The Day You Quit Smoking

The day you quit smoking is bound to be a challenging day for you. But it doesn’t need to be overwhelming! You can take steps to make the day as stress-free as is possible.


When The Alarm Rings

When the alarm rings, don’t delay. Get up out of bed, and remind yourself that you have prepared for this day. Make sure you are aware of what triggers may pop up, and remind yourself that you know how to handle them when and if they do. Don’t lie in bed dreading the day; this is a self-defeating cycle. By getting up, and attacking the day, you can be sure that you are kept busy.

It is vital that you focus on JUST THIS DAY. If you can make it through ONE DAY without smoking, you have succeeded. If that seems overwhelming, focus on the next hour if you need to.

Apply your nicotine patch, chew gum, or use your e-cigarette. If you need to, do this before you even get out of bed. Grab some water, and remind yourself that you’re making an effort to be healthier. If candy and toothpicks are helpful, grab them on the way out and start your day with a bang.

You Will Think About Cigarettes

It’s ok to think about cigarettes. In fact, it will be stranger if you didn’t think about cigarettes than if you did. Just be sure that you’re prepared for this in advance. Let these thoughts come, address them, and then let them go. Don’t try to deny the existence of your thoughts, or deny that you are having thoughts about cigarettes. The faster you can acknowledge them, and then let them go, the faster they will dissipate.

Stay on the move for most of the day. This may mean going for a walk frequently, exercising, going to work, or even doing something outside of your home. Don’t just sit around and think about cigarettes. And don’t just sit around worrying about what might happen. Yes, you might miss your bus. Or, you might wake up late for work. Or maybe you’ll come down with a head cold. But these are normal occurrences that happened everybody, not just those who are quitting smoking. You cannot control these situations totally; everyone has situations come up in their lives like this. The important thing is to realize that you have the ability to cope with these issues without smoking.

As your day continues, remind yourself that you are making it through the day. Reward yourself for each little achievement you make throughout the day.


Remember Your Coping Skills

Remember each of the following coping skills, even if you need to write them down on a note and carry them with you all day:

  1. Use your nicotine replacement medication.Breath

  2. Breathe – this, too, shall pass.

  3. Drink water.

  4. Keep yourself busy.

  5. Chew gum or eat candy.

  6. Cravings only last about 5 minutes!

  7. Remember why you’re doing this.

  8. Lean on your support team.

Day one may be easier to get through than day two or three, so try not to think about the following days when you first begin. Just focus on the very first day. If you have accomplished your first day smoke-free, you have already made amazing progress!

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  1. I am preparing my mind to become a non smoker. Smoke about a 20 cigarettes a week. Costing me around $200 a month. So i currently have 7 cigarettes left and i’m determined this is it. My triggers are stressed related.
    I want to wish everyone in this community good luck. We can do this.

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