Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen Review: Something for Everyone

Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer is packed with innovative features such as a variable voltage battery, a Snap Tech magnetic mechanism, and three advanced atomizers. The Aurora is durable, feels sturdy, looks attractive and performs like nothing else. Amazing from the inside and outside!

dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pen

Aurora Vape Pen Review Rating: 90/100

Price: $99.95

Our first impression of the Aurora is that it is a great looking vape pen. After using it, we found out that it is a very user-friendly vaporizer due to the SnapTech magnetic technology. Gone are the days when you would have to screw and unscrew mouthpiece and atomizer to the battery.

In terms of functionality, the Aurora leaves the competition behind and is miles ahead. The following review is going to discuss the features of the Aurora, as well as what we feel needs to be improved. This review is unbiased and is based on a thorough experience of using the product.

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Heating System and Technique

“Less Heat. More Flavor.” This is Dr. Dabber’s slogan which is definitely implemented on the Aurora. The atomizers heat up the concentrate at temperatures below the average requirement. The main benefit of setting a lower heat temperature is that you get a more flavorful experience. The concentrate will taste sharper and distinguished.

A slight catch to this feature is that sometimes you don’t want to taste all the base ingredients and components of your concentrates, especially if they aren’t of the high-grade quality. But if you do happen to have some of the good stuff, you are going to have a real treat. The aroma and flavors is going to leave you wanting more and each component will be distinguishable from the others.

The opportunity cost to this is that the taste is fantastic but you need to get a very long draw in order to get the full effect. Practically, you need to inhale for a good 6-10 seconds before you will feel like you are getting a satisfying hard hit, and release a nice vapor cloud.

This happens because of the significantly low heating. You can pull from it for just a few seconds but you will see that it won’t work to its full potential. If you are outdoors then this may be a good thing, because you will feel the effects of the vapor, but just won’t see any.

Bright LED lights will show the different levels of heating. This is a very handy feature for a vaper. Heat settings are toggled easily by jabbing the power button 3 times.

Ease Of Operating On The Go

Dr Dabber Aurora Vape Pens

A breakthrough feature of the Aurora is that the 3 main components are held in place magnetically rather than having to screw them on or off. Never before has this been implemented on a vaporizer.

The unit is compact and great for carrying around. At first we were concerned whether the magnet is strong enough to hold all three components enough. We thought they might fall apart in a pocket or in a bag. Turned out, that didn’t and won’t happen.

Discreetness & Accessories

The design is very sleek and user friendly. It is pretty discreet physically. As mentioned in the previous section, you need to draw for a long duration to get visible puffs of vapor. So in public, you can have short draws and not create the clouds. This makes vaping very convenient without disturbing others.

Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with three atomizers in the kit, to work with different waxes and oils. The Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish is best for lower viscosity oils, the Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish is best for waxier oils and the Ceramic Halo Heater with Quart Dish is best for higher viscosity oils.

Keep Up And Storage

A common concern of vapers is cleaning their vapes. You’ll be glad to know that cleaning this product is really simple. We suggest that you clean this vape pen immediately after each session as it is much easier to clean it that way. Since the bowl has no screen, buildups are liable to occasionally buildup on the window. But it isn’t a hassle as all you have to do is use the isopropyl wipe to clean the vaporizer and then clean the body and lid with a regular wet wipe.

Cleaning this product is pretty simple. Your vaping sessions will not be messy using this vaporizer and all you need is a wipe dipped in ISO alcohol for a basic yet effective cleanup.


Dr. Dabber Aurora Pen Vape is certainly unique and innovative with its features. We highly recommend it; this will make an excellent addition to any vape enthusiast’s collection. The magnetic attachments of the components and the 3 atomizers expand the range of substances you can use and the best way to use them.

There isn’t any major drawback to the Aurora but if we had to pick one, we’d say that the power button is slightly rough to use. It can be improved and made softer around the edges to keep up with the sleek aesthetics of the rest of the device.

Aurora Vape Pen
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