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The same dermatologists that brought you the very successful Proactiv have released a new line of skincare products called Rodan and Fields. This lien of products aims to treat skin blemishes and signs of aging. Their last product is considered among the best in the industry, so how does this new line measure up? Let’s take a look.

What You Get

The line of predicts offered through the Rodan and Fields company is impressive. There are different sets of products for various skin problems. Each set of products is given a short, snappy name- Redefine, Unblemish, Smooth, and Reverse. You can get an idea of what each set of products does basedon the name. But the thing that really sets these products apart is that they are already categorized into groups and sold as sets. This means that if you want to get rid of your wrinkles and signs of aging, you can get one set (known as the Redefine set, in this case) and have a whole skincare regimen prepared for you.

The dermatologists behind this brand have decided what should go into each set of products, so all you have to do is pick out the set that applies to what you want to treat. You can also buy each product separately, just in case you want to mix and match or create your own skincare regimen. After all, not everyone has the same skincare needs.

But Rodan and Fields does a good job of making it easy to choose the right products for whatever ails your skin. You don’t have to pick and choose and try to match up each product with its partner. It’s all sorted out for you and easy to figure out.

How It Works

We’ve talked briefly about the four different types of products offered by Rodan and Fields, but let’s get into them a bit deeper.

Redefine- This anti-aging regimen is designed to erase wrinkles and smooth out the skin. It does so by hydrating the skin cells. There are actually a lot of different products in this line, all dealing with different aspects of aging treatment.

Reverse- The Reverse line helps with skin tone problems. If your skin is splotchy or unevenly toned, then Reverse is made for you. It works on spots and blemishes that are more discoloration than physical problems.

Unblemish- For acne, you definitely want to go with Unblemish. This uses a similar formula to Proactive, so it is rather effective at dealing with breakouts. You will need an array of Unblemish Products to deal with most acne problems. This includes cleansers, hydrators, exfoliators and more.

Soothe- This line does just what its name implies. If your skin is itchy, red or irritated, Soothe products are designed to help relieve those problems. They contain ingredients like aloe to calm your irritated areas and provide relief from pain while healing the cause of the irritation.

There is some overlap in what these products provide. Reverse and Redefine have a lot in common, which is why some people are going to want to experiment with the product lines and see what works best for them. The products contain a lot of the same ingredients, and it should be noted that some of those may cause allergic reactions. As with any new skin care product, it is a good idea to try it out in small doses before jumping in and making a big monetary commitment.

The products are fairly easy to use. They all come with instructions and are all classified according to what they do. That makes it simple to buy the right products for whatever skin condition you are dealing with.


Is It Worth Your Money?

You Might think that the makers of a product as successful as Proactiv would be able to repeat their success. But it seems lighting only struck once for these dermatologists. What is in the various products that form Rodan and Fields lines is mostly unremarkable ingredients. Yes, they manage to offer some of the beneficial effects they advertise, but they fall far short of the miracle cures of acne, aging and blemishes that are being promised.

One look at the list of ingredients for each product shows that they are really made up of the same chemicals and botanicals used in generic or cheap skincare products. The only real difference is in the fragrance these products use. All Rodan and Fields products have a distinctive fragrance that, while pleasant, doesn’t do anything to bolster the properties of their skincare products.

All In all, these are strictly average products, and most users have said that they felt ripped off buying them. They are certainly priced higher than the average skincare product. That comes down to the recognition the company name brings and the kind of aggressive advertising behind these products. Both of these factor in toward increased prices, but they don’t mean a better than average product is being offered.

The only one that really stands out is Unblemish. The dermatologists behind these products understand acne treatment. They have already proven that with Proactiv, and they are doing it again with Unblemish. This is not the most effective acne treatment on the market, but it is a decent offering for the price point. The other products the company has to offer aren’t anything spectacular, particularly when you factor in how much they cost.


  • Attractive packaging
  • Some decent products
  • Unblemish is a quality product
  • Well-organized product lines that make it clear which products are for which skin conditions.


  • Extravagant pricing
  • Most products in the company’s lines offer no more value or effectiveness than average skincare products

You have a lot of options when it comes to skincare products. There is really no point in settling for Rodan and Fields products when many similar options are priced much lower. Consumers are quickly learning that the name behind some skincare products is no indicator of their effectiveness.

Reviewer’s Score: 4 out of 10.

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  1. Just wondering what other products you would recommend instead of Rodan and Fields. Mainly from the unblemish and redifine line. Thanks Heidi

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