What Is Sallow Skin?


When you skin is yellow tinted it is referred to as sallow. This gives you an unhealthy complexion, but it means more than just an unappealing and sickly look. It is also usually indicative of larger, underlying health issues that need to be addressed.

What Causes Sallow Skin

There are a few different potential causes for sallow skin. These are anemia, smoking and a lack of proper vitamins. Let’s look at how each of these causes effect your skin coloring.

Smoking- When you smoke, various chemicals in the smoke cause your capillaries to become tighter and constrict. Capillaries are the small blood vessels that run throughout your skin, and their constriction causes changes in the way your skin appears.

The longer you smoke, the more your skin will change color, taking on a yellow and sickly tone as your body is slowly poisoned.

Anemia- When your body doesn’t have enough iron to properly support it, it undergoes a condition called anemia. That lack of iron could be due to a sickness that depletes your vitamin content or it could be due to poor dieting. Whatever the case, the condition not only makes your skin sallow, but it also affects many parts of your body in negative ways. You may feel tired for no reason, and you will likely experience headaches. You may also have trouble keeping your concentration and maintaining a positive attitude.

Vitamin Deficiency- Iron isn’t the only nutrient your body needs to retain its natural coloring. If you are not eating properly and getting enough vitamins, your skin will start to appear sickly. That’s Because you are sick, even if you don’t physically feel like you are. It could be that your skin’s discoloration is the first indicator that something is wrong.

How to Treat Sallow Skin

Thankfully, most treatments for sallow skin are relatively easy to perform. Simple changes to diet and habits can make a huge difference in how your skin appears and your overall health. Let’s start with smoking.

If it is smoking that is causing your sallow skin, then simply quitting will take care of it. The longer you have been smoking, the greater the damage will be and the longer it will take to recover from it. The yellow appearance won’t go away immediately, but it will get better in time. If you want to start getting back your normal coloration, then you need to quit smoking right away.

Quitting smoking has a number of benefits beyond just returning your skin color to normal. It will also ensure that your risk of lung cancer, throat cancer, lung diseases and many other conditions are greatly reduced. Your will regain your energy and be able to have more stamina because your breathing will become easier.


For dieting problems, simply eating a proper diet full of the necessary vitamins and minerals will be enough to change your appearance. Sallow skin caused by a vitamin deficiency is not as serious or as severe as the same problem caused by smoking. If you eat the right vitamin and minerals that your body is lacking, then you will have a normal, healthy appearance back quite fast.

You can take a multivitamin or iron in particular to get those vitamin levels up where they need to be.  You can also change your dietary habits to include foods that are rich in the necessary vitamins. Green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach provide the nutrients necessary to beat sallow skin. Beans and lentils help as well. Simply adding a single serving of one or the other each day will make a significant difference, and you will see results quickly.

These dietary changes can positively impact your body in a number of different ways as well. Eating a healthy diet increases your life expectancy and allows you to be healthier and more vital.

It is important to keep in mind that sallow skin can be treated with the right changes to your diet or habits. You also need to keep in mind that sallow skin is an indication that there is a more serious problem that your body is dealing with. Changes In your skin’s appearance your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and if you don’t treat it quickly, it can lead to more serious health conditions.

Anyone experiencing sallow skin can overcome the problem and uncover the beautiful, healthy skin underneath. It just takes some dedication to change to make it happen.

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