Day 12 – QUIT30 Quit Smoking Challenge

DAY 12 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 10 DAYS!!

10 days! Hopefully you are feeling like a non-smoker at this point. The cravings are almost completely are feeling healthier and more clear-headed, and you are tasting your food! Now that the craving issue is over, we’ll be talking about different situations and thought processess that could cause you to smoke again. For each potential relapse cause, we will give you a solution


Those Other Stinkin’ Smokers


Other smokers, either directly or indirectly, the cause of a huge amount of relapses. It could be the fake enjoyment on their face as they puff away, the smell setting off massive cravings, or, worst case scenario, an offer of a cigarette.

Being around smokers who are smoking is essentially a land mine of triggers and should be avoided as much as possible. It’s just crazy, people will go through the worst part of the withdrawal, feel amazing and healthy…..and then smoke a cigarette just because a friend offered them one out of the blue.

So what can you do?

1. Avoid smokers when they’re smoking. It’s really not too hard unless your friends insist on smoking right around you. Don’t go outside with them to smoke, things like that.

2. If you end up being exposed to smoke, CLICK HERE. Bookmark it on your phone to always have it available. Whenever you feel triggered by smoke, LOOK AT IT!



  1. Ii have been following this programme and the results are just as you have mentioned,so it is more realistic ” i
    Presume many more will use this programme to kick this harmful habit. Best regards. And multiple sucess.

  2. Today is day 12 being smoke free! At this point, I feel really good. I have had some mental craving the last couple of days but I pulled through. I had the opportunity to use nicotine patches but chose not to prolong my healing process. I just wanted the nicotine and all the other 4,000 chemicals out of my body. I did a lot of deep breathing exercises to give myself oxygen rich blood that cigarettes replaced with carbon monoxide. Also, all praise and Glory belong to Jesus Christ!

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