Day 5 – QUIT30 Challenge

DAY 5 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 3 DAYS

So 3 days without a cigarette huh? That’s damn impressive.

The smokeless days are starting to blend together. I personally thought the 3rd day had the worst cravings but it was easier to handle because I was prepared from the day before. Plus just knowing that the worst of the withdrawal was almost behind me made it a lot easier to trudge on.

You are definitely not out of the woods yet, but the progress you’ve made deserves some recognition! Not many people make it 3 days without a smoke, let’s keep this going.


Some Awesome Motivation to Keep Going



Keep going, look at how many great changes you’re close to achieving! Sometimes it’s nice to look at the benefits of quitting as opposed to the fear of what could happen if you don’t.

3 Days Without Nicotine

Just Keep Chuggin’

Today, I don’t have much to tell you because you are at the point where you can’t turn back. 2 days without smoking, almost 3…if you turn back now you are just going to have to do them again! You would be seriously crazy to relapse right now, though I suppose our addiction does make us crazy.

The fact that you’ve been through hell with clear skies ahead should be motivation enough. You’ve come so far. Just remember the benefits of this challenge, and the rewards you are so close to achieving. Also keep in mind the power mindset of handling cravings. Embrace ’em, today is the worst they’ll be. It’s their last stand, your receptors are starving for nicotine and using all of their force to get you to cave. But they’re dying fast and all you have to do is hold out.

Don’t give up, this day is just as important as any of the rest.




  1. -Example Comment-

    These last 3 days sucked. I’m so happy that the really intense cravings seem to be dying down. But here are some things I hated about the withdrawal process…

    1. The mood swings. There were times when I impatient, angry, sad, remorseful and angry again all within a half hour period.

    2. The knowledge that one cigarette would fix my discomfort, but not allowing myself to do it.

    3. When I would start feeling like shit and not even realize why, until a few minutes later when I remembered that I was quitting smoking.

    4. Breaking my routine. I had all these different times and places when I would smoke, it really broke up my day. But now I’m struggling to find a new ritual or routine.

    5. Not being able to concentrate on ANYTHING

  2. Omg is my first response. I am in recovery from surgery 6/10 during this time i decided to quit..the first 3 days was not so bad as i was told not to smoke so I think my mind was set that i couldn’t.. but after me deciding to quit things changed tremendoisly. Things are going back to normal routine wise..but hey i can’t smoke with my coffee I can’t smoke while reading i cant smoke while watching tv with my cup of ice..ny routine is screwed what the hell do i do I can’t focus I’m Out of wack right now. I’m now pacing the floor on my room going back and forth to the kitch wtf I’m in hell in my mind..but I want to see this thru and tho I’m 10 days smoke free it’s still hard

    • Just keep the motivation in you, Shanell. I know it is really hard but you need to in order for you restore and recover your precious life. You can do it with a positive and right mindset. Keep believing you can do it!

  3. The first three days was not as hard as I thought, but it did suck. I had a constant bad headache and I was also tired. To top it all off I developed cold like symptoms. Whether this was related to the quit I do not know. I thought to myself if I smoke my headache will go away, which I logically realised is madness. You can’t smoke for good health and there are other things you can do to be healthy. Like meditate, or go running, anything relaxing like that. I hate smoking so much. It makes me think I like it. It creates fantasies in my head that drive me to smoke. If something is so great, why does coming off it make you sick??!!!!! Its the withdrawal and I am so glad I’ve stopped again. I never never want to smoke again. I want to reclaim myself back. Smoking is a distraction which destroys your good health slowly over the years. All the time it tricks you into thinking you need it and it makes your life better. I’m now chewing sugar free gum. It keeps me occupied while I stave of any cravings. The cravings I have are in my head and create the pressure which gives me the headache. I know this will pass and I’m so glad I’ve stopped. I can already smell better. I’M SO GLAD I QUIT.

    • Hi Catherine, flu like symptoms (cold, cough, headaches) — these are withdrawal symptoms. Some people may even vomit from time to time. Good news is, these withdrawal symptoms will eventually go away so keep going!

      Congratulations, by the way, on sticking to your decision of quitting smoking. Your comment will surely serve as an inspiration to others here. Thank you!

  4. The first few days have and still have been living hell!!!
    Mood swings like crazy (had the before i decided to quit smoking but not as bad). Nervousness is worse now than before (foot twitching) Just flat out aggravated mainly at my husband. I tell him im sorry tho.

    • Hi Kendra F, stay strong! I believe you can make it. When you quit smoking, you will life a better life than then. Have a healthy lifestyle… Looking forward to it…

  5. I quit Monday at 430pm. 41 hours and counting. I did slip once. It didn’t much of a thing for me at all. I found it rather nasty. I woke up this morning with a horrible running nose. That’s alright. Giving up is not an option.

  6. I haven’t touched a cigar in almost a week. The first three days were aweful. I experienced numbness and tingling in my extremities. Hacking all the time. Headaches. Cankor sores. Incredible mood swings which I am still experiencing, restlessness and lack of sleep. IT felt like I just lost my best friend. Who needs a friend that is sucking the life out of you? Just feeling jealos of people that were smoking. Mouth watering. Tired all the time. Never want to go through this again

    • Just go on quitting the smoke, Aaron. You can conquer your craving soon. Avoid people who are smoking so you will be enticed to smoke again. Withdrawal syndrome strikes on you…. But keep believing you can make it. Healthy life is ahead on you!

  7. 5 days nicotine free now, beginning to get back to some kind of life without cravings making too much of an impact. Worst things in the 1st few days were the mood swings, fuzzy head, tiredness, constant munchies and restlessness! Can honestly say that today ive barely noticed any of the above! Have kept myself busy tho.

    • Happy to hear that you’re barely noticing withdrawal symptoms that you used to notice. You are feeling better and you are closer to your goal! It’s just Day 5, you may think, but this is still an achievement.

      Keep up the great work, Jo!

  8. I am using the patch which I know has helped tremendosely but I also feel like I’m cheating. My body is still getting the nicotine it craves but not the habit that goes along with it. I really want to take this patch off but I’m so affraid i will relapse and then have to do it all over again and that I just don’t want. I was changing the patch out about every 12 hrs the first two days because the cravings would get so strong. Funny how you’re still feeding this drug to your body but it wants more.

    I have noticed today (my 3rd day) that I haven’t had to change the patch out yet and that while still having cravings they are not as severe.

    I really can’t stop eating (hope this goes away real quick), am extremely tired and also feel like I have a cold/allergies.

    I downloaded a great app Smoke Free that has helped me “see” the actual count of how many cigarettes I have not had and how much money I have saved. It also gives me daily challenges and I write in a diary. Also has a great craving tool. It was a free app but for 3.99 I bought the complete set up. What’s worse, 3.99 once to help get well or 10.00 a day to blacken my lungs?

    Speaking of lungs, another thing I did was to print down a color picture of a “smokers lung” and a “non-smokers” lung. I really hated the feeling of that smoke going down into my lungs. This image will help me.

    We can do this. I have done it before. I was smoke free for 14 years, saw a friends son smoking at a party and asked for one. I hoped and I prayed that it would make me gag, make me sick, taste horrible but that very first drag it was like “coming home”. I have been now smoking again for 3 years. Sometimes I really really enjoyed it, others like at the end of the day, not so much. Then I really started to notice the Morning Hack…ugh. That was when I knew it was time to put them down again. I don’t remember it being this hard way back in the day but man….it really is hard.

    Good Luck everyone and repeat after me “Not another puff, no matter what”!!

    • Thank you for this really motivational message, Dawn, and congratulations on sticking to the program and also looking for other ways to stay true to program.

      You’ll succeed, just keep on going.

  9. Well this is my 2nd day and haven’t really thought about smoking really, my husband has left his pack around the house just not thinking. Haven’t touched not one just give them to him and asked for him to put them up. Do have the headaches and all I want is junk food, need to gain anyway. I’m not going back, it’s both feet planted to quit.

  10. Quit myself from any argument with anybody, so that anger which leads to craving affects me. Drink plenty of water. Keep myself cool & calm.

  11. Hi, I am amazed how easy this was, if I had known this before I would have stopped years ago. I must say I did plan before hand my new routine, drinking green tea in a morning instead of my normal cup of English tea etc. also knowing what to expect as far as withdrawal symptoms helped.

    Going Cold Turkey is for me the best way to quit, as I am getting the nicotine out of my body quicker which to me seems logical, instead of putting nicotine in my body with replacement therapies.

    I am so proud of myself, good luck to everyone who has made it this far.

  12. I had my last cigarette August 24th, but I am using a vaping stick, any comments? I smoked 30 years! I really like the idea and use a low setting and low nicotine level, it has to be healthier than cigarettes,

  13. All I can focus on is the pain my body is actually in. My joints hurt, my head hurts, my back hurts and this is all just on day 3. First couple days were fairly easy. I have already started coughing but my lungs don’t hurt as bad as when I was smoking. I have also started breathing exercises. I’ve had stress dreams (bad dreams) every night. I know they will stop but i feel very tired due to not sleeping well. I have the knowledge this is all temporary but the actual living it feels as if it will last forever. This is my umpteenth time I have tried to quit smoking. I am praying this time it sticks.

    Yesterday I did get this feeling that I had lost something or that something was missing. I was missing the feeling of the smoke filling my lungs. So many of us have become prisoners in our addiction. We think about smoking all day but really don’t experience a true relief once we get our ‘fix’. I refuse to be in bondage to an addiction that gives me nothing in return but only takes away.

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