Day 9 – QUIT30 Quit Smoking Challenge

DAY 9 – QUIT30 Program
Smoke-Free for: 1 WEEK!

Hello there! This should be your 7th day without a cigarette. Get the hell out of here! That’s amazing.

You made it through the 3 days of peak cravings, but these past 4 days I’m sure have had plenty of intense ones as well. But you have a week without smoking! Hell yeah!

But you’re not out of the woods, the physical cravings are not the only opponent you’re facing in this challenge. You’ve also got to go against your own brain and the addict voice inside. And that voice is the most conniving, evil voice you may ever come across.

The Inner Addict Voice



Yeah, just tell it to shut the f*(& up.

Tips for Day 4

Dealing with the Manipulative Cigarette Addict In Your Head

The addictive voice in your head will tell you that just giving up and smoking would be better than going through all this. It will tell you that these cravings and mood swings will never stop. It will tell you that just one puff will help fix everything. It will tell you that you still have some years left to smoke before you start to develop health issues.

It’s a crazy son of a bitch.

Today’s challenge is to shut that voice down by reinforcing all the great changes that have happened in your life in the past week. Allow yourself to live in the beautiful reality of what happened instead of the negative make believe world that the addict wants you to live in!


  1. i do not cough or stay up all night smoking. i can be around it and not do it, that makes me feel stronger, and like i have something to be proud of. I was offered a cigarette, but i said no and stay away from it. I feel less stress and worry, kinda clearer thoughts than before. overall i feel better as an ex-smoker.

  2. I am becoming way more productive. After smoking my cigar it would make me feel so lethargic, but now I am becoming more energized. I am actually much more relaxed, and I have had a stressful week. I would before seek my cigar to help me cope now I use my mind. It has made a tremendous difference and allowed me to be so much more creative. This sounds weird, but I actually taste my Now I don’t have to hide from my family to smoke.

    • WOW! That’s great to hear from you, Aaron… You are now leading to the right track of life. Stay a healthy and productive life! Good job…

  3. I dont have to hide when I smoke, constsntly washing my hands when I getting home to my family. I have a sense of pride that I can not do sometning that I know is bad for me. I felt so defeated in the past after smoking, now I feel better. Its been a battle in my head but I have not given in. I made it through a stressful workday yesterday without one. That was a big step.

  4. My period of highest intensity smoking is when I go garage saleing or arrive a few hours early to wait for an estate sale. I went today and the cravings were horrible but I managed. It was literally painful but I didn’t give in. If I made it through this, I can make it through anything!! ( I hope )

    • Let’s always hope for the best, Harriet! And I personally congratulate you for a job well done. You can conquer anything… It’s all in the mind and determination. Stay strong!

  5. It’s me again. My hands. Hair and clothes don’t smell and the smell of cigarette smoke is starting to nauseate me. ( my daughter smokes ) no improvement in taste sensation yet.

  6. Feeling fitter, started to exercise and actually want to exercise, more money, no smell of cigarettes on clothes and hair, no lethargy .feeling good!!

  7. Hi Every Good Non Smoker, Its been great as a non smoker for this 7 days in my life. I am proud
    of my achievements. Although I feel great about this, my family are not so excited as myself.. Yes
    of course it doesnt effect them that much, but siill some fake encouragement is in order.

    Well I feel good, In many ways I still reach out for my cigarettes, but I realise it is the past tense. Yes I
    used to enjoy my cigarettes, offcourse it is still disasterous.

    • Keep going, Dan! You’ve made it and keep on focus. You are an achiever when you decided to stop smoking! Believe and you will conquer this…

  8. 1- my hair, clothes and fingers don’t smell
    2- I am nit short of breath easily
    3- I feel independent
    4- I can go out have a drink and overcome cravings
    5- My sex drive is waaaayyyyyyy better
    6- Money saved
    7- I have an app that told me I have regain 2 days of life. That’s pretty epic.

    Side note I am tired all the time now and really wish I could have the benefit of higher energy level. Is anyone else experiencing this? Please help.

  9. Those are the effects on quitting from smoking. You’ve slowly restore your life… Live your life to its fullest potentials. Life is beautiful!

  10. I have been nicotine free for 10 days now. I haven’t coughed at all and I feel sleepy all the time. Still a little anxious and irritable but still going strong even though my mind keeps telling me I should just have one cig…

  11. today is my 13th day without smoking ive never did this before since i started smoking
    and im feeling stronger and stronger each day even though all my friends are smokers and
    their telling me its not possible to quit smoking and i just keep going on to prove that to them

  12. insure could’ve used this a few days agoy inner voice is always telling me to give in and it’s hard to not give in why doesn’t the inner voice try and convince you to not give in

  13. great tips I wish our inner voice told us we didn’t need the cigs as often as it tries to convince us to give in I started running which has been part of motivation for quitting actually was able to run 35 out of 38 mins in a 5k run Sunday and I could breathe

  14. Many thanks for you…you are so helpful guys..well i feel the difference starting from my teeth color, good sleeping. Better breathing and the above of this my feeling i am free and could conquer this devil so far…i have craving from time to time..i used nicotine gum for the firstvtow days and then i use normal gum..and it is ok so far and craving is less and less 😀

  15. Oh my goodness where do I began.I breathe better.Monday I went to the track and walked about eight times and wanted to continue but it was to hot.I feel motivated.Im still dealing with insomnia,heartburn but all is well and I’m coping!?

  16. I smell so much better!
    Went to the gym today and wasn’t self conscious worrying that I smelled like smoke.
    Other peoples smoking doesn’t make me want one, it is starting to smell bad to me.
    Food tastes are more intense without being dulled by cigarettes.
    My sense of smell is definitely better.

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