Boundless CFX Vaporizer: Speeding Past Boundaries

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

The Boundless CFX is a portable conduction vaporizer that works great with dry herbs. It has a younger sibling, the CF, which is even smaller and less pricey. Both the CFX and CF models the same market as the widely popular Mighty and the Crafty portable vaporizers, but provide subtle differences and better prices.

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The Boundless CFX aims to amp your vaporization game up to the next level. It has one of the industry’s most powerful built-in heaters, delivering 80 watts of voltage! On top of that, the heat-up time is less than 20 seconds. Furthermore, the CFX is designed with a completely isolated vapor path, total temperature control, and an OLED screen. All of these factors come in a compact package and a great price, making it a great choice for those looking for an affordable, portable vape.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

Heating Efficiency and Vapor Path

The heating on the CFX is done via a ceramic heater and chamber, a vapor path made of plastic, and a temperature spectrum ranging between 100-430°F. The heat up time is amazingly fast, reaching from 0 to 430°F in only 20 seconds, meaning the CFX is one of the fastest heating vaporizers available.

The vapor quality of the CFX also exceeds expectations, especially when you consider the price. This thing sure can release some dense clouds. The flavor is a bit substandard but cool and smooth. A slight drawback of this is that you will need to burn through some herb a few times to get the true flavor.

The temperature display on the CFX is very easy to read, and can be changed with the down and up buttons that are to the left of the OLED display. The buttons are not flimsy and operate quickly and without lag. The light of the screen is bright enough so that you will have no problems using it at night. While using the vaporizer, you will be able to detect when the bowl is half empty once the vapor density starts thinning and your herbs start to change from a light brown to a dark brown color.

Size and Portability

The CFX vape is advertised as a portable vaporizer, but it is still considerably larger than other portable models. But don’t worry, as it still feels nice in the hands and easily fits most pockets.

Depending on how you intend to use it, the size may be more comfortable for you and for group sessions where you have to pass the vaporizer around. The CFX is also ideal for group vaping sessions as it has a larger bowl and will last for a longer period.

The precise measurements of the CFX vape are 5 x 2 ¾ x 1 ¼ inches. It weighs around 207 grams but is approximately 15% lighter and smaller than the Mighty vaporizer. The dish on the CFX is also larger and able to fit 0.5 grams of herbs.

Accessories and Applications 

With the Boundless CFX you will get one vaporizer, one DC charger, a USB charging cable, a wax pod, an instruction manual, a cleaning brush and a tool for packing substance. This a great deal for the price and covers all of the bases for maintenance.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer


Maintaining and cleaning the unit is very simple. The screen requires a light touch, which is obvious due to its delicate components, but the rest of the unit is problem-free. Clean up is simple, requiring only a brush or wet wipe dipped in alcohol. The brush that comes in the box is amazing for looking after the product, even when the model is still warm; and in fact the vaporizer is easier to clean while it’s still warm.

After your vaping session, as the CFX is cooling down, just remove the mouthpiece, empty out any residue and brush the screen. Any leftovers will come right off. The brush can also be used to clean the chamber. If you neglect this part and load the chamber multiple times without cleaning it out thoroughly, you may face some resistance problems while drawing.


There are two rechargeable and non-replaceable 2500 mAh Lithium-ion batteries. On a single full charge, you will get more or less 60 minutes of continuous use.  The good news is that the CFX charges to full in approximately 30 minutes if done through a wall outlet; with a USB connection, the device may take 2-3 hours to charge.


The CFX by Boundless is a fantastic all-around weed vaporizer, with fantastic features at a competitive price. It has an unparalleled heat up time, a good temperature range and an average battery life. It is not the easiest to pocket, but it isn’t a hindrance either.

Boundless CFX
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