Crafty Vaporizer Review — The Best Vaporizer Ever?


The Crafty Vaporizer – is an exceptionally well-built portable vape. It performs excellently and can be controlled via smartphone app. What the device lacks in battery life, though, makes up for it in portability.

Crafty Vaporizer
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Crafty Vaporizer Review: Design & Performance

Crafty Vaporizer on the white backgroundUsers familiar with Storz & Bickel expect nothing but beautiful products from them. The Crafty Vaporizer lives up to that tradition in spades. The device comes finished in black and has a mostly ribbed exterior that functions as a heat sink. The mouthpiece blends seamlessly with the unit, and overall, it looks like a futuristic walkie-talkie.

The unit is made from high-quality plastic materials, but do not let the choice of materials fool you. The Crafty is extremely well-built and finely finished that many users often mistake it as made of metal. The finish is also top-shelf, protecting the unit from scratches and dings, making it as tough as it is beautiful.

Users need not be crafty to operate the Crafty, being simple to use. The unit itself only has one button on it, and fine tuning the settings and activating other

Crafty is definitely a "handheld" vape.

Crafty is definitely a “handheld” vape.

features can be done via Android or iOS app.

To fill this vaporizer, users swing the top that covers the herb chamber. Once packed with dry content, the cover is turned back in place. Turning on the device requires a two-second button press. The LED will flash as the device activates and it will light up red while the unit is heating up. Once it is ready to vape, the light will turn green and vibrate, a feature that is welcome especially when you prefer to pocket the device while it is heating up.

The temperatures can be set using the app, which is linked to the unit via Bluetooth. Users set two temperature settings, one for normal use, and the other for the device’s “temperature boost” feature. Users can switch between the two settings by double-tapping the button.

Vapor quality from the Crafty is excellent. It easily beats out other vaporizers in its class. Vapor is smooth and tasty, and advanced users need not be concerned with plasticky aftertastes (considering most of the device is made of plastic).

The vapor stays smooth throughout the range of temperatures, and harshness can only be experienced if the herb is burnt.

Users can get about an hour and a half from a full battery charge, which is good but not great. The Crafty’s big brother, the Mighty Vaporizer, gives better battery life though one would have to sacrifice portability for it. That said, the Crafty can still last long enough for one to enjoy a full day of vaping. Group sessions can be a problem given the battery life, making the Crafty a much more personal device.

Crafty Review Summary

The first vaporizer to use a smartphone app to control its features, the Crafty is efficient, powerful, and capable of excellent vapor production. The Crafty may not come cheap, but it is worth it.

Heating times may not be as quick for one’s liking, taking about 90 seconds to reach the lowest temperature setting, but this can be easily overlooked by the quality of vapor it produces.

The device can be a great unit for beginners – even in default mode; it performs beautifully – while advanced vapers will find plenty to tweak with the downloadable app.


  • Portability
  • Solid Construction
  • Excellent Overall Performance


  • Tweaking Settings Via App Can Be A Hassle At Times
  • Battery Life Could Be Better
  • Price