Day 23 – QUIT30 Challenge

DAY 23 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 21 DAYS!!

21 days…absolutely fantastic. I’m sure that the smoke-free life has been pretty great for you, and I’m guesing things are pretty much back to normal in your life. Which is awesome, but things going back to normal can also be dangerous.


Todays’ Topic – Boredom/Loss of Motivation



The first few weeks, you’re actively engaged with breaking your addiction. You’re fighting the cravings, people are patting you on the back, you have a sense of purpose.

But after 3 weeks? You’re not having to battle too hard. Life went back to how it was before….well except for the fact that your life expectancy is much higher, your body is healing instead of deteriorating, and you are not dependent on a substance to be happy. But still, even with all the positives, life going back to normal means you lose that fighter’s instinct, you may take your eye off the ball.

Boredom also really tends to kicks in. You don’t notice it as much at first because dealing with physical withdrawal is not boring. It’s not fun, but it’s not boring either. Smoking cigarettes always broke up the day. It was little change of scenery every hour or couple of hours. Something to do when there was nothing to do. That boredom has caused a lot of people to just say “screw it”, drive to the store and start smoking again. So that brings us to our challenge.



  1. this method seems to have helped to stop smokiing.It is the best I have done so far.Once the craving has. Gone. You are free to enjoy your nnatrual. Life? I was diaagnosed with COPD,but now i feel thatt problem has been arested and I am back to normal.

    • Glad to hear this is working well for you. Thank you for the positive feedback, Sam.

      Keep up the great work — we hope to see you conquering smoking — you can do it!

    • Hi Dan, you should! I’m sure those pine chairs will look great.

      Goodluck, you are on your way to success. The Quit Smoking Community is surely rooting for you.

  2. I used to sew draperies, custom blinds and bedspreads when my daughter was young – Although I no longer have a large sewing room I still have my machine and a few windows that could use a freshening up and a couch that could use a cover – I will have a go at this and see what I remember!

  3. I picked up Needle Point Embroidery. Make pretty things out of simple. Makes you feel like your doing something when doing nothing.

  4. I decided on the 7th March 2017, enough is enough, I started patches the next day it was hard then suddenly I was on my last patch day 14, I started vaping and now I am on day 23, I feel fantastic, I still enjoy a drink without the cigs, I’m very proud of myself

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