Flytlab Fuse Review: A 3-in-1 E-hookah


Flytlab Fuse Review Best with E-liquids $199

FLYTLAB has created a versatile and unique product, the Fuse e-hookah Vaporizer. This device is probably the only item currently available that allows the user to blend different waxes, e-juices, and dry herbs simultaneously. This model features a dual-chamber design, allowing for flexible customization and vaping options. In short, you will be able to fuse any combination of herbs, concentrates, and e-juice in a single session all at once!

Our review will break down and describe the features of the FLYTLAB Fuse e-hookah vaporizer in detail. The box comes with an assortion of cartridges consisting of concentrates, e-liquid, and dry herbs, along with a surprising variety of accessories and a charger.

You can use two cartridges at the same time in the vaporizer and it is entirely up to you how you want to mix or ‘fuse’ the different textures and flavors together and in what quantity. So, for instance, you can select two cartridges of e-liquid paired with a cartridge of dry herbs or you have a cartridge of concentrate mixed with a cart of dry herbs.


The dry herb and e-liquid cartridges are able to produce an acceptable amount of vapor clouds. However, small quantities of dry herbs hardly produce any vapor at all. This is due to the design of the coil in the atomizer; they are placed too high, and require large amounts of herb in order too produce any vapor. This is frustrating and wasteful since it requires a lot of herbs or concentrates on producing anything.

Size and Pocket-friendliness

The first time you take the Fuse in your hands, it’ll feel kind of like holding a flashlight. The black color is very attractive and feels sophisticated, but the device is sizable. The product is 11 inches long and weighs about 1 pound, with a plastic-padded exterior. The product isn’t flimsy, and is well-built and durable. If you tend to be a bit clumsy, this vaporizer will withstand the wear and tear.

The mouthpiece can be unscrewed, and you can put any two of the cartridges in the chamber underneath. The process is quite simple.

Flytlab Fuse Review


We were pretty confused when we first heard the noise emitted by this product. We knew it was supposed to be the sound of bubbles inside the e-hookah, but it sounded almost like metal slamming together. The noise can be turned off, but it requires three precisely timed puffs, which is a bit confusing.


The FLYTLAB Fuse comes with a range of accessories: one rechargeable Fuse Vaporizer, one FLYTLAB concentrate cartridge, one FLYTLAB dry herb cartridge, four e-liquid refillable cartridges, one power plug, one FLYTLAB e-liquid bottle, 1 FLYTLAB mini-USB wire, one tool kit, an instruction manual, and a FLYTLAB Sticker.


We were very impressed with the battery duration of the Fuse vaporizer. The battery is an 18650, and is charged with a USB cable. Pass-through charging is available. The battery will last throughout the week with light use, and a few days with regular daily use.

The remaining battery life is indicated by an LED light situated at the bottom of the vaporizer, which flashes different colors. The location of the light, at the base of the device, is a bit annoying.


Despite the huge claims and specifications of the FLYTLAB Fuse E-Hookah Vaporizer, it falls short in execution and performance. It is the first of its kind, and there’s definitely room for improvement. We do like the cool features: the no button operation, the long battery life and of course, the ability to blend different flavors and create unique concoctions for vaping.

There are some significant downside: it would be much more convenient if the LED light is placed at the front of the product for better visibility rather than at the bottom; the vaporizer is not compatible with concentrate cartridges of 510 thread; the herb and oil carts also need improvement. This vaporizer, overall, is not bad, but if a few of these factors are improved in the next model, it will be much improved.

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