Atmos Jump Review – Elegant Inside and Out

Atmos Jump Vape Pen

With dry herb vape pens, you can never be too sure how well they will last. The metal housing will lose its shine and luster over time, and your once glorious vape pen can end up looking scratched and beaten up and in just a couple of months. But with the Atmos Jump’s elegant and unique build, you can save yourself from the usual wear and tear.

The Atmos Jump dry herb vaporizer offers a difference and durability without the aging that usually accompanies its counterparts with metal bodies. For the first time, you can keep the luster, impressive looks and stunning performance for as long as you’d like.

And did we mention you’ll never have any burnt taste?

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First Impressions

The Atmos Jump, on first glance, isn’t flashy but still catches the eye with its nicely constructed, elegant build. The external appearance always sets the tone for the first impression, and the Atmos’ carbon-fiber build will continue to impress long after you’ve made the purchase.

In addition to the attractiveness and durability of the pen, the Atmos is also built to deliver an immaculate vaping experience every step of the way. A standout feature is the anodized ceramic chamber. This keeps dry herbs free from any impurities preserves the full flavor of your preferred combination.

Best Feature

Actually, the Atmos doesn’t have one best feature, it has two. The first is the carbon fiber body that covers the vape pen. Not does this a material take everyday abuse well, but it also retains its great looks. Any vaper will tell you that the aesthetic appeal of their vape pen is critical. With carbon fiber, you never have to worry about lugging around a scratched-up and battered vape pen.

The second best feature is the anodized ceramic heating chamber. Even with the best looks, you still want a vape pen that delivers to your expectation. Dry herbs need to be kept dry for the best experience, which the ceramic chamber accomplishes perfectly. This feature ensures that you get nothing less than the ideal mellow flavor, and none of the burnt taste associated with many dry herb vaping devices.

Fine Points

There is a lot that goes into making at good vape pen. Aside from a well-thought out design, it has to be portable, functional and easy to adjust to. The Atmos Jump vape pen accomplishes all of these.

For roughly $65, you will get a highly portable, carbon-fiber-cased vape pen that comes with a great power supply that’s able to sustain your vaping for about six sessions.

The simplicity of use adds to the rich user experience. The vape pen is surprisingly easy to load with an accessible and wide chamber that allows you to pack a little more than you would with most other vape pens of the same size.

The Atmos is also easy to work with; it has only one temperature setting and only one button. Even for first time users, working with one button can only be so confusing. The light indicates when the vape pen is ready for use and, just like that, you can start vaping away.

Cleaning the Atmos is just as simple as the loading and the use. Straightforward and time-efficient—just wipe it with a cleaning brush or a dry piece of cloth, and you’re good to go.

The Good

  • Durable and elegant housing
  • No burnt taste
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent vapor taste and potency
  • Simple to use in every aspect
  • Very portable
  • Heats up quickly
  • Convection vaporizer avoids risk of combustion

The Bad

  • Single temperature setting
  • Battery is slow to recharge

Atmos Jump Review


Purchasing a dry herb vape pen requires that many factors be considered. The heating element should be able to keep the herbs away from moisture and at the same time avoid igniting them for better flavor. The Atmos Jump for dry herbs is built with all these factors in mind, making it a perfect vape pen not just for dry herb use but also for on-the-go vaping.

Atmos Jump
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