Quit Smoking Community’s Stance on Electronic Cigarettes

Hello everybody! It’s Nathan here. There has been an enormous amount of questions about electronic cigarettes aimed at my inbox recently. And not only that, they are one of the hottest topics in the world right now, and definitely the biggest thing in smoking cessation since nicotine gum burst on the scenes in the 1990s.

So I decided to write this important piece: “Quit Smoking Community’s Official Stance on Electronic Cigarettes”. Hopefully it will answer all your questions about where we stand as a prominent website and community dedicated to ending the tobacco epidemic.


The Anti-Smoking Stance on E-Cigarettes

Many, in fact most, anti-smoking, public health, and tobacco control groups have staunchly opposed electronic cigarettes, even  advising the government to enforce strict restrictions and bans. The most prominent groups to speak out agianst them include the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Lung Association, and the American Heart Association. They not only advise against the use of e-cigarettes, but are actually actively fighting against their use.

Why? I can’t tell you. I don’t know. But I do know that I don’t agree with their stance, and neither do any of the staff here at Quit Smoking Community. So let’s talk about it.


Our Stance

It can be summed up pretty simply: “If you are able to quit smoking tobacco through the use of an electronic cigarette, do it.”



As we’ve said many times here, our main goal as a quit smoking group is to do our part to end the tobacco epidemic.

If you look at all of the harm caused by cigarettes, the reasons that all smokers want to quit, you see a pattern. Whether it be cancer, chronic respiratory illness, secondhand smoke, yellow teeth, premature aging, or any other destruction wrought upon the human body…it is caused by the inhalation of tobacco smoke. The toxin-filled tar and the multiple carcinogenic components of cigarette smoke are what’s killing millions every year. And that’s what needs to be stopped.


How Do You Know Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe?

We don’t know that e-cigarettes are safe, but we do know that they are safer. It’s a combination of numerous studies, common sense, and firsthand experience that makes me believe, with 100% of my tobacc0-hating brain, that this new technology could make a huge change. So let’s take a look at all three, and hopefully you’ll see why we are one of the only anti-smoking groups that is in favor of e-cigarettes.



Let’s start with the empirical evidence. Now I’m just going to talk about the studies involving safety, but if you want a great compliation of all important e-cigarette studies done to date, this is where you need to go: http://www.ecigalternative.com/ecigarette-studies-research.htm

But let’s talk safety. If you’re unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, I’ll explain quickly how they all work in principle. No matter what type of e-cigarette, whether a small, disposable one from the gas station or a gigantic machine built by someone involved in the DIY scene, the idea is the same. The main component is called e-liquid, a solution containing some combination of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring. The function of every e-cigarette type device is to turn this fluid into a vapor that the user can inhale.

So the safety concern surrounding e-cigarettes all depend upon whether this e-liquid is safe to inhale in vaporized form. So let’s take a look at some studies.


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