Day 2 – Quit30 Program

DAY 2 – QUIT30 Program

Wow, you came back for Day 2! Each day you get significantly closer to the light at the end, so keep showing up!

So Day 2. Your last day of smoking tobacco. Your Quit Day is on the horizon. Get pumped!!!

Right now I bet you’re putting your game face on and getting ready to take this challenge head on. And that’s what this is, a 30 Day CHALLENGE. A challenge is a battle, it’s a fight between two forces with only one winner. Don’t let cigarettes win.

Get yourself psyched up to fight this thing. Embrace the fight rather than look ahead in fear. Buy in to the process, believe in yourself and your power to go out and get the things you want in life. Nothing worth fighting for comes easily, and that’s especially true for quitting smoking. So many benefits for very temporary discomfort. You can do this.

Some Motivation for Day 2


Tough Love You May Need to Hear - Battles, Sacrifice, Growth

Life is full of challenges. Those neverending tests that life throws at us on a daily basis; sometimes easy, sometimes incredibly hard. Sometimes expected, sometimes completely unexpected. Sometimes brought on ourselves, other times brought on at random.

The interesting thing about life challenges is that they are, almost by definition, not pleasant experiences. Nobody wakes up excited to life weights until shaking just to be sore the entire next day, to work 90 hours a week on a new company with no guarantee of success, to give up dreams and passions to settle down and raise a family, to fight deep biological urges from morning til night to stay on a diet or remain abstinent from whatever substance. Those things aren’t fun.

Yet, facing challenges and overcoming them is the ONLY method that we have as humans to grow, to get stronger. Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, or any other way. Growth is a product of how we respond in the face of challenges. If we respond with everything we’ve got and fight to the end, our outcome will be worth the struggle. Every time.

And yet, most active smokers seem stuck in this mindset of avoiding hardship and difficult challenges at all costs. They just keep in their smoking routine because, well, quitting requires a lot. Finally breaking the habit requires sheer determination, strong commitment, and active relapse prevention. It’s hard. It’s a goddamn battle is what it is.

And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it had been easy to quit, I wouldn’t have undergone much change from smoker to non-smoker. Instead, I am seeing changes that reflect the reality of my fight with nicotine addiction. I fought and I struggled, and as a result, now I live just a little bit more happily, with more freedom, better health, deeper appreciation, and actual hope for the future.  This challenge you’re about to undertake has incredible rewards. It’s so worth the temporary discomfort and unpleasantness of nicotine withdrawal. I know that you know that, and so now is the time to start changing the way you approach these next 30 days.

This is where you need to snap out of your victim mentality and your tendency to look for the easy way out. Stop fearing the weeks ahead, stop letting your anxieties cloud and confuse what you really want. Just because this process is not going to be 100% pleasant doesn’t mean you have to torture yourself with negative emotions the whole time. Instead of living with fear and anxiety about the withdrawal, just say ‘F*ck that’ and embrace it. Embrace the process, embrace the unpleasantness. It’s going to be there no matter how much negative emotion you throw at it, so you may as well throw positive emotion instead and enjoy the ride.

Instead of fearful children, we need to handle this like true fighters, determined to give it everything we have because we know the final outcome is that important. We can give all of the effort, time, worry, and mental strength we have and we can get past it. A one-off payment of hard work, discomfort and breaking a ritual, in exchange we not only begin to heal our bodies and extend our lives, but we grow as people because we tried and succeeded. Sacrificing short term pleasure for long term happiness and health, that’s all this is.

Let’s analyze both the sacrifice and reward sides of the quitting smoking challenge.

You Must:

  • Grin and Bare it for the first 3 Days (Intense Physical Cravings)
  • Maintain Some Sense of Sanity for the next few weeks (2 to 4 weeks of mental cravings/loopity loops)
  • Remain vigilant in the absence of acute withdrawal symptoms (remainder of your life, but with no withdrawal that will be easy)

Your Reward

  • Increasingly lower risk of having lung cancer or COPD (This alone would be worth it)
  • Much greater chance at living for years longer
  • Thousands of dollars saved
  • No longer on your knees at the mercy of a plant wrapped in paper
  • A relieved group of family and friends who want to see you keep on living
  • Prevent further wrinkles and yellowing of skin, just look better in general
  • Improved dental health

We could go on forever, you get the point. Take the challenge, follow this 30 day guide and give it the ol’ college try. The rewards are too great not to.



Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life! Get excited.

See you then!


  1. -Example Comment-

    Hey everybody! Really nervous but excited to hit my Quit Day tomorrow.

    The 3 reasons I most want to quit smoking are:

    1. I want to live a full life, and I don’t think any life cut short by lung disease and/or cancer is a full life. I don’t necessarily want to die young, but it’s mostly just about living life to the fullest potential, not always with a cigarette in my mouth or thinking about when I can smoke next.

    2. Dating. Women just don’t find men who smoke attractive anymore. I’m sick of hiding the fact until I’ve been on a few dates and she smells smoke on my fingers or in my car. It’s awkward and doesn’t bode well for a potential future wife.

    3. Sports. Ever since I started smoking, I have played far less basketball. It used to be one of my favorite things to do, but with smoker’s lungs I can’t play for more than 10 minutes at a time without getting seriously winded.

    • Truly I want to leave smoking because: I am 74 & maintain a roof garden with about 120 pots and earth plants around 25 number around the house. Go out and roam in car or two wheeler in doing some social work. Sit in the computer mostly in the evening till about 12 pm & develop some books which are in the pipelines. I have published two on Teambuilding & Communication
      1. For the last one month( entire JULY-15, I could notice some tiredness in my physical activity, like Gardening, moving up & down the staircase, while doing activities in bent position etc. I used to exercise up to 15 Mins but now has come to 11..
      2. I also find that my weakness due to lack of Concentration& procrastination due to lack of usual will power etc force me to smoke more as if I have gained something for the moment. I have been watching this and really was worrying as to how am I going to stop the smoking, which I understood is the root cause.
      3. Certainly I will gaining at least INR-4000/ month if I don’t smoke and I could use this money also for some Have-nots, which I have been practicing for more than 25 years.

      • Muthukrishnan, you can do this! It’s good that you’re thinking of the things you can gain and the goals you can reach if you quit smoking. That positive mindset is a great start.

        Whenever you feel like smoking, think of all the negative side effects and then think of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy if cigarettes are out of your life.

        Good luck! 🙂

    • My top three reasons to quit:
      Health and breathing freely are very important. I have smoked 27 yrs. and can feel my lung capacity has changed.
      My family. I want to be around for a long time for them.
      Better self esteem. I am a fairly smart person that had always beat myself up for being so “stupid” to smoke.

  2. The Day 2 think piece is awesome. Especially touching is “The interesting thing about life challenges is that they are, almost by definition, not pleasant experiences”.
    The pain of quitting smoking, I see can not be as unpleasant as the life – smoking.
    The three top reasons I want to quit are:

    I have had two heart attacks and am wearing two stents. I have suffered a stroke as well – TIA, mercifully – which rattled my family. All the three hospital treatments were very expensive. Further smoking will set me back financially even further. Even otherwise, I have been spending nearly 10% of my salary on cigarettes.

    I feel I am a social outcast: I encounter “NO SMOKING” everywhere. I have been insulted as well!

    But easily the most important reason I want to quit is that when I recently announced that I’ll quit smoking, my daughters and sons -in-law said, in one voice, “It will mean a lot to us – your children – if you conquer smoking”.
    To this, I promised. “I will not let you down”.

    Part B:
    My last drag made my eyes pop!
    I experienced a sharp pain in my throat. I couldn’t draw again.
    Was it the first stage of Cancer?
    My elder brother died, a month ago, of lung cancer. He couldn’t breathe well. His lungs could not absorb oxygen. He barely ate because he didn’t have strength required for eating – the strength that is produced by breathing.

  3. Thank you for the compliment, I wasn’t sure how such a sort of ‘off the wall’ motivational lecture would go over with everybody. But thanks!

    As for your family…if you stick with this, chances are so much higher that you are going to be the patriarch of a beautiful family for many years. I watch my grandfather live that life, seeing his 12 grandkids and 5 kids at least 20 times a year, hosting parties, and loving every minute of it. My father didn’t get to reach that point in his life because of tobacco…he passed away when I was 22 so he never even got to see any of his kids get married.

    Do it for your kids. Do it for the future. Do it for yourself.

  4. Three top reasons I want to quit smoking:

    1) I have a lot of people depending on me, and I hate the notion that because of my smoking, they will have to one day take care of my failed health. I hate knowing how pissed everyone, particularly my kids, will be with me when the long term effects of smoking start to develop. Not to mention my having to deal with those negative health effects myself.

    2) I no longer want the battle in my head–when I don’t smoke, I want to smoke; when I do smoke, I know I have to quit. And keeping it a secret, trying to cover it up or avoid the smoke smell, is a source of shame and a robber of energy. It just makes me feel like a loser.

    3) The more I smoke, the more it costs. And I really need to be saving money, not spending it on a stupid addiction.

    • Can really relate to #2, it’s like having a tiny little dictator in your head consuming your life energy and taking you away from the present moment.

  5. Ok my 3 reasons to quit

    1)I want to be here to see my grand children
    2)as i sat down and thought about where my money was going every damn pay period I calculated too much of my earnings to freaking Cigarettes
    3) it was time

  6. I want to quit smoking because of the following three reasons :

    A ) Whenever I smoke I destroy my inner health and gradually I have lost that stamina to work and play around. I feel bad when my breath increases resulting a not so good workout.

    B ) I have no one to help me to chuck this habit but I have a new challenge to quit smoking and I want to give a full throttle. Being single is directly proportional to smoking.

    C ) I want to give my family, friends and loved ones a gift because they are very unhappy with me because of smoking. I want to be determined to help others leave this habit and making this planet earth smoke free.

  7. My reasons to quit:
    1. I hate smoking. I hate the way I cough and choke sometimes because I have smoked too many. I hate that I just want more but it’s never enough. It never delivers what I think it will.
    2. I want to be healthy. I want to make the most of life and smoking doesn’t fit in to that. I can make the most of life without a cigarette by my side. I don’t want to die of a preventable disease.
    3. Smoking makes me unhappy. I am secretly disapointed in myself everything I take a puff. It has eroded my happiness slowly over the years.

    • These reasons will help you drive to quit smoking. Start a healthy lifestyle and be happy being away from smoking… Thumbs up to you, Catherine!

  8. I want to quit because:

    1) I want to be around for my kids and fiance without the trouble breathing has become due to the smoking.

    2) I want to be able to sleep without waking cause I’m couphing up a lung.

    3) I want to stop feeling as if my days mood depends on if I have smokes or not.

    • Melissa,

      Those are great reasons to quit smoking!

      Doing it for yourself AND your kids and your fiance is great motivation.

      You’re more powerful than nicotine or cigarettes, remember this.

      Best of luck to you.

  9. Two reasons I no longer want to smoke.

    1: I hate waking up in the middle of the night coughing & not being able to breathe.

    2: I have a grandson who really loves his pop-pop. Want to see him through in this though world.

  10. My three reasons are.
    1. Make this awful cough I got in the mornings stop
    2. Stop feeling guilty and small for smoking behind my children´s back. They would be devastated if they knew, and sooner or later they’ll find out!
    3. Enjoy life fully

    • those are exactly my reasons as well. If my children ever knew!! When I see them and they say anything about the way I smell I just blame it on my boyfriend who also smokes. I feel horrible about lying as well as smoking. and it’s just time

    • That’s right, Merche — Quitting smoking totally will help you live life fully. You can stop worrying about getting lung cancer, or another disease that can result from smoking. You can sleep better and longer — no more coughing fits that tend to wake you up earlier than you’d like. You’ll also be doing it for yourself and your children. You’ve got many reasons and motivations to do this. We’re looking forward to your success!

  11. My 3 reasons to quit are…
    1. My kids, i want to be able to enjoy life with them. Live long enough to see them graduate high school, go to college and graduate, get married and see and meet my grandkids
    2. Save money. I want to eventually have an actual wedding take a honey moon. Go on vacation with my husband and kids.
    3. Enjoy life again with out having to surrender to a piece of paper.

  12. The first reason I want to quit smoking is for my health I have a terrible smokers cough which causes me to vommit I wheeze all the time I want to get healthy

    The second reason is do I live longer for my children and my grand baby Lexi I want to see her grow up

    The third reason is so I stop smelling like cigarettes and having people look down at me like I’m a second class citizen

    • Coming up with those reasons is surely one of the first steps to becoming a non-smoker. You can do this, Kim!

      Now that you’ve started your journey, finish it (stick to the program) and you’ll realize just how good you’ll feel being “smoke free”.

  13. I have a fetish. I like seeing smoke come out of my mouth, but I want to quit because:
    #1 it costs a lot for those smelly little brown things
    #2 my health. It makes me mad if I’m exercising and I start coughing. I don’t want to be winded climbing up stairs.
    #3 the whole time I’m smoking I’m thinking, I don’t want to do that.

    • Always think the bad effects on smoking, that will be your drive and motivation to stop smoking. Very soon, you will lose that fetish on you and start to live and enjoying a long life away from smoking. Keep going, Annie!

  14. My Challenge 2 post is a day late, but here goes. My three reasons for quitting smoking are:

    1. My daughter. She means the world to me and every time I lit up a cigarette, it meant time away from her. I had to stop whatever we were playing to have a cigarette and that wasn’t fair to her. I want to be around for her and I want to be able to run around with her and not get winded.

    2. For my fiancé and my mom. I want to be around for the people I care about the most. I want to get married to my fiancé and live a long happy life with him. And I want to be able to take care of my mom like she has taken care of me my whole life.

    3. I want to improve my health and stop smelling like smoke.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing.

      Let me leave you this inspiring quote from Mark Twain — The secret of getting ahead is getting started. What’s important here is that you’ve started this program and you’re really decided on wanting to quit smoking.

      You can do this! Believe in yourself and think about the people dear to you (as you’ve said, you’re thinking of your daughter, fiance and your mom, aside from yourself).

      Good luck!

  15. Will tonight is gonna be my last night to taste that nasty older in my mouth I hope I can do this for me and my wife and kids and friends but most of all for me tomorrow is my Quit smoking day 07-10-2015 may god be with me and all of my new followers who has made it through this process thanks again for everything god bless.

  16. Hello, My top 3 reasons to quit:

    1. Hate the feeling of being dependent on cigs, it feels like am a prisoner to my own addiction, which in turn is limiting my options and choices.

    2. Been smoking since I was 20 and i just turned 30, so 10 years of abuse and damage to my body, it has to stop. Need to get my life back on track.

    3. The costs of cigs just seems to keep goin up everyday, and it’s not just What u will pay now, it’s also what it’s gonna cost u in the long run, with healthcare bills.

    P.s and also all the suffering battling Cancer.

    Well just hope I can stay strong and kick the habit once and for all.

  17. This is actually my fourth day of no smoking.i an still going thorough withdrawal. Anyhow, the three reasons are simple. It takes time away from my kids. I also want to be healthier and feel better.i don’t want to kill myself and that is what smoking is

    • You’re right, Aaron! Smoking is taking so much in life and we don’t deserve that to happen. Be better and keep that healthy lifestyle.

  18. 3 reasons
    1. I’m pregnant, asthmatic and allergic to smoke
    2. I’m at a point where it’s not only taking precious time away from my life-it’s also embarrassing being seen (especially with the bump)
    3. Nicotine withdraw is the only time I fight with my husband. The 3 months I quit last year and 4 months I quit before this pregnancy were the most peaceful and relaxing in my adult life.

    Bonus reason
    4. I can’t even walk up the stairs without having a minor asthma attack right now.

    • Smoking causes a lot of complications to a pregnant woman and the baby. It’s good that you have realized these effects. Save your precious lives. Keep motivated, Beth!

  19. My 3 reasons to stop are: seen to many smoking related illnesses and the way they affect the individual and family, cannot stand wasting my hard earned cash on these sticks anymore and finally i’m slowly becoming a minority in every smoking group going, at work, at home, family gatherings, socially!! Many other reasons too, think thats how i know its time for me to stop!

    B) I threw my last cigarrette away 39 hrs ago and i’m feeling good!

    • Hi Jo, great to hear! Just stick with the program and you’ll feel amazing! Never mind the withdrawal symptoms that you could be experiencing. Every battle is never easy, but once you’ve won the fight, you’ll realize that every step you took was worth it!

    • Hi Mark, I see you’ve found a great reason and a “motivator” to quitting smoking. Congratulations on taking this step. It will not be an easy journey, but once you’ve reached your destination, it will be worth it. Good luck!

  20. 1. My daughter. We lost her father recently and I’d hate for her to have to grow up without either parent. I want to live a full life with her and have the energy to take her to so many beautiful places in the world… or just kick a ball around the yard with her.
    2. I don’t want to be a slave to anything. I control my mind. Not cigarettes.
    3. I want every breath to be filled with beautiful crisp fresh air, not toxic chemicals that will take away everything I love.

    • Hello Jessica, I believe you can do it. Keep that mindset of motivation and reasons to stop smoking. Life is beautiful! Enjoy your life with your daughter!

  21. 3 reasons why i want to quit smoking.
    1. For the sake of my only son. He is just 7 years old and being a single mom, i want to live a healthy and longer life for his sake. and i dont want him to think smoking is ok and go into the habit when he is old enough.
    2.Im 44, and im looking forward to spend more happy years of my life. And i know i cant do that without being healthy and who knows i might have that chance of finding love when im smoke free ☺
    3. i just want to quit and be free and have all the benefits of being smoke free.

    • Susie, congratulations on taking the first 2 steps to being a non-smoker! Quitting smoking can improve your health and your life, plus, as you mentioned, it will help you become a good role model for your son.

      You are in control of your life and you can prove to that Nicotine who’s the REAL BOSS.

  22. Why I want to quit:
    1. I do not feel healthy, just turned 40 and now have bronchitis again – I want the healthy back in my life and to feel spiritual and cleansed.
    2. I want to impress my daughter and husband, who already quit 5 years ago – I keep feeling like a failure and need to do this.
    3. I want to work without being fearful of not being allowed out for a smoke break, I beg my angels to help me achieve this.

    Today I have only had 2 and 1/2 smokes, tomorrow should be my quit date – currently have bronchitis so should be easy, yet finding it so hard. Also have a major headache right now

    • Hi Susie, your son needs you as he grow. You both are precious to each other. Have a smoke free life and start live a healthy lifestyle! More power to you…

    • From your comment, Catherine, I can tell you’re decided to do this. You may have second thoughts, but I believe your desire to quit is more powerful.

      The Quit Smoking Community is rooting for you!

      Let me leave you with Napoleon Hill’s quote:

      Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire, which transcends everything.

  23. My Reasons to quit:
    1. I feel guilty about my smoking habbit. That guilt keep me frustrated and I keep smoking.
    I want to quit to get over from the guilt.

    2. I want to save thousands of bucks I spend on that stick.

    3. I feel very tired and sick throughout the day. I want to stay healthy and energized.

    • Azam, your body will start feeling better once you’ve quit your smoking habit. It will be challenging the first few days, but eventually, you’ll notice your body feeling stronger and your mood improving.

      And yes, just think of how much you’ll save when you become a non-smoker. You can keep that money to buy something good for yourself, or put in on a jar to save up for vacation.

      Good luck! You can do this!

  24. I quit smoking today for more than 3 reasons but here we go
    1) I hate cigarettes, and i don’t want to smell bad anymore.
    2) For my future and for my health+long life.
    3) to be radiant and the person I am times 1000!, to have more vitality and energy in my life and breathe deeply and fully in appreciation and gratitude.

    I am quitting because i have the mental discipline and determination to do it! It’s not sexy cool or fun to smoke and hurting myself is just not in my life path anymore. Radiant living, FULL Radiant heart, Full of life. Thank you! So done with cigarettes. I don’t have to dull or de-sensitize my spirit and my intuition any further, Its courageous to be sensitive and to over come these challenges. I’ve got my own back and the support of an incredible community that wants me to live fully and be healthy. yay!

  25. Today is my last day to smoke. Tomorrow morning is my quite date,this time it’s for good. I have 3 wonderful kids and 1 grandchild, a husband that is behind me all the way. These are my reasons for quitting. My reasons have been in front of my for years and I never saw it from this light, now I do!?

    • Wishing you luck, Dawn! Believe that you can do it and stick to the program.

      We’ll look forward to hearing more about your experience and success (very soon!)

  26. My top three reasons are like many of the others I’ve read.
    1. My health:)
    2. My daughter’s health:)
    3. The smell I want it gone:)
    Smoking is my crutch I haven’t enjoyed it in quiet some time. It is time to get my life back on my time:)

  27. My three reasons:

    1. my kids; guess I could just say Lisa, Jeanne and Julie and that would be three but that’s not what this is about

    2. hopefully manage to get a grip on the COPD and be able to be more active since hopefully I will be able to breath better

    3. I will smell better to nonsmokers

    • Char and to all who’ve started this program, Quitting smoking can do wonders for you — your health, your life, even your relationships.
      Just keep on going and you’ll be amazed that you have done it!
      Good luck!

  28. The three reasons I want to quit :
    1. I’m tired of being a slave to buying cigarettes all of the time. I’m always stopping at gas stations to get my smokes.
    2. I think I’m starting to get smokers cough. This is so uncool. Not to mention a nagging, lingering cough that is sticking around.
    3. I want to get my health back. The bright eyes, pretty skin, and whiter teeth. I want it all back.

    • Char and to all who’ve started this program, Quitting smoking can do wonders for you — your health, your life, even your relationships.

      Just keep on going and you’ll be amazed that you have done it!

      Good luck!

  29. 1. I Want to keep my health
    2. I’m tired of not participating in activities,going on trips, etc. because I wo be able to smoke.
    3. I can’t afford it.

  30. Top 3-

    1. For me! A healthier happy life.
    2. My son. So he won’t smoke. So I can see him get married and have children or more so have a happy heathy life.
    3. Money money money. I always strugle as a single parent to make ends meet.

    God always find away and I hope he helps me with this too once again.

  31. 1. For my baby son. I never want to have to find that our time together will be cut short because I couldn’t take control of myself
    2. My health and happiness. I want to get back into shape but it’s awfully difficult to do any physical activity when you can’t breath. I give into so many things, it’s time to take some responsibility and make some changes
    3. Money. Can barely pay the bills, need to throw every cent I can into paying down debt instead of on cigarettes.

    • Hi Liz, your reasons or your need to quit smoking is surely stronger than addictive nicotine or cigarettes.

      The Quit Smoking Community believes in you and we’re surely rooting for your success.

      Good luck!

  32. I’m on day 2 of not smoking. Smoked for 30 yrs. I’ve had enough! Even though my wife has decided after 20 years of marriage and 4 now grown kids, she is done with me. It’s given me more motivation to quit!

  33. The reasons for me to quit smoking

    Number one
    So I can breathe when walking in hot climates like in Las Vegas and also not having sharp pains when I wake up in the morning

    Number two
    So my health and lungs and get healthy again
    And body

    Number three
    So I can live longer and I’ll give me a better chance of having children one day of PC OS and smoking causes a lot of symptoms that make me have less chance of having children one day

    • Hello Lindsay,

      Keep thinking about those reasons whenever you have the urge to smoke.

      Remember, the best motivation is self-motivation.

      Wishing you luck on your journey to quitting smoking and having a healthier, happier life.

  34. Reason #1 for my my health and myself
    Reason #2 mychildren and grandchildren
    Reason # 3 I am thinking of all the money I will save and what I can do with it

    • Hi Deborah, Reasons 1 and 2 are great motivators to quitting smoking. Let me add to reason #3 — save those money for vacation — go somewhere you’d always like to go. Or maybe buy something you can’t stop thinking about.

      Congratulations on taking the first step to being a non-smoker! You can succeed, believe in yourself as this community believes in you.

  35. Scared but so ready. Its 4:45 am and my start is a 6:00 pm.

    1. I can’t breath.
    2. My health, I love what I do but won’t loose my life in this rig.
    3. My family, I have been fortunate enough to have true love in my life. It took along time but finally have it and will not loose it. I thank got for every moment in my life. And know the future looks alto less smoky. ???????

  36. 1) my fiancé is going to die from a heart attack smoking with me if I don’t have one first.
    2) I want to have a baby
    3) other than my health the money the smell and a million other reasons I could mention…. I don’t want my dog to keep getting my second hand smoke. If something happens to her…. I’d never forgive myself.

    • Yes, you shouldn’t! You can do this, Tracie. Just stick with the program and think about the reasons why you want to quit smoking. Also think about all the bad effects smoking can bring you and the people close to you.

      Remember that you are in control and that cigarettes are mere objects that shouldn’t be more powerful than you.

  37. 1) I want to quit for me, my health, and to live life to the fullest!

    2) I want to quit for children and my grandchildren, I want to watch them grow!

    3) I want to quit for me, I want to be in charge of my own life!

  38. Top 3reasons I want to quit smoking are
    I am scared of COPD, expense, and overall health.
    I haven’t smoked in the last 2 days. I already decided to quit before I found this website. So my last cigarette was 8:00 am on Wednesday August 19,2015

    • Good going, Holly! Just by your comment, I can tell that you’ll succeed. Keep it up and whenever you feel like giving in to your craving, tell yourself that you have the power and that you’re the BOSS — not those tobacco companies, not cigarettes, or nicotine.

    • Good luck, Priestess, you should quit smoking!

      Let me leave you with these inspiring words from William James:

      The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.

  39. 1) I want to live to see my daughter’s children.

    2). I’m tired of hiding and sneaking around, as to not be judged.

    3) I want to enjoy a life of freedom, as this is my only idol.

  40. Yes.. I am ready, my program starts from today. I hope I do great. And those who started earlier and those who gonna kick start from today or tomorrow my very all the best. Let’s do it… Let’s just do it.

  41. 1.) I am tired of smelling awful. I have had several people close to me die of cancer. I don’t want to be another satistic.
    2.) I think about all of the money that I could save. Things that I could do that was fun. Having my breathing get alot better.
    3.) But the most important reason I want to quit is, because I want to be baptised. I want to live following God’s law. To do so means I have to give up all of the vices that keep me from being baptised.

    • Patty, thinking about these reasons is the first step to living your life free from the evils of smoking/nicotine.

      Good luck!

      It may not be easy, but you’ll get support from this community — just read through the comments on this website, or visit our Facebook page for inspiration or motivation

    • Good decision, John! The Quit Smoking Community is rooting for your success. We’re looking forward to learning more about your experience in the upcoming days.

      Best of luck to you.

  42. So far, this program is awesome! The text above is really meaningful and very well written. I also find this article very helpful:

    My three main reasons for giving up:
    1. The longer i smoke, the more i feel how bad it is for my physical condition. I had no symptoms for most of the time, but now after 20 years of tobacco use it really starts fucking up my health… I’m afraid to die in a very painful way within the next 20 years, which would be to early really.
    2. I wanna know how my 3 year old son will be when he is 20, 30, 40… Smoking gives me a real risk passing away before he reaches that age, plus the trouble my son will go through loosing his beloved dad way to early. It’s just not fair to him to keep on smoking.
    3. I hate it when i hang out with friends or family (most of them non-smokers, luckily), wanna enjoy my time with them but have to step outside at least every 2 hours to still my increasing cravings. It’s anti-social, and i do not want to be a slave to this addiction any more. I hate myself when my little son wants to play with me, but i must first obey the addiction and tell him to wait while i smoke my cigarette. Also it’s not healthy for him either, i don’t smoke in my room but my skin and clothes contain toxics and i probably shouldn’t cuddle him… It’s just not worth it!!!

  43. My 3 reasons are:
    1.It is too much….smoking for more then 5 years wasting all my fathers money and gaining nothing..simply nothing
    2.My dream to be AN INDIAN AIF FORCE OFFICER can not be fulfilled if I don’t quit smoking this time.I now I can and I will
    3.I always wanted to live healthy and energetic
    But this cigarettes have spolied everything. But I promise not this time.

  44. I want to quit because, I don’t want to die like my parents did. I don’t want to be like a dog on a leash with oxygen. I want to show my kids how strong I am. Hoping they will follow?

  45. I’m nervous about my quit day but I’m determined 3 reasons I want to quit is
    My health and living a healthier lifestyle

    I like to run but it’s hard to breathe when you smoke

    I have found my true love and I don’t want to do anything to cut my time with Him shorter

  46. My three reasons to quit smoking:

    1) I am so tired of not being able to do things without getting out of breath –

    2) I hate being sneaky to have a cigarette when my children come over – I know they know I smoke but it’s the silence and my guilt has gone far enough – I’ve quit many times

    3) This has to be my last quit time – and it has to be forever this time

  47. Thank you for the good feedback, Boris. Just reading your comment tells me how decided you are. That mindset will really help you succeed in this journey.

    So as early as now, congratulations!

    You’re on your way to living a more amazing life and the Quit Smoking Community is behind you every step of the way.

  48. Hi everyone, My 3 reasons to quit smoking .1 my health,last year i was a cancer survivor of non hodgkin lymphoma.i was told my smoking wasnt the cause im scared next it will be. 2 my appearance smoking wrecked my teeth im fighting a gum disease which cost me tons of money. 3 i worked all my life i want to enjoy retirement in 4 years. im nervous but psyched and need all the help i could get thanks again

  49. I cut down from 2 packs a day to 1/2 pack. Thought that would be enough to not damage my health. Not! I need to quit for my health. Smoking for 45 years has really taken a toll on me.
    I am raising 3 grandchildren that love me and depend on me. If I don’t quit smoking there is a good chance I might not live long enough to finish getting them raised.
    My husband has emphysema and is now dependent on oxygen and numerous medications. I see how hard he struggles to breath. I don’t want to end up in that condition.

  50. It is time to give this habit up, and here are my three reasons:

    1) I want to be more attractive. It’s shallow, maybe, but I imagine it’s hard if you’re a non-smoker to find a smoker attractive or enjoyable to be around. I’m tired of apologizing to people for how my car smells, or ducking out every few hours just to make myself stinky again.

    2) I want to be healthier. I need some willpower victory to spur me towards the better life that I know will and can exist out there, and quitting smoking is the first step towards living the life I imagine. Plus I don’t want to worry every day that today will be my last, that I could have a heart attack at any time or could contract lung cancer or COPD or any of that terrible stuff that reduces so severely the quality of life.

    3) I want to save some money, put the money that I spend on a form of “soft suicide” towards things that I want or need in my life, and that will raise myself and those around me up instead of investing my money in coating my lungs in a thick coat of tar. Ugh.

    It’s time, it really is.

  51. Here we go…

    The three reasons I want to quit.

    1. My children. They will be better off if I quit smoking. They are getting the age where they will be faced with the decision to smoke or not. If I am smoking they are more likely to choose to smoke and there is a steady supply in the house if I continue to smoke.

    2. Cost. Smoking is expensive; money, health, and time.

    3. I want a better future. No one says when I grow up I want to be a smoker.

    I know it’ll be hard and I may fail here or there, but as long as I keep trying I know I’ll eventually succeed.

  52. Hello all, two days ago i was smoking 20-30 cigarettes per day..yesterday i smoked 6.5 today i smoked 4 and started to use gum today…i quit because i wanna be free simply…today the quote for the crave attack (take your f…. time)!..the crave pain is nothing compared to cancer…the crave means the beast inside who is devouring my lungs started to get hurt..the crave is his let him moan in pain 😀

  53. My 3 reasons for quitting smoking:
    1) my two beautiful children. I want to see them grow, graduate from high school and college. I want to see them get married. I want to always be a big part of their lives. I want to be here to see my grandkids one day.
    2) I want to be healthy. I want to be able to work out til I am old and gray but I can tell you right now I don’t feel like it at all and it’s always been a very important part of my life.
    3) I am tired of hiding the fact that I smoke from everyone else and I am tired of being embarrassed that I smoke. It is so taboo today. As it should be it is killing us.

  54. I am quitting tomorrow becaause:-

    1. I hate taking smoke breaks and being a slave to going out for cigarettes
    2. To gain more energy – I had loads more before I went back on them.
    2. For health and beauty! – I want to live longer and don’t want to have a long crippling illness. I want my face and hair to glow, go to the dentist without shame!, not be conscious of the smell of smoke on the subway etc etc etc….!

  55. The 3 top reasons I want to quit smoking are:

    1.) I’m tired of hiding in the backyard to keep my smoking habit a secret from my daughter and our good friends next door!

    2.) I don’t want oral cancer, COPD, or that nasty “smokers voice”!

    3.) I’m always short of breath, like I have to gasp for air. That’s not fun….

  56. my 3 reasons is all about my health I’m really commiited this time I smoked for over 30 years. I’m a cancer survivor I have bad circulation and looking at a hip replacement. My doctor told me smoking had not contributed to my cancer but I’m scared next time I won’t be so lucky I’m pumped up to quit for good and be a ex smoker

  57. My top three reasons to stop smoking for good are

    1) CONFIDENCE: I have wanted to stop for a couple of years and every time I start up again I feel disappointed, helpless and pathetic. I want to let go of these feelings and learn to be comfortable with myself, without a cigarette.

    2) TO BE ABLE TO EXPLORE THE WORLD MORE: I feel that allowing myself to smoke cigarettes is holding me back from a lot of life that can be lived both in the present (moments missed because I was thinking about smoking) and in the future (earlier death) I want to use the money I save to travel and plan on travelling

    3)HEALTH: I want to be healthy and not self-destructive. I want to be able to breath and taste my food. I want to be a good role model and a good friend. I want to be able to keep my word, especially to myself.

  58. 1. I hate smoking. Every cigarette is just disgusting.. and still I keep on smoking.
    2. I do not want to be a nicotine slave anymore.
    3. It just is not worth it: jeopardizing your health, being a social outcast, setting a bad example for my kids.

    Good luck everyone!

  59. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation..

    1. Stop being a slave to cigarettes.

    2. Regain my physical endurance.

    3. Regain my sense of smell and taste.

  60. Tomorrow is my quit day. My reasons are:

    1. I want and need to do this for myself first and foremost.

    2. My wife is a breast cancer survivor and 2nd hand smoke is detrimental to her success.

    3. As a Christian I am defiling God’s temple (my body)

  61. 1. I want to prove to myself that I am stronger than the Obsession that will most definitely shorten or end my life.

    2. For my family that wants me to live as long as a healthy life permits.

    3. It smells sooo bad and is so expensive, its like throwing money away and shortening my life all at the same time every time I buy a pack of cigarettes ridicules right.

    Good Luck Everone

  62. I’ve quit smoking before; each time I was pregnant with one of my two daughters. For some reason, I picked up the bad habit again. I’m really going to quit this time once and for all. My three greatest reasons for quitting are:

    1. Continued smoking has hindered my spiritual growth. I’ve learned that although I have a relationship with God, if I continue to smoke my spiritual growth is stunted. I’m looking forward to receiving ALL of the blessings that God has in store for me.

    2. Tyler (age 15), Justice (age 5), and Khaydinx (age 2) are the most wonderful grandchildren and gifts from God; I want to be around to see each of them grow into adulthood and to welcome their children into the world.

    3. I look forward to long life

    My reasons may seem trivial to some of you; but they’re all important to me. I am a conqueror and I will triumph over nicotine!

  63. My quit date is15th March 2016.
    3reasons.1:i am a med student, u can’t preach something if u don’t follow it Ur self 2.i felt I should get back to being the sweet innocent person I was before all the addictions 3.exercise for even a short time makes me feel i’ve lost a lot of my lung volume.

  64. i want to quit smoking because im 21 and its getting to me, i feel its slowly affecting me, i can tell my metabolism has changed, its no longer fun and its not good

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