they can be used in that old tradition of giving a dear friend a box of cigars to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Best of all, users can enjoy them without having to worry about carcinogens or many of the toxic chemicals found in conventional cigars. Those concerned about their health will find these are a great alternative to traditional cigars. There are still some minor health concerns to take note of, but for the most part, these are safer, better cigars.

They also emit no unpleasant odor. Cigars are known for their pungent odor, and it can make them difficult to be in the same room as. But with e-cigars, you don’t have to deal with any of that, as the vapor released contains no odor at all. You also don’t have to worry about any secondhand smoke. The vapor contains no tar and no tobacco, so the secondhand vapor is much safer for those around you.

We’ve looked at some of the best e-cigars on the market. There aren’t a lot of these out there, so your options will be limited, but these are the best of what’s available.

ZeroCig Aristo

The Aristo looks and feels like a real cigar more than just about anything else out there. It even has that undeniable cigar aftertaste. What it also has is a cartoon-like glow on the end of the cigar.

Now most e-Cigars have this same red light. This is supposed to make it look like a real cigar and let you know when it is heated up. But it tends to look somewhat comical, especially if you have seen areal cigar before.

That’s really the only downside to this e-cigar though. The batteries don’t need much charging and the included cartridges last about as long as a pack of cigarettes would.

It is a high-performing e-cig, and it beats out about anything else we were able to find in this niche. There may not be a lot of options for electronic cigars, but this is right there at the top, and we would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a smokeless cigar.

ZeroCig Disposable


ZeroCig Aristo

There are plenty of disposable e-cigars out there. It seems that most of the people who make electronic cigars want to go the disposable route. That is probably because it is more difficult to make quality electronic cigars that will last. The disposable ones were fine, but they really felt like cheap knockoffs of the real deal.

We tried ZeroCig and were unimpressed. The price point is certainly nice, but the quality is lacking. They have an odd taste that we wouldn’t want to repeat. They also have some battery problems, and the batteries sometimes die out long before the cigars have been drained of their puffs. Overall, their performance was inconsistent, and we wouldn’t really recommend them.

There are other companies out there making electronic cigars, but not many. Most of them are going to fall somewhere between ZeroCig’s own efforts. Now electronic cigarettes of all kinds are really taking off, and we expect their popularity to continue for a long time. That means we should start seeing other competitors enter the e-Cigar market at some point.

There are some other options out there for people who like e-Cigars but who are not satisfied with what is available to them. The most notable ones are electronic pipes. These look like the pipes your grandfather probably used or that the Sherlock Holmes character has made famous. Like e-Cigars, they try to emulate the real deal without actually being that real deal. They send out vapor instead of smoke, and they are much safer than traditional pipes.

If you have ever tried cigars, and you are looking for something that is a bit less expensive, a bit more socially acceptable, and a lot safer, then e-Cigars are the logical choice.

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