Day 30 – QUIT30 Challenge

DAY 30 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 4 WEEKS!!


Day 30. Our final email.

You’ve gone a month without a cigarette!

Getting to that first 30 days was our ultimate goal, because once you get past 30 smokeless days the possibility that you’ll stay quit rises dramatically.

But just because you have 30 days is no guarantee that you’ll be smoke-free forever. You need to always have a little bit of caution wherever you go.

If you don’t interact with smokers often, it should be fairly stress-free for you besides certain situations. If you do find yourselves around smokers a lot, whether family or friends, recommend this 30 Day Challenge email program! But also set strict limits with them. Don’t let them smoke in your car (you know they’ll ask), reprimand them if they ever offer you a cigarette, and just generally set boundaries and stick to them.

But most importantly, you’re done with the QUIT30 CHALLENGE!!

You have shown a massive amount of self-discipline and willpower. You’re making the changes that you need to make to live a healthier, happier life and that’s a miracle.

You are a champion.

I hope that you’ll still participate in the Facebook group and help others become non-smokers, which will actually help you stay smoke-free. Helping others get through the quitting process really does remind you of where you were and help you to eliminate the compulsion to smoke.

Anyway, before we part ways, here are some situations you need to look out for in terms of relapsing:

1. Alcohol

2. Parties

3. Casinos

4. Stressful Life Events

5. Work Situations (Smoke breaks, etc)

6. When the weather changes from winter to spring (fresh air is better without smoke)

7. Thinking you can just smoke socially (you can’t)

8. Glorifying the smoking life (remember, it actually sucks)

I’m sure there are other situations that are personal to you, so as I’ve been saying: “Keep Your Eyes Pealed!” Your addict voice could pop out at any time in any situation. Maintain the mindset of being a proud non-smoker who worked hard to get where they are. Congratulations! Here’s to you and your healthier life..



    • Congratulations, Dgrant!

      We’re glad this program helped.

      Your next goal is to stay off the cigarettes (we know you can) and hopefully you’ll also be able to inspire others to quit the bad habit.

    • Completing the 30 day smoke free challenge is indeed a success. I made it and shall continue smoke free.
      My thanks to all of the participants and especially to the “QUIT 30 Program” staff for their support.
      Yeah baby…life is good again!!!

  1. Glad to be finally smoke free again yes stay away from alcohol it was the reason i failed the first time.thanks ppl

  2. had to start over so I am actually on day 16 but I feel much stronger this day 16 than the last time. As the suggestions say. We must recognize our triggers and avoid them. If cant then try to stay strong.
    The smell is what gets me and also just seeing the people just seemingly enjoying to inhale that poison getting me. So I am turning it around slowly. The smell doesn’t smell as good and I just feel sorry for the smokers, because it is poison and harming their body. I got through a horrible episode this weekend I had a bad headache tired cranky hands numb nauseous mouth dry and I went right through it. I understood that this is my bodies way of healing. I smoked one cigar two weeks ago and it took it that long to get out my system. I can’t afford to do that again to myself.

  3. Thanks to all for the support – I did it! 30 days Quit – I will keep the quit this time. Best of a smoke free life to everyone 🙂

  4. 30 days smoke free, it is hard there is no doubt , I didn’t really know what is was getting myself into as I just decided to quit 30 days ago cold turkey. I made it but there was a lot to go through , not sleeping correctly was hard, mood swings, head aches slight depression etc.
    I feel a lot better these days and my wanting to actually smoke is pretty much gone.
    In the last week or so I’ve been exposed to high stress situations , and smoking never entered my mind! … seems weird , but I’ll take it!
    I’m obviously very happy to be at this point , but it’s been hard , may be having an aid like chantix , Nicorete etc is the way to go , I’m not sure if this makes it any easier …… but like the Nike logo ” Just Do It” states is the first step I think.
    Good luck to all those trying to quit , just believe u can and deny the nicotine the control

  5. Day 30!!!
    I NEVER thought i could ever make it this far…i have tried and failed quitting at least 2 dozen times. 35 years of 2+packs per day. I have never made it past 2 days. But now … 30 days…wow is all i can say…it sure wasn’t easy….good luck to the rest of you!

  6. I never read those articles of how to quit smoking and I did it just because I wanted to live a healthy life with my children. Honestly I had tough time but now I feel I have regained self discipline in my life. Feeling healthy and happy.Yeah after effects, appetite, boredom,stomach related issues etc were there, but now I can tell you this is the best feeling you can have. I smoked for 10 years and now I am 30 days smoke free.

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