Grasshopper Vape Pen Review: Quality Vaporizer in a Stylish Package

With all the misconceptions about vaping (still!) floating around, most users would appreciate a vaporizer that not only performs well, but also doesn’t look like Darth Vader’s crack pipe. The Grasshopper Vape Pen ticks both boxes perfectly. Looking exactly like a pen, it is actually a powerful and ergonomic dry herb vaporizer.

There are two versions: the Titanium (at $ 225) and the original in stainless steel ($175). Designed by aerospace engineers, the Grasshopper sets a new standard for vaping products, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Grasshoper Review

Best with: Dry Herb

Price: $175

Grasshopper Vape Pen Review
QSC Rating: 88/100 by

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Initial Opinion:

In our opinion, this product definitely deserves its aforementioned rating of 88/100. What makes this impressive is how flawless this vaporizer has been since being released to the public – you would normally expect that a few bugs remain to be ironed out in a product so new.

Aside from being discreet, the workmanship and performance that goes into the Grasshopper is extremely impressive, comparing well to any other product in its price range. We enjoyed testing this vaporizer, but we are still proud to provide you with an unbiased review of whatever product crosses our desk. If we spot an issue, you’ll hear about it.

System of Heating and Efficiency


Remember how the Grasshopper was designed by aerospace engineers? Well, this shines through in its performance. For such a small, inconspicuous device it delivers some serious power to the dried herb of your choice: 45 W as opposed to the 30 W of some much larger, heavier and more expensive vaporizers.

The easiest way to use the vape pen is to hit the clicker at the end, wait 5 seconds (there is an LED indicator to tell you when your chosen temperature has been reached), and draw deeply. After clicking the heater off again, you can continue inhaling for a few seconds to draw out the remaining vapor, which helps in cutting down the residual smell around you.

The mouthpiece gets uncomfortably hot after a few drags, but it’s made from silicone rubber, so there is no risk of burning your lips. If you prefer, the Grasshopper is also perfectly compatible with a 14 mm water pipe adaptor.

The super-powerful heater gives this product one very noticeable advantage over many other vapes: you can huff and puff to your heart’s content, and the Grasshopper will just keep on producing a steady stream of vapor. It can be highly irritating to have to wait for another hit to form, as if the machine was rationing you. This product definitely does not suffer from that shortcoming.

The heating chamber is quite adequately sized, and the design allows the whole contents to vape completely and evenly. Our charge wasn’t as finely ground as it could have been, but the Grasshopper pen still easily accommodated a third of a gram. And those of us who like our flavors intense will be happy to hear that the entire contents could be vaporized in only three drags, using the mouthpiece and an 18 to 14 mm reducer. The airflow in the vaping chamber is another major plus for this product: regardless of how tightly or loosely it is filled, vaporization is even and complete every time.

Device Size And Weight

You can take your Grasshopper vape anywhere you can take a pen, which is pretty much anywhere. It has a clip similar to that of a real pen that allows you to hang it onto any pocket.

The Stainless Steel Grasshopper weighs 65 grams (a bit more than 2 ounces), with the Titanium model being slightly lighter. Continuing right along with the “pen” theme, it is 5.6 inches long and 0.55 inch wide.

Along with its small size and appearance as a pen, the Grasshopper Pen Vape is also completely silent in its operation. It is, therefore, perfect for a quick, quiet drag without having to go outside in an inconveniently-timed rainstorm.


The Grasshopper Vaporizer comes with a mouthpiece guard, some extra mouthpiece screens, and the USB charging cable. There is a talk of special tools for cleaning and loading shortly, but we were not able to evaluate these features.

Maintenance is really easy: unscrew the mouthpiece with attached screen (the writing end of a real pen) and drop it into some iso-alcohol. The rest of the device doesn’t need taking care of.

The Grasshopper battery charges from flat to full in less than an hour, and extra batteries and external chargers are also available. However, most users will be satisfied with the pretty nifty-looking USB charging solution.


Thumbs up! The Grasshopper Vape Pen is a truly excellent product, with stylish looks, a solid feel, and great performance. The discreet design is a major advantage for those vapers in environments where their pleasure is unreasonably frowned upon, while the heating chamber design produces big clouds with great flavor. Despite its tiny size, this product will satisfy any experienced vaper, while its low price and ease of use make it equally suitable for beginners.

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