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  1. I would love to try to quit smoking, i just wish it was not so expense to get started. I am on fixed income of twenty dollars a. month. Any suggestions? Thanks linda on bad income

  2. Been smoking for 35 yrs. Need to give up. Cant breathe properly and don’t want to die. Sick of it at times. The hardest part is socially. Hopefully this is going to help :o)

  3. 4 th smoke free day but still need the support and motivation. Lots of triggers and almost feels like I have lost a friend.

    • Is anybody else addicted to nicotine gum? I was stuck in it fir five years ,I quit but due to an accident I’m hooked on it again ! Any helpful comments please ? Mel

  4. I have been somewhat quit as I stopped cgarettes 4 days ago and use the electronic cigarettes with the vapor smoke. Does this even count? Anyway, this cough is horrible and exhausting just to bring it out, I hate smoking and wish I never started .

  5. I like many others have tried to stop. Last year I went several months. last month I stopped for 2 and a half weeks. I have smoked only once in almost a month. I feel that the pressure to quite smoking sometimes makes me miss more than I actually do. I find it is best to understand triggers. Unfortunetely, we really don’t know triggers until we fail in a quit attempt. Good luck to all and instead of thinking about what we are missing by not smoking we must think about what we are gaining. We are not quitting, but beginning

    • Kathryn ,please quit ,I was in a coma for two weeks and caught mrsa as an added complication ,I had less than a 3% survival rate ! I did wake up and I’m still here ! If u could see that this could happen to u ,as pneumonia caused by smoking put me there, ud give up. C o p d is life threatening ir can be ,ud surely not ever want to go through that risk. Please try! Good luck Mel

  6. I really want to stop smoking, I am feeling the effects of long term smoking with smokers cough and now I can’t afford to smoke as it’s affecting my health I really need help with succeeding as I’ve tried many times to give up but failed

  7. I have tried a few times to quit but I have always failed. Cigarettes are like a stress reliever for me and unfortunately I’m under ALOT of stress. I do want to quit for both health and monetary reasons but I can’t seem to let go. I know its a mind thing and/or a crutch but I don’t know how to let it go. I really need to quit and I really want to quit. I just don’t know how.

  8. I want & need to quit smoking so bad but haven’t been successful after many many attempts. My 4yr old grandson tells me every time I light one how I need to stop because he doesn’t want me to die. Please help me…

  9. After almost 30 yrs. of smoking I have been smoke free for just a week today. Though it hasn’t been easy as of yet I refuse to give up. Its like a love , hate relationship and the hate part says enough is enough. I pray everyday for Gods angels to look over me and guide me through this tough time. I know the road will be unpaved and rough but I’m hoping for smooth sailing at the end of it.

  10. I have to quit smoking, also! Don’t want to really but I am working on a weekly budget of 25 a week! I smoke at least two packs sometimes more! I have been thinking about the freedom from it ( something I never thought about it and it isn’t funny, once I am going through the process of finding out just how much I ask my fiance if he put the cigarettes in the purse or did he know where the lighter was? I never thought of why I was just SO angry while I was searching high and low for a lighter!! REALLY ANGRY! IS THERE HOPE FOR ME?

  11. I have cut back big time recently using Wellbutrin , going to completly stop smoking now Cuz I can’t breathe properly its
    Like breathing from a straw only at night im fine in the day. Im not sure if I have a lung disease these seems worse than just a smokers cough. Realy scared

  12. I need and I mean I NEED to stop smoking. I am 34 years old with the start of copd. This is the hardest thing to face. I will find out how strong I really am. This is very important to me and my family. It’s important to my health. I smoke a pack a day. That’s terrible. I really need help!!!!!.

  13. I feel the need to wean off using the patch. Started smoking 10 years ago, I hate it yet always want to do it, my 8 year old son is always scolding ME! I decided to see my dr and wore my first patch yesterday, felt a low grade headache all day. After work, my usual cigarette on the way home was too much to ignore. I had 4 left in my pack. I foolishly smoked one, within 10 minutes my heart is racing, sweating profusely, dizziness, panting and vomiting….again and again and again. Horrible episode. Today I am better and have absolutely no desire to smoke, wearing the patch helps me to avoid a recurrence of what happened last night. No way. Never again.

  14. I really want to quit smoking!! Ive tried the patch, and gum and it doesn’t work. I been having the cough and i want to QUIT!!! Thanks

  15. I came close to quitting before, but I started back up and now I have such bad chest pains. I really need to quit but don’t think I have the willpower to do it

  16. Day two of not smoking! My doc put me on nicotine gum and patches and they work great but are expensive. I hope it works out in the long run because paying for it now will save a lot of money that I would have spent on cigarettes in the future. I’m scared about what will happen when I’m off the gum and the patches though… Won’t I just get the withdrawal symptoms when I stop them? Am I just prolonging it? I just want to be done with all of this!

  17. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to quit! I’m in a stressful situation, and I’ve grown so attached to a little room outside my patio. I feel like I can just go there and escape my problems for a little while. I sometimes stay out there for hours at a time. It fees like my safe place, but really it’s the most dangerous room in the house. ” outside of the house! I always light up as soon as I get out here, and up until 3 days ago, It used to be even more of an escape because I would drink, secretly… But…I knew it wasn’t hiding it at all. Vodka does have a smell! And mixed with smoke after smoke, the only thing I was escaping from was my own guilt, for giving in to this kind of behavior. I blamed it all on being angry, I felt betrayed by someone very close. He also lives in the house. I’m just trying to be anonymous. Really, I am betraying everything I ever stood for. The light in me seems to have burned out. The only time I felt just a little sunshine was under the light of the moonshine! I’m no more closer today to fixing my problems, than I was when I ran out of my house filled with anger, after two years of sobriety, and of course, I wasn’t even a smoker, and ended up at a liquor store buying cigarettes and a big bottle of rum. It’s been almost a year now, and, I think I’m going to miss this little escape hatch the most. I used to think that I when I came out here, I could just breath in a sigh of relief and relax for a while. But now, it’s hard to breath, so sighing is a normal function I don’t do anymore. In fact, it’s robbing me of all the things I used to get so much pleasure doing. Now the pleasure of being alone, escaping my troubles, it’s not so fun anymore because now I’m the one who is my biggest violator. And I’m having so much trouble just standing up to myself, my big bully! I never smoke anywhere else. I would be embarrassed if anyone knew. But, I know I’m not really kidding anybody. To a non smoker, the smell is totally offensive. It hangs on a person like a mildewed rag. And even if you’ve scrubbed yourself raw because you have to be around people who you would be embarrassed if they knew my dirty little secret. Even if they really do not suspect a thing, I still feel like I’m a fraud. My carefree personality and joy I used to bring to others, feels tarnished and black. Probably a little like the insides of my lungs look about now. If someone asked me if I would please go eat some tar that was freshly pored on an old road, I think I would say, Ewww! But I must have a stretch of highway inside of me that goes for miles. I don’t feel committed to doing this, quitting.. I thought I would wait until the circumstances in my life changed first, and then I would do it.. Ha ha! Right! So I’m writing this little letter, and hoping and praying that this just might be a first step. Anyway, to all of you brave people who have traveled this road, and have had success, I am so happy for you and will pray for all of your continues success. Just maybe, one of you will be my motivation.
    The fence sitter!

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