Welcome to the QUIT30 Quit Smoking Program!

Your program starts soon so be on the lookout for the “Day 1” email! Below is more detailed information on QUIT30, and why it works so well.

Quick Intro

QUIT30 is a free 30 day program that uses the 3 most important things a person needs when quitting: motivation, challenges and accountability. 

MOTIVATION – Over the next 30 days, you’ll receive 11 emails on the most important and difficult days of your quit. These emails will encourage you just when you need it, and give you critical tips to get through whatever day you’re on.

CHALLENGES – Each email will also contain a challenge. You don’t have to do them but we really think they are the most important part of the program. They’ll help you get out of your head and seriously increase your chances of staying quit.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Besides the emails, we also have an active and supportive Facebook group with over 1,000 members. We highly recommend that you join and post whenever you’re going through emotional rollercoasters, cravings, or just if you have a question for somebody who’s been smoke-free for a while.


2 Steps to Get Started

1. Join the Facebook Group!!! Click Here to Join (just request to join and somebody will approve you within an hour or two)

2. After that, check your email. Look for one from us that says ‘DAY 1 of the QUIT30 Challenge’. Read it, then click the link at the bottom of the email to GET STARTED WITH DAY 1!


A Few More Notes


If you’re thinking about putting it off, just know that you don’t even have to give up smoking for the first 2 days of the program! We help you wean off to make the withdrawal less severe.

Don’t have a Facebook? That’s okay, you can still interact with other quitters in the comment sections on each page. But the Facebook group is so helpful to so many people that we just have to recommend it.

You may want to consider getting a single notebook to write some things down throughout this process. A digital notepad will also work but some people prefer to write the old-fashioned way!


Having issues? Please don’t hesitate to email us at max@quitsmokingcommunity.org if you are having any problems with the course!


  1. I had been smoking for 53 years.
    Five days ago, when I took the first drag of the day, I felt a sharp pain in my throat and could not draw again from my cigarrete. I panicked and started looking at the details of my medical cover: cancer treatment is expensive.
    I stopped smoking (more because it was difficult to draw in smoke). To overcome the craving, I bought nicotine gums. Each time I get the urge – every four hours or so – I pop in a gum. I get hicups for a minute but the craving goes. It’s been five days now without cigarrete but have consumed about 15 gums.
    I don’t know how I am doing.

    • Well the nicotine gum is at least a bit better than smoking, but your main goal should be to get off of nicotine altogether. The gum has some potential bad side effects as well, like mouth cancer. But if you use them to wean yourself down and eventually quit, than it’s a good idea.

      • Thanks, Kentaro.
        The nicotine gum pack came with instructions – prescribes a planned gradual reduction of gum intake: starting from 12 a day in the first week to 1 a day when in the 12th week. It says nicotine urge reduces with time. I think I’ll follow the ‘dosages’ prescribed and if that does not help, I’ll think of quitting nicotine altogether.
        It’s been seven days now and I had a very strong urge to light up in the morning!

        • Yeah exactly! As long as you do actually follow the plan on the box, it’s totally acceptable. I just wanted to caution you about switching addictions because I was addicted to the gum for about a year and it wasn’t that fun. But you seem determined to stick with the plan, so do what works for you!

    • Hi there wow 53yrs smoking and I thought I was Bad 42yrs I am on the same path as you and wish us all the Best


      Abraham Mclean

    • I’ve been smoking since 2012, my fiancee and I had a child together in November of last year. I did not smoke throughout the pregnancy or the first two-three months of our son’s life. I started smoking heavily due to stress from school, I think. I was on the patch about a month ago, then relapsed. I put a new patch on yesterday, but continued to smoke (not as heavily, but still). I’m breastfeeding. I’m ready to quit.

  2. Hi ya’ll I’m on day one of no nicotine. So far it hasn’t been that bad. Did get cranky once with my husband and felt like I was in space for about 15 min. When I have a wave of desire for nicotine I just remind myself it won’t last forever.

  3. Day 1 of the program day 7 of being a non smoker. I have faced the reality that I’ve been spending mad money that could take care real necessities in stead of spending 7 and some change on the cigarettes. My bedroom smells so fresh now that those little devils are a thing of the pass. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

    • That’s great to hear, Shanell! As early as now, let me congratulate you — I know you can make it, especially since you’ve started to see the pros of being a non-smoker. Imagine how much you could save from not buying cigarettes. Think about what you’d like to buy from those savings — this is one way to stay motivated on quitting.

  4. I not really have a comment right now just that I quite cold terkey 4 days a go and really need a smoke trying to stay strong hope u r rite about the 2 week thing

    • I am a new bee and I just want to say quitting cold turkey is the balls. I am very proud of you this will be my last pack of cigarettes I really want to quit not only for myself but my grand children. I live them with all my heart. I think I can do this.

    • Hi Isiah,

      Remember, Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on. It’s normal for you to have cravings, especially at the start of the program. Take it one step at a time. You can do this! I suggest you read through the comments here on the site — you’re sure to find people who are now close to the end or even at the end of the program. You can also visit our Facebook community and get support from there. Go to https://www.facebook.com/quitsmokingteam and see motivational messages from us and from others who’ve tried this program.

  5. Day 24 of not smoking and I feel tired all the time. I have had two lapses. One on day 18 when someone made me so mad, I went to the garden and smoked my first full cigarette. My chest pained for the rest of the day. The next day I took three drags. That’s been it. What worries me the most though are the chest pains because they’ve been on and off since the cessation. I motivated my husband to quit. He’s on 12 hours and I’m really proud of him. He’s been a 30 a day smoker for 23 years.

    • I quit on July 21. Been using Chantix and don’t think I could do it without it. I love smoking but am quitting out of fear. Like you I am so tired and can’t figure out why.

  6. Rose,

    Smoking a cigarette isn’t going to get back at the person! Even though I’m sure you’ve heard of that before.

    I would recommend trying to meditate (just sit in silence) whenever things get overwhelming for you. Meditating isn’t some hippy dippy thing anymore, it’s just a way to silence the constant chirping of your mind.

    As for the chest pains, I can’t comment on those but I would advise seeing your primary care physician.

    Good luck to you and your husband!

    • It’s going to be a little bumpy but you’ll make it through. Try not to look at quitting as something to be scared of or something really terrible, just give it a more “I can do this, I’m ready for this” attitude and it takes the negative power away from the withdrawal.


    • That’s amazing that you still play hockey! Just stick with this, it’s only a few days of cravings and then you’ll be feeling much better!

  8. Hi everyone.
    I have emphysema real bad from smoking..And asthma. Plus I live in the worst place to have lung diseases..TN. I am allergic to every plant, tre and weed except 1. Took the allergy tests. I can’t breathe and cough and choke every morning. It is time for me to do this. I am really scared though. Once I quit for 4 years and my lungs became supersensitive to everything. Perfumes, etc. I was always in ER. So, that scares me because I died for 3 minutes in an ambulance after having total resp. failure. I wasn’t smoking then. Scared, but determined not to die a slow agonizing painful death from cancer. Thankyou. I will be more upbeat in my next post. I am 52. And these stupid things are not stealing anymore of my health.

    • Hi Mary, I’m glad you made the choice to start quitting smoking. Based on your experiences, I understand why you feel scared. You can think of how having cancer or smoking related diseases are scarier than quitting smoking and that will help you become stronger against smoking. We all have the power to make the best choices and not let tobacco companies or nicotine have power over us. Good luck and I have a feeling you’ll succeed!

    • Hello Mary I quit smoking because that’s the very thing I was afraid of the dreaded Emphysema I wish you all the Best on your Journey I am on the same path so you are not alone …


      Abraham Mclean

  9. I quit for 2 1/2 years and was doing good. Today, Last week, and the week before that I smoked about a total of 10 cigarettes and I am disappointed in myself. I don’t want to get emotional because then I won’t quit, and I set a quit day for tomorrow. I’m willing to accept help

    • Annie, it’s normal to have those cravings and probably give in to them years after you’ve quit smoking. It’s only been 2 weeks since you’ve started smoking again and you definitely can start quitting and succeed, the way you did 2 1/2 years ago. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fail.”

      So rise again after your “fall” and believe that you’ll be on your way to feeling good again, because you quit smoking.

  10. Been trying for a while to quit. I can get to the 11-12 hr mark but no farther. So here we go again. Ain’t giving up.

  11. I am on the fourth day. It has been tough. cold sweat, numbness in extremities, insomnia, cold like symptoms. I am tired all the time it is terrible, but I found by keeping my daughter around me it motivates me to quit. I do miss relaxing on the porch with a cigar and glass of wine, but now I need to relax without the things that will kill me

    • Hi Aaron,

      What you’re experiencing are Withdrawal Symptoms and it could last for weeks, but don’t give up. Those symptoms will be gone eventually and your body and soul will feel great from quitting smoking. It’s good that you’ve found your motivation to quit smoking — your daughter.

      I suggest you read through the comments on this site and be inspired by others who’ve totally quit smoking, or who are nearing the end of this program. You can also visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/quitsmokingteam) and get support from the community.

      I’d like you to also try a new hobby or go back to an old hobby — something you really enjoy doing as that can help you take your mind off having a cigar with a glass of wine. Good luck!

  12. It’s been 49 hours since I last smoked. Stopped because I had food poisoning. When I felt better I wanted to smoke, I stopped and thought, if I could go 24 hours without smoking then I can go without smoking at all. So nibbling on sweets etc don’t help me, I do find that water helps though. As well as black sugarless coffee. And most importantly, getting rid of 14 box’s of cigarettes, so that even if tempted, the devil won’t have lollipops to bribe me with.

    • Lindi, that’s a great way of thinking! You’re right, if you can go on for one whole day not having a single smoke, then you can also do that for 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and so on. You just need to find something to take your mind off those cravings. It’s good that you are having “good reaction” from water and coffee. You can also try engaging in a hobby whenever you have the urge to smoke. Maybe there’s something you’ve been dying to try e.g. yoga, pilates, painting, etc.

      And yes, making sure there isn’t any single cigarette in your home is an important step.

      You can do this!

  13. I left a post before, geuss it didnt get in, so , im choking on clean air now which is scary. I stopped smoking real cigarettes four days ago and am trying these electronic cigarettes with the vapor smoke..I geuss this counts as a step in the right direction right??? Anyway, I have been having horrible coughing , gagging and wheezing, itchy throat ans watery eyes and I been poping halls just fir a little relief.Never had alergies before but maybe, I dont know. Does anyone else have a tip on stopping the smokers cough? Oh yeah, smoked for 32 years quit doing pregnancies and hospital stays so maybe thats 28 years (smile).

    • Mia, I quit for 2 weeks a couple of years ago. I got what seemed to be a terrible cold. (actually is the body sloughing off toxins from cigs ect) anyway I got mad cuz
      here I was finally stopped cigs and got sick..:) I started smoking again and here I am!
      Just hang in there and good luck. Thank you for sharing what you experienced.
      It’s already a help for me so I don’t do that same number on myself again if I get a “cold” . also there is a homeopathic called BHI that has a remedy called.. cough..
      It worked for me and several people I shared it with. online or health food store..
      u might want to try it. just put in BHI/Heel remedy.. Cough..
      just one thing. homeopathic remedies get cancelled..not work.. with camphor,,eucalyptus ect. so Halls would keep it from working. (if u decide to try it) oh sometimes coffee will stop it too.
      I am on my first day…did not do too great..when I saw I cud smoke first two days..
      I dug cigs out of trash….(got a reality check..whew!) so I am glad this site is here.)

    • Hello Mia, what you’re experiencing are withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine. Every quitter (or those who try to quit) experiences those. However, you’ll be glad to know that those withdrawal symptoms will disappear eventually. It could take weeks, but hang in there, as it’s all worth it!

      As for the cough — it’s the result of the body starting to get rid of the mucus build up caused by smoking. Drink plenty of fluids e.g. fruit juices, tea, or cold water to help relieve cough, dry throat and nasal drip.

      The Quit Smoking Community believes in you! Good luck!

  14. I’ve been thinking about quitting for quite sometime. I don’t enjoy smoking anymore, and find myself smoking as a way of procrastination, remedy for boredom, and habit. Anyway, here goes!

    • Good luck, Cheryl! Thinking about quitting is the first step. The fact that you no longer enjoy smoking will really help you succeed. Remember that you can achieve things that you want to achieve, and in this case, it’s quitting smoking.

      We hope to hear from you soon and hoping for positive feedback from you. You can also get support from our community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/quitsmokingteam.

  15. I’m on day 3 of cold turkey. I’m actually surprised on how well I’m doing. Other than the tired and laziness, it’s going well. Gum and water are my new best friends. Caffeine intake has cut down too because obviously coffee and smokes go together. My biggest concern is my boyfriend who smokes 1-2 packs a day. I’m not sure how I’m going to do when I’m there. Hopefully my will power will be strong enough

    Good luck to everyone 🙂

    • Glad to hear you’re doing well, Michelle! Keep it up! Tiredness and laziness are withdrawal symptoms and they’ll be gone eventually, you’ll see.

      It will be difficult because your boyfriend smokes, but believe that you have the power — not the nicotine, not the cigarettes, or tobacco companies. You are in control and who knows, you might even inspire your boyfriend to lessen the number of cigarettes he smokes, or quit smoking totally.

      Good luck and thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. Today is my real day one of not smoking after approx 16 years…I had my last cigarette yesterday (24 hours ago) and I’m going a little crazy wanting one. My husband has been deployed which is why I decided to quit (he’s a smoker too) and hoping it’ll be done by the time he gets back. I’m new to the country, not allowed to work or drive yet and there’s no real public transportation so I sit at home all day which makes it a lot harder but I’m determined to push through. they say that the first week is hard but then it gets alright after that – can anyone confirm that?

  17. Been smoking for 15 years…this is day 1 , its been 3 hrs since my last cig….i ve attempted quitting a million times…hope ill make it this time….i m trying to keep myself motivated by saving up 5 euros a day ( that s price of one pack in malta) and at d end of the year use that money to go on holiday …if i manage to quit , i ll keep saving that 5 e a day for the rest of my life and go on holidays …

  18. It’s been a year now that I started smoking. Planned of quitting but started smoking as soon as I turned cranky. Started with 5 a day and now nothing less than 10 and goes upto 15 during weekends. Decided to quit completely as I am not able to save a penny from my salary. Asked a few friends of mine to support me during my tough time. Planned of never sitting idle as that makes me take a drag. Thought about gulping soft drinks when I can no longer control the urge. Shall update my situation next Sunday.

  19. i want and need to quit smoking I’m a closet smoker at work and smoke regularly on weekends I smoked for years tried to quit today but broke down and bought a pack I’m gonna try again I’m not sure best time at work or at home but it will be very soon I bought e cigs I think this is the best for me as you can tell I need help

  20. Hi all I’m on 2 weeks. With the gum and patches. I agree vsc is a good meeting place put on the patch every 24 hours and use the gum when. My stress levels are high and I get that desire to smoke. I don’t chew the gum often. I have a packet of 20 pieces I bought a week ago and I still have about 10 pieces left. However what I am wondering is if I should also see my doctor to help with the quitting smoking. I am 30 years old. And I’ve smoked since I was 15. For me smoking for more so for the taste because as I got older I started craving the cigarette ashes over the actual nicotine itself. Am I in the right place? Should I be looking for help to continue to not smoke or help to figure out why my body and mind craves cigarette ashes?

  21. I have been smoking for 13 years and I want to quit. I have went a week without smoking before but I got frustrated and start back. I really want to quit smoking and fast.

  22. hey,

    I’m 23 years old and I’ve been smoking for 4 years now. Last year I moved to usa and then I started smoking 20 a day. It’s been a year of smoking 20 a day to realize that my health is going downhill. I tried quitting once but I got these horrible withdrawal pangs. I fell sick for two days. I could not move a muscle in my body. So I went back to smoking. But I really want to quit now. I just threw away a pack of cigarettes because I could not stand to look at it. It has been a few hours since I smoked. Hope to not smoke anymore! I’m done!

  23. Stopping smoking from now. Let’s see how it goes. I did try once earlier but did not plan my quitting properly. But I’m ready now. Hope to be smoke free soon

  24. I am on day three. I am not completely cold turkey tho. I am vaping. I use the e-cig to help with my cravings. I am coughing like crazy tho. I feel myself going next door to get a cig from the neighbor. But I’m hanging in there. I really hope this community helps me.

  25. i have quit for 8 weeks at a time 8 or 10 times over the last couple of years. I smoked for 44 years. I feel like an addict. I know I am like an alcoholic, smokeaholic, if you will. i don’t know what to do, i constantly crave a cigarette. i am using chantix and it helps. I know it is a mental addiction at this point. i think i am at week 6 this time. i have changed my routines but nothing seems to help. any suggestions? desperate

  26. I just quit smoking. I’ve tried to do this on my own before. I started when I was 12yrs old. When my Mom used to send me to the gas stove to light her cigarettes. She showed me how to “take a puff, but not inhale” to get the cigarette lighted for her. I have depended on cigarettes in high times of stress. I’m not a social smoker. I smoke in the privacy of my home, on my balcony. I don’t even like my children to see me smoking. I usually can’t wait to come home after a long, stressful day at work, to smoke a cigarette. Then, another after kids are asleep. I’ve never been a social smoker. I use cigarettes for the nicotine high. It calms me down. I’m now 38yrs old. I am a single parent. I am just tired of the addiction. I am tired of the hold and control it has over me. I smoked my last cigarette at 4:30pm. I have never tried to use any outside help to stop smoking. This is my first attempt. I have just copied/pasted the web address and emailed it to my 16yr old daughter. I feel the need to let her know, I do have an addiction and I just need to be understood. I plan on using some breathing techniques to help calm me down when I have the urge to smoke. I have the urge right now. To go to the garbage, dig out the pack I just threw away. Breathe. Breathe. The taste of nicotine lingers. I need to go brush my teeth. I truly do not want to be so dependent on something that may be the death of me. I used to feel sad thinking I’d lose my mother to side effects of her smoking. My 7yr old daughter told me the other night before bed, that I need to stop smoking, because it can kill me, and she doesn’t want to lose me. My 16yr old used to tell me the same thing. I just feel like they feel that I don’t love them enough to quit smoking. I love them unconditionally. I can’t believe I feel like they don’t love me the same. I’m a selfish, weak human being who is controlled by nicotine. I choose to live, tonight, tomorrow, etc, with no addictions. God help me.

  27. I found it two days ago that I am pregnant and need to quit smoking, but I’m already so pissy from the hormones I’m not sure how to do this

  28. As long as thoughts prevail, actions and results will follow. With that in mind, this is my first day of nipping in the bud after 10 years of carrying this burdensome habit. I want to quit smoking because it just makes my lungs feel so heavy and congested every time I take a drag. While smoking has some benefits as it nudges your brain, the negatives outweigh the benefits. That said, are there any other (non-toxic) ways of experiencing a similar effect.

    I look forward to some motivation and guidance along the way, and will keep sharing the emotional upheavals I undergo through this process. Luck!

  29. I have been smoking for 30 + years, I have not wanted to smoke for a long time and tried to quite several times but it always comes back to the same reason I have had no success ( MY STRESSFULL JOB ) and I say that because I can talk my way through the withdrawal symptoms at home but it doesn’t work that way at work and I am aware that part of it is mental but I cant seem to get a grip on it because at work you cant walk away or distract yourself from the work stress and the quitting smoking stress at the same time. I quit smoking 8 days ago and have not cheated at all but it is because I just had some surgery done, I have been at home in recuperation and have had no problem talking myself through the urges to smoke but I will return to work soon enough and I am quite sure I will have a huge issue with the stress of it all again. when I return to work I will have been smoke free for 3 weeks. God help me and give me the strength, and to all of you that are fighting this battle, EVERY CIGERETTE NOT SMOKED IS A VICTORY

  30. Here’s my story. I have been smoking for 53 years I am now 67. Last October I had a terrible bout with the flu. I recuperated but a cough ensued. At first it was a dry cough, but in December it became a productive wet cough. Each day ai would think bronchitis/asthma/emphases? Today I happened on 5 his Web site and seems to me it is quite successful. I have tried to quit several times..but.. I live with 2 other people who smoke, which makes it just that much more of a challenge. I’ll join the fb forum to get some much needed support. I am starting this tomorrow, along with an all you can eat healthy vegetable, carb free diet. I know I can beat this because…..I MUST. I am tired of being tired and letting those coffin nails run my life and ruining my health. I have run the Huntley if gums, pills, sprays and e cogs. THIS HAS TO WORK. Good luck to all my fellow “quitters”!

  31. Almost finished with day 3 of being a non smoker…. all cold turkey. I feel like I’m going a little crazy today and am ready to club my husband for not sharing his cigarettes with me! But I’m glad he’s not. I need to quit to be a healthy me and a healthy mom. When the cravings come it it just so hard to combat them but I know I can do this. I’m strong! I can’t wait until this part is over!

  32. Just found your site while doing my daily motivation search on line to get me through another day of not smoking , I am on Day 12 of Cold Turkey …..This is my 5 th attempt at giving up the addiction , first time cold turkey …..Its been a wild ride so far but I can honestly say that I hardly have any cravings now , and I am not constantly thinking about smoking which is amazing in itself ………I am still finding my motivation and drive are low right now , I have not much energy and feel like i am lazy , Does not seem a s bad as it was a few days ago , hopefully this will improve in the next couple of weeks , I have already found it much easier to breath and my sense of smell and taste has improved . I am definitely noticing my body healing itself . I read an article a few weeks ago and it kind of helped my to quite ……It was talking about feeding the monster ……A part of your brain will tell you its time to go have another smoke ( Time to feed the Monster) the move I thought about that the more it motivated me to quite , I now tell my brain that we are not going to feed the Monster any more …we are going to starve the Monster out until he goes away and leaves us alone !!! We Control the Monster now …..he does not Control us !! ” Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful destinations !!! Good Luck to everyone …..we can all rise above our Demons be strong and keep fighting and moving forward !!

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