The Effects of Quitting On Your Wallet

Every smoker has surely heard over and over again how much money they can save if they quit smoking. Most people attribute these savings to the cost they save from the cigarettes themselves. For example, if a person is paying $7 per a pack of cigarette and they smoke only half a pack a week, they can see yearly savings of as much as $1,277 each year. If a person paying $7 a pack of cigarettes smokes two packs a day, they can see savings as much as $5,110 a  year. If those numbers aren’t impressive enough to spur you into quitting, take a look at the other ways becoming a non-smoker can help to pad your wallet.


Begin To Reverse Your Health Losses

Being a smoker direly effects your health, and a decrease in your health can lead to a decrease in your spending money. For example, smoking lowers your immune system. This means that you must buy more medicine and make more doctors visits. These things cost you money…money you end up saving when you quit.


Lower Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance premiums are lower for non-smokers than they are for smokers. This is because non-smokers tend to be less at risk for numerous diseases.  In addition to lower premiums, you can save as much as $20,000 in your lifetime on medical bills (such as hospital visits, doctor visit, surgeries, medications, etc.) just be becoming a non-smoker. This is over and beyond the basic health losses we spoke of above.


Tax Payers (Yourself Included) May Save A Bit As Well

As much as $96 billion dollars in tax payers money is spent every year on treating diseases caused by smoking. If you stop, a small portion of that will no longer be necessary. Plus, you may serve as an example for others who might think they are not able to quit. This, in turn, can cause a chain reaction which could end up saving plenty of tax payers money. Since you’re a tax payer, this can help you to save a small portion of money.

Quitting can save you a ton of money in the long run. Plus, non-smokers have a longer life expectancy than those who smoke. All in all, smoking costs you precious time, energy, and money. Forget all of your excuses and save yourself all of those things…and more.

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