Day 6 – QUIT30 Quit Smoking Challenge

DAY 6 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 4 DAYS

Okay, so 3 days smoke-free are in the books! The hardest part of the early stages of the quitting challenge is winding down to a quick close. Congratulations!

However, remember that cravings are going to keep hitting for another few weeks. Some people on the Facebook group report getting the return of huge cravings on day 9 or 13 or some random day. But these last 3 days were the most frequent and intensive ones that you’ll have to deal with.

So just remember the tools that got you through the first 3 days and apply them as needed over the next few weeks!


You Made It This Far So…

keep going


Tips for Day 4

Get Ready to Start the Next Phase of QUIT30

With much of the physically difficult part over, it’s time to prepare for something that is a different animal altogether: future relapse.

Once you are a non-smoker and less focused on not smoking, it can be easy to fall into a smoking trap. A friend offers you one, you’re at a bar, you want to socialize with the other smokers, etc.

Most relapses happen AFTER the 3 day withdrawal period because people let their guard down. The first few days may be extremely hard, but they’re not boring. You’re fighting with everything you have and the novelty of not smoking is giving you lots of motivation. But that will wear off and not smoking will no longer be your main focus.

Your focus should still be doing what you’re doing to deal with cravings and everything else, but as you keep getting better that focus tends to fade. And that’s what you need to start watching out for.


  1. I have made it this far and man oh man it feels good and freeing but i know im not in the clear yet. Sitting and watching my friend play at his gig in a smoke filled room is a def temptation.

    • Good job, Bunny! It’s really cool when you stop smoking. Avoid friends who are smoking because this will prompt you to pick some cigar. Stay strong and live a happy smoke free life…

  2. Congrats! Keep up the excellent work! I’m on day 9 of my forever smoke free journey and it has been tough! The craving are not so bad, the problem is that I’m constantly eating!

    I don’t know how you can sat in that smoke filled room. Maybe using a nicotine patch or gum would help in those types of situations.

    I wish you well and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Dgrant, great to hear that you’re not having too strong cravings. It seems you’ve taken on eating as a way to keep off cigarettes. Another thing you can try is to keep yourself busy with a hobby. How about exercising? Going on a walk, or a jog? Think of an activity you think you’ll enjoy and you can easily do whenever you feel like smoking.

      Hope this helps.

  3. My greatest fear is returning to work and coming home..and wanting that just getting in and kick back smoke…and then the realization that I’m a non smoker woosh so what will i do to fight this?? the long days without my “outlet” I guess I’ll cross that bridge when i get to it..but I don’t plan on letting myself down.

    • Hello Shanell, try to keep busy. Try something new, a hobby perhaps — reading a book? Listening to music? Watching your favorite TV series? Anything that will effectively take your mind off smoking.

      You are stronger than nicotine and your fear, keep this in mind.

      Good luck!

  4. Living with mom who is a smoker is going to be tough. I get headaches when I smell the smoke, but I have to worry about asking for one. Everyday I smell it and I’m around it.

    • Hi Annie, I believe you can conquer this battle over smoking. I know it’s hard but keep on focus and try not to get affected. Stay strong!

  5. mostly when I am only. I have started to feel really good, and it doesn’t feel right so I want to smoke. That is so weird. I just have to remind myself that everything that I want isn’t good for me. I avoid drinking, and most of my friends don’t smoke so its honestly just on me

    • Aaron, take advantage of the fact that most of your friends are non-smokers. Hang out with them more, rather than going out with friends who smoke, at least while you’re on this program.

      Once you’re done with this program and you quit smoking totally, it will be less difficult for you to be with friends who smoke.

      Glad to hear that you’ve started to feel really good. Just keep going, you’ve got this!

  6. Hey my biggest worries are when I get stressed at work, when I have to drive and when I land from a flight. I can avoid most other situations like not socializing or drinking. I had quit for 7 years and about 18mths ago I picked it up again. Was incredible how quickly it became a force in my life. I hate it and hate myself for giving in. 5 days in without one and staying strong. I wish we got the emails everyday, I was sad when on day 7 i didnt get one.

    • Hi Juan,

      Keep going — we believe that you’ll reach the end of this program and you’ll win over those cigarettes.

      I suggest during days you don’t receive emails, you visit our Facebook page to get inspiration and motivation. You’ll notice people posting there too for support.

      Hope this helps. Stay strong!

  7. It’s NOT easy!! Every time I get into the car I want to smoke. It was a habit. Tomorrow I go to an estate sale at 4:30 be sure that I am number one to get in at 9:30. I usually smoke alot while I am waiting. This will be my first real challenge. Wish me will power!!!

  8. 1) my biggest temptation is my boyfriend who is a smoker and leaves his cigarettes out where I could get my hands on them. I haven’t but oh, sometimes…
    a) How I deal with this? I just get up and walk away telling myself I am stronger than they are and I can handle it.

    2) my second challenge is when I’m at work. I used to enjoy that 5 minutes of “just ahhh” time.
    b) How I deal with this? I get up and stretch, breath and walk. Sometimes i just walk around for the 5 minutes it would have taken me to smoke.

    3) after every single meal !! I think that has been the hardest time for me. How many times have we (smokers) lit up after that oh so satisfying meal and enjoyed our cigarette just as much? I think this is a big one for a lot of smokers.
    c) How I deal with this? If convienient brush your teeth, have a nice big glass of water or a piece of gum/mint. Go for a walk, this also helps with digestion.

    I find the biggest thing that helped me is just taking a few minutes every day, relaxing my shoulders, closing my eyes and just breathing. Picture the clean healthy air coming in on inhale and the negative going out on exhale.

    Not one more puff, no matter what!!
    we can do this.

    • Thanks, Dawn for these tips. These are of a great help for everyone in here. We can do this… Stay strong and let’s conquer smoking!

  9. I caved in on day 2. I had one and felt so guilt ridden. I will have to start all over again….but I’ll do it! It’s hard because my daughter who smokes lives part-time with me. They’re in her pocketbook and it’s so tempting. I need help!

    • Hi Rose,

      Stay strong!

      The moment you decide to quit is the moment when you have to keep pushing to reach your goal.

      This isn’t an easy journey and you’ll come across cravings and temptations e.g. your daughter who smokes, but you are stronger than that.

      I suggest you read through the comments on this site or on our Facebook page to stay motivated and inspired

      Best of luck!

  10. The first thing I can think of as a trigger is dealing with my ex husband as he keeps dragging me to court over custody of our daughter. He is, by far, the biggest trigger I have! Next would be the routine like while driving or when I ger up but that’s been getting better for sure!

  11. Work is one of my biggest temptations,driving,and when I get aggravated.Yes I can say aggravation is my biggest trigger.Im surprised I’m doing so well.I constantly pray and call on God when I feel weak!

  12. I’m on day 12 now and its much easier to get through the craving waves but like Shanell I’m worried about returning to work, I have been on Vacation for 2 weeks and will return in a couple of days. I have a pretty stressful job and that cigarette used to get me through some of that stress or at least that was what I was telling myself so I haven’t made it over that hurdle yet, wish me luck.

  13. This was my 7th day of non smoking, I was doing this cold turkey, but a had a relapse was on the highway got lost, freak out panic and end up buying a pack ,smoke one felt dizzy,ashamed, weak,and to top it off felt like a garbage, don’t want to smoke but I don’t want to keep eating every time I have a craving, write this minute I’m mentally stress, and all I been doing is crying

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