MigVapor Sub-Herb Tank Review — An Affordable Multipurpose Tank

MigVapor Sub-Herb Tank Review

Sub-Herb Tank Review Rating: 96

So, what really makes the Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Dry Herb vape tank so popular? The answer is simple, because it’s a multipurpose tank, yet available at an affordable price. Fair enough, the $37.95 price tag might sound a little hefty but consider this: the tank saves you a lot more because you don’t have to buy a vaporizer for vaping herbs. In other words, if you have a regular vape mod, the Sub-Herb will allow you to vape your favorite weeds using the same mod. You can just slam the Sub-Herb onto any mod that fires at 0.5 ohms or lower, set wattage to 19 – 25 if you’re using flower and 23 – 27 if it’s dab, press the fire button, and enjoy amazing vape.

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Build quality and aesthetics of Sub-Herb Tank

The most amazing thing about the Mig Vapor Sub-Herb is that the dish you use to vape your concentrates is made of ceramic and the coil is baked right inside it, which you can’t even see. All ceramic and no exposed coil means that nothing will burn your weed or ruin the taste.

As for the looks, the tank looks as good as any other tank but nothing too extraordinary here. The white ceramic dish is covered by a beautiful pyrex glass tube, and there is a silver colored silicone drip tip. It’s dimensions are 22mm (widths) and 58mm (height), and it weighs 78.3 g, which is ideal for a multipurpose tank.

Sub-Herb Tank from MigVapor allows you to vaporize dry herb with your vape mod.

MigVapor Sub-Herb’s Performance

The tank does what it is supposed to do, and it does it really well. Just choose the right wattage on your mod to make sure that the flavor is preserved and you don’t ‘t kill your coil. And after vaping for a while, if you remove the glass tube and look inside the dish, there will be no tarnishment at all. All you’ll see will be a vapy, hazy look. The only little issue that I noticed with the Mig Vapor Sub-Herb, Dry Herb tank was that it takes slightly longer than other tanks to heat up and start giving you a smooth vape, even though the manufacturer claims that it has a 3-second heat up time. The reason behind this could be the fact that the coil is baked inside the ceramic dish. Oh, and if you have a fancy, modern mod that comes with temperature control, make sure that you use it with Sub-Herb Vape tank only in wattage mode.


  • The ceramic baking plate means you’ll get pure herbal baking and pure taste
  • Affordable price, great vapor
  • Works with your existing sub-ohm vaping gear
  • The ceramic made heating plate has the coil built inside it, and there’s no exposed heating element
  • Elegant design and durable build: no plastic, Stainless Steel and Silicone only, except for the tube that’s made of pyrex glass


  • Takes a couple of extra seconds to heat up
  • Needs regular cleaning, or your white beautiful tank will turn black


As you can see there is hardly anything to dislike about the Mig Vapor Sub-Herb, Dry Herb, Vape tank, I highly recommend it. From its price to performance, from its design to construction, everything is commendable. If you have a mod and want to vape dry herbs, but don’t have enough budget to buy a vaporizer, there is no better choice than the Mig Vapor tank. It’s definitely worth every cent.


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10% OFF your entire order! Just click the button and your coupon will be applied automatically during the checkout.

MigVapor Sub-Herb Tank
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