The Vaporesso Estoc Tank Review: A Powerful, Miniature Beast

Vaporesso Estoc Tank Review

Best With E-Liquids $19

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Vaporesso Estoc: The Tiny Tank That Delivers

From the same Chinese company that brought us the Target 75VTC comes the Estoc Tank. The Estoc Tank comes in 2 sizes: the Mega Tank (4ml) and the Regular Tank (2ml). You can also choose from either black or silver. We reviewed the 4ml tank in silver. There’s not much of a difference between the two, simply the amount of e-liquid that they can hold.

What’s in the Box

For the price of $19.00 (Mega) you get: An extra glass tube (aside from the ceramic coil that’s pre-installed in the tank), a standard coil head, the user manual, and some black and red o-rings. We also got a couple of silicone sleeves that were perfect for the top cap. Don’t throw them away, as they will come in quite handy in avoiding burnt fingers when you’re vaping at high wattage.

The Estoc Tank comes with a pretty standard set of add-ons included in the box, but it’s actually remarkable considering the price is only $19.00. You definitely get your money’s worth for a number of extras included.

Set-Up and Related

Vaporesso Estoc Tank ReviewThe Estoc Tank is literally mess-free; it’s as simple as turning the cap counter-clockwise. We then poured it the juice and screwed the cap back in. The entire setup process took less than 10 seconds.

Vaporesso claims that the Estoc Tank has a leak-proof system, so did jiggled, turned, and shook the tank to make sure. It didn’t leak, not a single drop.

Changing the coil was as simple as unscrewing the tank and taking it out.

Speaking of the coils, they are called “Eco Universal Coils,” or EUCs. An EUC is a patented concept developed by Vaporesso, and they claim that these coils can eventually save vape users tons of money since you only need to replace the main component. Not only that, but this bold concept can help the environment, too.


The Vaporesso site claims that the device is capable of cloud-sized vapors with excellent flavor, but we’re not really sure that’s possible with its fragile-looking coil.

We were surprised by the amount of vapor that this tiny monster produced. Not only that, but the tank delivers one of the richest flavors we’ve seen from a vape tank. Because of its miniature size we weren’t expecting much, but the Estoc is really quite impressive.

For vapor chuggers out there who’d like to try out something new without putting a dent in their pockets, the Estoc is a solid choice. It delivers great flavor and a whole lot of vapor. Of course, you’ll need to have a reasonably good vape mod to get the full performance of the device.

Last Words

The Estoc is a  sub-ohm tank that’s impressive in many important areas. It can deliver some gnarly chops despite its size and compact body. It’s also easy to set up and take apart so it won’t give any vapers, even newbies, a hard time.

What made us fall in love with this tank most was its really budget-friendly price tag. Yes it’s small, but it’s got all these nice features that you can find in expensive tanks on the market. It’s also leak-proof, so carrying it around won’t be an issue.

It might even be included soon in our list of the best vape tanks, especially now, when Uwell Crown’s built quality has decreased.

The Vaporesso Estoc Tank
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