Day 4 – QUIT30 Quit Smoking Challenge

DAY 4 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 2 DAYS

How is your day going? I’m going to take a wild guess and say…it’s not been the greatest day. Mood swings, irritability, “nic fit” cravings, headaches, and that hard-to-describe feeling of your brain being squeezed.

You’re smack dab in the middle of nicotine withdrawal. But the middle means you’re the same distance from the beginning as you are from the end, so just keep pluggin forward and you’ll be through the worst of it in no time!

Drink water. Exercise. Post about what you’re going through. Get out of the house. Do something to get out of your head. Don’t wallow in it!

The 2nd day without nicotine is the day to really embrace the idea of altering your perception and attitude. Instead of viewing these cravings as terrible and unbearable and unfair, you should be embracing them as a necessary evil that will fade into the rewards of breaking the addiction. We’ll talk more about that below.

Some Nicotine Craving Motivation…


As you can see, this is a vicious cycle us smokers have been going through for many years. Instant gratification followed soon after by those same withdrawal/craving symptoms. It will never end until you break the cycle!

Tips for Day 4

More on the Idea of “Leaning In” to the Cravings

This is idea may be pretty weird, and it definitely was to me at first, but when I was on my 2nd and 3rd day, I had to come up with something to deal with the waves of nicotine cravings or I was going to lose it. So I decided to just accept them as they were and ‘lean in’ to them.

Nicotine cravings come in waves, so every time a craving wave as coming at me, I said “bring it on” and imagined that I was simply diving into a wave on the beaches of Lake Michigan, near where I grew up. Instead of wishing the unpleasant waves would just go away, I’d try my best to enjoy the thrill, popping back up for round 2 rather than being knocked over and crushed. When you accept the craving’s existence and the fact that you’ll have to deal with them for a few days, you seriously take the power away from them.

Think of how much your body is healing! It will never heal unless you go through the withdrawals and cravings. So if you know you have to go through it, you may as well lean into it, right? The craving waves are going to keep coming. But they start to get shorter and come less often. And in the end, they are a signal that your body is healing and getting back to a healthier, non addicted state.

Lean in if you like the idea, but for those that want a more traditional method to deal with withdrawal, try to have a go to alternative to smoking that you can do. Whether it’s sugar free gum, dum-dums, chewing on toothpicks, doing pushups, yoga, meditation or a combination of all of these, just have a replacement for the ritual of smoking.

Just embrace the cravings today, if you react negatively to them you’ll just give them more strength, increasing the chances that they will overpower you and drive you back to smoking again. They’re short term, they only last a few minutes each time, and they’ll stop in a matter of days. You can handle them, you are racing through the QUIT30 Challenge and there’s really no point in starting over now. 


  1. -Example Comment-

    Damn cravings hitting super hard after lunch. I just hate about 20 minutes ago and the cravings have been almost non-stop since I took the last bite. Does that happen to anybody else after they eat meals? It was a pretty heavy Subway sub too, which might explain it.

    Cravings were pretty mild this morning, only got bad as I was waking up but I did some pushups and chugged some water and they subsided for the most part.

    Almost there guys, we can do this.

  2. I decided not to count the 7 days with nicotine gum support as ‘quitted’ days.

    I stopped nicotine gum three days ago (starting Thursday night). I slept the first day through and on leave! Second day onward, it was being primed for and lean-in to the cravings.

    A friend taught me a sure way – with 100% success – to deal with the cravings. He said, “The more you resist, the more it will persist”. The way to conquer craving is not to FIGHT it; but, welcome it, accept it.

    Accept it like don’t wish it goes away. Examine what it looks like (a bubble?). What color (mine is dirty grey).

    When I start examining my craving, it vanishes!!!

    • Mithilesh, good for you! Thank you for sharing — one or two (or more) people on this page could be inspired by how you address those cravings.

      Keep up the great work and remember that you are not alone — show those cigarettes that you are the boss and that they no longer have power over you.

  3. I have a constant headache which is making me feel so unpleasant that I am nor even thinking about smoking. Its the last thing i want to do. Although I do think momentarily if I smoked maybe my headache will go. Then logic kicks in and I know the headache is there because of nicotine withdrawal and it won’t last forever. I’ll just stick it out. I guess I’m lucky that I feel so crap? It’s distracting me from any craving sensations.

    • Hi Catherine, you’re on a withdrawal stage. Keep your motivation to tally stop from smoking. Your headache will be gone soon. I believe you will have a nicotine free life. Stay strong and enjoy your life!

  4. Sitting at my mother in laws house and she still smokes and smokes in her house (not while we were there) but i see cigarette butts and ashes and all the reminders of smoking.

    • Stay strong, Kendra! Think of those cigarettes (whether sticks, butts, or ashes) as “demons” trying to tempt you to smoke again. Tell yourself that you are no longer allowing nicotine to take control of your life.

      The community is rooting for you!

  5. I failed I’m not even going to look at challenge 4 I woke up yesterday on my quit day and my daughter and I are doing this together we had a terrible argument and I bought cigarettes we both smoked this same thing happened about a year ago we live together and we screamed at each other in front of my almost 4tear old grand baby I’m so ashamed I don’t know what to do

    • I too woke up on day three, my quit day and had the most awful craving for a morning smoke, so I bought a pack on my way to work. For 3 hours didn’t open the pack, but the cravings kept up so after I was home I smoked one, then another, and another, a total of 5 before end of day. Was talking with a co-worker before this who smokes one on a rare occasion, but never got hooked and not a regular smoker. Next thing I find myself rationalizing how I can only smoke one…that’s it. It didn’t happen that way. Today am trying once again to beat these cravings once and for all. Yes, I failed on my quit day but we have to keep trying, you can do this Kim.

      • That’s the spirit, Melinda! Tell this to yourself a number of times “Cigarettes no longer have power over me”. Say it over and over, especially when you have cravings. It’s a form of mind setting that could work for you.

        Or keep busy whenever you have those cravings.

        We believe in you!

    • Hi Kim,

      It’s normal to take a fall — it isn’t easy to quit, but don’t give up. As long as you’re alive, there is hope. Think of the reasons why you decided to go on this program. What or who motivated you to try to quit? Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to save money instead of buying those cigarettes?

      A lot of people felt the same way you felt and experienced what you’ve experienced, but they decided to keep on going. You can, too.

      The Quit Smoking Community is rooting for you!

    • Yes you can, Annie. You go, girl!

      It will be difficult. Painful at times. You’ll feel like giving up, but stick to this program and enjoy the feeling of knowing that it’s worth it.

  6. I am don’t feel as bad as I was. I think now I just am missing my little time that I had smoking my cigars alone, and thinking. I have really been going very hard with my exercising, and getting up early to do it. What I found I that it tires me out, and by the the time it is bed time I can go to sleep. This hacking up mucus is really annoying, and my brain is saying if you smoke you wont have to do it. I realize that I really need to work on my self-worth. There is no way that a person that really loves himself can do this to themselves. So I am beginning to find that self-love necessary to quit this nasty addiction. Good luck to you all

    • Yes, Aaron, that’s a good way of thinking. It’s time to love yourself (and your body). When you quit smoking, you no longer have to suffer from coughing and other symptoms. You might experience withdrawal symptoms for days, or weeks, but they will go away and you will feel great, reborn!

      Good luck!

  7. I am really on day 2, not 4. Somehow the wires got crossed. I’m allowed 5 cigarettes. Is it okay to take just a few puffs and go back to the same cigarette or do you have to count a few puffs as one of the five cigarettes allowed?

  8. On day 4 of cold turkey, just trying to keep myself busy, plenty of polo mints n toothbrushing, im finding trying not to eat too much the hardest thing, back to work this week, hoping this helps.

  9. I’m actually on day seven never even had a puff I still have cravings. I went for celebratory dinner went to a store with lottery tickets my mind telling me to buy a pack. everyday is me arguing with my mind . Well I vowed to beat this curse and right now I’m still swinging. My advice to anyone having trouble first few days sleep a lot as much as you can.

    • Keep thinking on the good effects on quitting smoking. I firmly believe you can conquer your cravings. Thanks for your advice as well!

  10. I am 2 weeks down the line of not smoking I had to stop the patches as I was getting palpitations so I have been nicotine free for 4 days
    I realise that I will always enjoy a cigarette but they are extremely poisonous and I try to avoid toxins i.e I eat organic food and cook everything from scratch
    So life goes on with out cigarettes
    I feel less guilty if I see the dentist or a doctor I can honestly say I don’t smoke now which is a relief

    • Congratulations and nice work, Natalie! Bringing one’s actions in line with one’s views/beliefsl magic and can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.” ― Virginia Woolf

    • That’s a good realization, Natalie — it’s one that will help you win this fight.

      Good luck and remember that the Quit Smoking Community believes in you!

  11. Craving heating me after taking tea. Keep myself calm & cool. After 15 min situation become normal. Drink water & again focus on my target. Keep myself busy in work.

  12. hey guys I am on my fifth day and I am really proud of myself. I thought i could never do this. The cravings are still there and because I used to smoke after each and every task of the day i really do miss it but I tell myself that these cravings will go away and put water a carrot an apple to make it go away. havent started exercising yet but will soon enough. i really do miss my cigs but i want to be healthy too. a dire choice to but choosing of course the latter

  13. I have been nicotine free for the past 5 days .The first two days were rough.I had the shakes ,couldn’t concentrate (I am a teacher by the way ) and I pretty much felt like I was going crazy.Today I feel great!I have started to substitute junk with fruit and water and I feel alive again!I hope the cravings disappear completely ,I never want to smoke again : (

  14. This morning I had a craving only because I am stress out about something but because I didn’t bring any money I didn’t buy any

  15. Today is my 3rd day of being nicotine free. The craving start early this morning. I heard my mind telling me it’s OK to have one but I didn’t. I’m telling myself I’m so much greater and I’ll feel do much better. I knew the craving would come but did not realize how strong. I’m going to do this for me. I’m dedicated to living a smoke free life.

  16. Just finish having lunch at work,the cravings are hitting me like a sledge ? I feel nervous,aggravated,sleepy,don’t know what to do!

  17. 10/16/2015
    Dear Cigarette,

    I am trying to justify whether I should have you or not, it has been three days tonight without you. I keep thinking of the energy and the amount of energy that I will have for tonight if only I could have you. But I would be much more prouder of myself without especially the next day when I would have to break the chain and start all over again. I will not buy a cigarette. Today at lunch we are planning on breaking open a bottle of wine, and one fo the first thoughts that came up was having a cigarette right after. The first thing, rather than enjoying a glass with friends and chatting. A cigarette, controlling and pairing my life events around itself. Instead of enjoying wine and having a cigarette, I will go get my eyebrows done quickly, and then come back and enjoy my sandwich and have a glass of wine with the girlies.
    I also feel that I will be tempted to have a cigarette before the work function, but instead I will go to the gym for half an hour and then get ready for the party. I will monitor how much I drink by following every drink with a glass of water.
    I will also drink plenty of water today. No more wishy washy ness. I do not want to smoke, and do not need to smoke to be a happy and healthy person. Smoking makes me unhealthy and gross.


  18. I has my last smoke 1/3/16 at 2:30 pm. I have not had any cigarettes since then and today I hurt. My lungs ache and I have already started coughing. I can get past this and will get past this, this time. My cravings so far have not been to bad. I am working on crafts to keep me busy. I am also in a recovery program to help me. I got a beginning chip to remind me what I am trying to achieve. I also sing and would like to continue to sing for years to come. Good breathing is vital to singing well and because my lungs have not been too good lately I knew I needed to quit before I can no longer breathe and get notes out. 2 days in to not smoking and I can feel the difference. I know it will get better as I continue to not smoke. STAYING POSITIVE!!

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