Best Dry Herb Tanks and Atomizers: A Buyers Guide

A dry herb atomizer is a sophisticated tank specially designed for vaping medical marijuana or marijuana where it’s legal, without the side effects caused by combustion. The biggest issue with many of the dry herb vaporizer tanks available on the market is that they produce too much heat and burn the herbs, which produces a somewhat similar effect as combustion – and that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.

But picking the best dry herb atomizer with 510 thread can be difficult when there are so many options available. However, your endeavor can become easier if you know what to look for in a good herb tank. This guide explores how you can choose an ideal dry herb atomizer that will offer a good taste, won’t burn the cannabis, and will last for a while.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to choose the top dry herb tank for your needs, as well as the top 6 dry herb that we consider the best on the market.

Top 6 Dry Herb Atomizer Tanks Under $45

We have used truckloads of dry herb tanks, and after careful observation, have chosen these six best dry herb tanks. They are ranked based on performance, durability, vapor quality, elegance, and price. Whatever atomizer you choose, make sure it’s compatible with your mod and works in the wattage/voltage range of your mod.

Disclosure: Our vape tank reviews are based upon the experience, testing and skill of our trained paid staff. Links from to one of the reviewed products or brands, will allow you to purchase directly from the provider. We receive commissions from these providers; this does not affect your price and helps to pay for the operations of this informational website. To learn more click here. Thank you!

1. Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank

BEST DRY HERB TANK!Price: $42.95

Sub Herb Vape TankThe Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank by Mig Vapor (read our full review) can change any sub-ohm mod battery into a high-quality dry herb vaporizer as it works with any regulated mod that can fire between 19-27W. The biggest advantage of the tank is that there are no exposed coils, as they’re baked inside the ceramic heating plate. This ensures that there will be no combustion or roasting of your flowers, but they will vaporize smoothly and efficiently.

Made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the tank is both durable and elegant. Since you can’t adjust airflow, the draw is a little tight, which is not cool. The tank screams quality as you hold it in your hand and all the parts come off so, it’s also very easy to clean as well.

Most herbal vapes, especially the portable ones, offer very weak throat hit and small clouds of vapor. But this little bad boy will surprise you with immense hit and thick plumes. Another thing we really loved about the Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Dry Herb tank is its efficiency; take a look inside the heating chamber after vaping, and there will be hardly any herbs left un-vaped.


10% OFF your entire order! Just click the button and your coupon will be applied automatically during the checkout.


10% OFF your entire order! Just click the button and your coupon will be applied automatically during the checkout.

2. Dozer Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank

Price: $42.95

Dozer Dry Herb TankDozer Dry Herb Vape Tank is yet another amazing dry herb tank by MigVapor, although slightly less elegant than our #1 pick. Also known as Dozer Incinerator Vaporizer Tank, this tank too has the coils baked inside the heating element for a neat, crisp flavor.

What really makes it different from other tanks is that instead of one, it comes with two coils. The main coil has a ceramic bottom that’s used for vaporizing dry herbs and even concentrates. The other coil simply incarnates any material you throw at it. Made of glass and stainless steel, it looks just like a vapor tank. The Dozer dry herb tank doesn’t offer the same throat hit as its counterpart tank, but it produces nearly the same amount of clouds and the same flavorful taste. One area, however, where the Dozer is the clear winner is adjustable airflow control – a feature missing in the other offering by Mig Vapor.

3. Seego Vhit Aqua Bubbler Atomizer for Herb and Wax

Price: $39.95

Seego Vhit Dry herb atomizerThe Seego Vhit Aqua Blubber Atomizer is a great attachment for vaping dry herbs as well as wax concentrates. The tank has a design unlike any other, as it features a 360° rotating mouthpiece and a glass blubber, which is a robust water filtration system.

It comes with two redesigned coils, one for vaping wax concentrates and the other for dry herbs. The coil for dry herbs has a resistance of 1.0 ohm, so it’s not a sub-ohm atomizer, yet offers a decent amount of clouds. These coils not only improve heating functions but also increase overall efficiency. Seego Vhit also features a quirky airflow control, that comprises of four different sizes of holes, that lets you customize your drags. Though the size is a little longer for my liking, we simply loved the overall design of the vaporizer that’s extremely sleek. On top of that, the mouthpiece tilts to one side, just like a straw, to offer a better angle for taking puffs.

4. Airistech W4 Herb and Wax Atomizer Tank

Price: $17.90

Airistech W4Airistech W4 Dry Herb Tank is yet another hybrid tank that also works with concentrates and produces decent clouds of vapor. Featuring the Ceramic Donut Heating element, the atomizer is based on the latest heating technology. No wick or coil gets in direct contact with the herbs, so you get a clean and smooth taste.

The good thing about this atomizer tank is that unlike many other tanks, it doesn’t get too hot and roast the material to give a burnt taste. Although slightly bigger in size, the tank looks very elegant and durable. All the components of the atomizer can be detached from the unit, which allows easy cleaning. This is great because there is always some residue left in the heating chamber. The best thing about this atomizer is that it’s the most affordable tank that supports both dry herbs and waxy concentrates.

5. Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer for Herb and Wax

Price: $21.97

Hunter Cermaic Donut AtomizerHunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer is an affordable, decent performer that features a unique heating technology for better and faster heat production. While almost all other atomizers come with a wound metallic coil, the Hunter Ceramic Donut has a ceramic coil. It not only produces a massive amount of heat, but also ensure a cleaner and smoother taste because the herbs don’t burn or roast, but vaporize unvaryingly.

The biggest and probably the only disadvantage of the Hunter Atomizer is that it is too powerful for most batteries, and zaps batteries rather quickly as compared to other atomizers. But that’s the whole point of using a powerful sub-ohm atomizer to get more and better taste from your flowers. Also, the atomizer (or any atomizer with a ceramic coil for that matter) doesn’t work in temperature control mode, or even if you use coils above 15W because too much heat can shorten coil life.

The atomizer is available in steel and black, both look beautiful. Made of stainless steel, the Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer is surely a device to last. To top it off, the price is also very reasonable.

Dry herb vape tanks

Things to Consider When Choosing the Dry Herb Tank:

Build Quality

Build quality iconAssessing the build quality of a dry herb tank is the easiest step. Most good atomizers are made of stainless steel and high-quality glass, which are sturdy and safe. The addition of glass not only looks nice, but it also allows you to watch the vapor flow from chamber to mouthpiece, which is pretty mesmerizing. If the tank is made of anything else, simply stay away from it.

We recommend tanks made of Pyrex glass, which is the best you can buy. On the other hand, plastic is simply not safe as it can’t handle the excessive heat. The only issue with glass is that it might eventually break when you drop your tank, but it’s safer, more elegant, and definitely worth the price.

Chamber Size

chamber size iconNo matter vaping for medicinal purposes or for recreation, all you want to do is just relax. The most annoying thing for a vaper is having to refill the tank as soon as they start enjoying their vape.

A bigger heating chamber will hold more herb so you can go for longer between refills.

Ease of Cleaning

ease of cleaningIf you vape cannabis a lot, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to repeatedly clean a tank as no matter what you do, there’s always some residue left in the heating chamber after each vaping session.

A well-structured, wider heating chamber is easier to clean than a long narrow one.

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil Design

coilsThis is where things get a little complicated. Should you go for a single coil dry herb atomizer or dual coil design?  As a matter of fact, it all boils down to your personal preferences. We have used tanks with single as well as double coils, some of which are equally efficient. Dual coil tanks, however, create a lot more vapor and offer a richer flavor. It’s a no-brainer that they also cost more.

Dual coil tanks, however, create a lot more vapor and offer a richer flavor. It’s a no-brainer that they also cost more.

Dry Herb Tank Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a dry herb atomizer?

A dry-herb atomizer is a special vape tank designed for vaporizing marijuana (medically or recreationally, where legal). The dry herb atomizer can work with any compatible vape mod (you can check our list of the best vape mods on this page).

What can I use in a dry herb atomizer?

A dry herb atomizer can be used for vaping any kind of dry herb, including cannabis and flowers, as well as thick wax.

Can I use dry herb atomizer for e-liquids?

No. You will need a specific atomizer in order to vape e-liquids.

What are the qualities of a good dry herb atomizer?

Three features decide the quality of a good dry herb tank:

  1. Build quality (the sturdier, the better)
  2. Chamber size (the bigger, the better)
  3. Ease of cleaning (the easier, the better)

What are the different types of dry herb atomizers?

Dry herb atomizers have either one or two coils. The dual coil atomizers are more powerful and create more vapor. Most dry herb atomizers have a ceramic heating chamber to ensure good taste, but newer atomizers may come with the coil baked inside the ceramic chamber. This ensures smooth flavor and avoids a burnt taste.

How can I gauge the performance of a dry herb atomizer?

A high-quality atomizer will produce a high amount of vapor and smooth flavor. It shouldn’t give burnt taste or dry hits even when there’s only a small amount of herb left in the chamber. Also, a good atomizer will maximize the use of herbs and not leave any leftovers un-vaped.


Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best dry herb vaporizer tank according to your very needs. Again, just make sure the tank is compatible with your mod, and also choose a color scheme that will go well with your mod’s color. If you will only vape dry herbs, don’t waste your heard-earned money on hybrid tanks as they’ll be totally useless for you. And last but not the least, if you want to get a clean and flavorful vape, make sure you regularly clean your dry herb tank.