Day 16 QUIT30 Challenge

DAY 16 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 14 DAYS!!

Day 14…that’s 2 weeks! Congratulations to those of you who made it this far. You’re essentially half done with the 30 day challenge! We’re going to keep going with “relapse prevention” series, because now the cravings are DEFINITELY gone and it’s just you against the mental addiction.


Todays’ Topic – Looking Back Fondly at Smoking

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Today’s Potential Relapse Cause: Nostalgia for the Cigarette Buzz

After being nicotine free for so long, your addict voice has to resort to cheap tricks.

For the next few weeks, you’re going to think that a cigarette would be the best thing in the world. You think about how good it used to feel when you smoked after not smoking for a few hours…imagine how it’s going to feel when you haven’t smoked in weeks! Your body has no tolerance!

Well, if you’ve ever quit and then started smoking again, you know that your “relapse cigarette” is absolutely terrible. Not only does it taste terrible and have no noticeable effect, but you’ll feel guilty the whole time you’re smoking it. You may get dizzy and feel a head rush for 5 seconds but it will quickly fade into remorse. No, that first cigarette after quitting for a long time absolutely sucks. Remember that.



  1. I hated wanting to smoke , and being in a non smoking area. I live in el cajon, California, and it’s against the law to smoke at parks, bus stops, buildings, sidewalks, and smoking at home is touchy because your neighbor can sue you if they are hurt in any way by your smoke.

    • Annie, thank God you no longer have to “watch your back” and feel like you’re doing something wrong in your community.

      Smoke free for 14 Days, that surely feels great, right?

      Keep up the good work and hope to see you reach Day 30!

    • mmm i hated the feeling of a substance having control over me. I also hated the way it made my teeth look yellow. The bad breath was terrible too. So glad to be working through these mental cravings.

  2. I smoked last night. 2 fucking weeks and gone. I think it was because I was at a park and my family was close to the smoking area. Whatever the reason I knew better, but I didn’t care. Totally selfish. My mind said how great I was doing and whats one cigar? Now I feel the cravings again. Why do I want to kill myself with this awful tasting stupid habit? Back to the drawing board. I did 2 and a half weeks. I am ready to start over this hard process again.

    • Aaron, sorry to hear about this, but it’s still good that you’ve decided to start over.

      This time we’re sure you’ll stick with the program because you’ve learned your lesson that it’s not worth it to give in to your cigarette craving.

      You can do this! Remember this, you’ve got 3 choices in life:

      Give up, Give in, or Give it all you’ve got!

  3. 2 weeks in and staying strong. I made it two weeks back in May and failed to keep it going. Two things I hated about smoking was the helplessnes it makes you feel when you want to do something that is so bad for you and yet you feel like you need to do it. I felt like such a loser. And the other thing was the hiding of the smoking.

    • Hi Juan, 14 Days of being smoke free and you’ve stayed strong. This is a big achievement, and you just keep on going and you’ll realize soon that you’re on Day 30 and it will feel more amazing!

      Congratulations on making it this far, keep it up!

  4. I know that if i cave now, it will taste disgusting and i will be hating myself for giving in! I never want to put one of those filthy sticks near my mouth again!!!!!

    • That’s the spirit, Jo! That way of thinking will make you succeed in quitting smoking.

      Keep up the good work! Your comment will surely inspire others to stay strong and stick with the program.

  5. I hated the smell of the garage after smoking when I smoked in there. Even Febreeze could tackle the odor. Also the constant worry about lung cancer or a heart attack drove me crazy. My breathing is so much better now. Hopefully my sense of taste and smell will improve as well.

    • Keep it up, Harriet! Soon you’ll totally be worry free, healthier, and you’ll feel really great about yourself.

      You have more power than those cigarettes or that smoking habit.

  6. I hated my daughter hiding my smokes to help me and me not realizing she is doing it for my own health. I hated the looks people gave me when they found out I smoked

    • Hi Mark, it’s great having a daughter who supports you & helps you in her little way. Think of her whenever you have the craving to smoke.

      It’s been 14 Days and this is surely an achievement. Keep this up and you’ll find yourself on the last day of this program, feeling proud and great about yourself.

      Best of luck!

  7. Congrates on everyone making it this far. 2 things I hate is the smell of my clothes, hair and fingers after smoking. The next is the taste after smoking heavily during a night out and feeling like there is literally a cloud of smoke that has replaced your lungs.

    Side note. I feel it helps so much to talk about the craving as it is happening by the time you have moved on to another subject you forgot what started it.

    • Luyanda, congratulations on making it this far — just by reading your comment, I have a good feeling you’ll make it to the end.

      Taking about your cravings and having the support of the Quit Smoking Community will help you succeed and we are glad you feel the same way.

  8. I absolutely hated my persistent smoker’s cough and being out of breath which made me do less and less of physical exercise. I hated the craving for it and when out at a meeting or a friend’s to always be thinking about, ‘I hope they have a place where I can smoke in a relaxed manner’.

    • Fatimah, you’re halfway through this program and I’m glad you’re starting to feel the difference, aside from realizing the bad effects of smoking.

      Congratulations on this achievement — the Quit Smoking Community is rooting for you!

  9. The way my mouth tasted when I woke up in the morning; the way my teeth are permanently stained. Hate being so short of breath that I can no longer walk as I once did

    • Hello Char,

      Keep on going and pushing and you’ll reach your destination — Success!

      Soon you can really say to yourself and to others that you have conquered your smoking habit. Not to mention, your body will feel really good, too.

    • Judi, you’re halfway through this 30 Day program and I want to congratulate you for it — for not giving up and for believing in yourself.

      You can do this!

      Whenever you have the urge to smoke, think about the reasons why you hate smoking and what smoking does to you.

      Keep up the good work!

  10. I caved in after 8 days because I were doing driving lessons and I couldn’t handle the stress without one, it didn’t help that my instructor smoked on breaks. I couldn’t of got through my driving test without a cig, I have been smoking since last Tuesday but I’m gunna try again today. It is so hard in stressful situations.

  11. Two things I hated about smoking:

    1 – Before seeing the dentist I would use baking soda and peroxide and scrub my tongue thinking I was fooling him – joke was on me and my health!

    2 – The sad face on my daughter as she worried about my health

    I am keeping front in my mind the withdrawal symptoms I felt in the first week and I just don’t want to ever go there again! N.O.P.E.

  12. #1 It’s a relief to know that my kids are less likely to be smokers now that I’ve quit, (and I think seeing how hard I struggled with the addiction had an effect on them as well).

    #2 I won’t worry about getting cancer or smoking related illnesses as much. My grandpa died after emphysema and COPD took the very breath away from him, I would often remember his last awful months on Earth, struggling for every breath until his heart gave out and wonder how I could be so stupid to do the same thing to myself.

  13. It has been great to be smoke free for this time and yes the addiction voice is very active in me at the moment. It tells me that i am ”missing something” and become very restless and irritable, so i’m coping with the mental side at the moment. For one thing, I don’t miss the anxiety and guilt smoking caused me.

  14. I hated smelling like an ashtray. My dad always made a negative comment on how I smelled. I also hated how my lungs would have an ache every morning and the only way to make the feeling go away was to have a cigarette. Now everyday, even after several hours, I can still smell my perfume and my dad even said I smelled good. WOW! And every morning i wake up and I don’t feel that same ache that I did when actively smoking. Now I just need to let my lungs heal and they will begin feeling good every morning.

  15. I smoked for so long because that awful routine of being a slave and had no self control of me,It is what I hated the most of being a smoker.the smell in your clothes,hair it wasn’t subtle.the stains on teeth and the fingers. And I think the worst part about being a smoker not enjoying life itself and appreciating life which it’s a gift from God.

  16. Hi, Im Alex and im on my day 16 doing cold turkey. Last night i had body pains with that lasted for 3 hours. It was gone without taking any meds. Is it a part of the syndrome? Ive been smoking for the past 41 yrs of my life. Now i realized how much I wasted. I know it not late but at 50, i still want to feel normal and healthy…..

  17. 1. My wife hated the smell. Never came close to me .
    2. How much ever smoke went down my throat was never enough. Just fucked up everthing.

    Happy I quit and im on my 16th day today. Hallelujah !

  18. Dear cigarette I just smoked you after day 16 of quitting because I’m drinking and have so much stress over a family member, I know there’s no excuse! I’m sick over it, I’ve done so good but today has been friggin hard for me! I’ve had so many triggers, shopping, hair done, family matters!!! Wth I’m on the patch and took it off earlier because I was ok but remembered where my brother in law left a pack a cigs in the garage! Not only did I feel like passing out but a joy of release of inhale and exhale! Truth be known it felt good! Wth has this addiction done to me? I’ve smoked for 38 years and do not know how to live my life wo it? From morning coffee to comfort at any possible stress relieving thought through out the day! It’s been my for real bff! In saying that my bff is killing me one puff at a time, not only that it’s stopping me from becoming the person I am and can be, in all aspects of my life! A wife who cannot climb a mountain with her husband because she cannot breathe, and has to sit down on rocks with a handicapped young girl who is sitting because it’s fun not because she can’t breathe! Or has to leave her grandchildren during activities because I want to spend my time on the garage smoking because I’m “stressed”! Or leave anything because I’m “stressed”! What has this addiction done to me! Is it a lifelong recovery? Am I supposed to “fight” this drawwww every day???? Is this the price I’m paying to myself for the last 38 years? Good bye cigarettes you’ve killed my will, my lungs, my faith, my health, my fun, my body, until now and I take all of those things back for good, yes I may I might fall again and again BUTT I will never give up giving up YOU!

  19. I reached 16 days without smoking I use 0.0 mg and 06 mg ejuice mix s that I get only like 0..3 mg of nic. This will be made to 0 mg in next few days, and I am enjoying the process very well

  20. 2 weeks after relapsing 2 years ago after quitting for 1 1/2 years. Cold turkey this time no sweets lots of water. Lots of morning exercise. Lost 8 lbs so far feel so good after shower and clean up after exercise. Last thing I want after the shower and grooming is a filthy cigerette. Remember N1P. Never 1 puff. Congrats to all who have quit. Never look in the rear view mirror enjoy life through the front window as a non smoker!!!

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