HipVap Vaporizer Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

HipVap Vaporizer Review

Best with Dry Herb $149

It’s fantastic that vapers nowadays have such an immense variety of excellent tiny vaporizers to choose from. The high prices of these compact devices, however, have always been a major drawback; but the HipVap is an exception. For the price of $149, it’s an amazing value. But is the affordable price on par with the performance? Let’s find out.


The HipVap is an ideal vaporizer for vapers who are looking for a precise and reliable vaporizer that will operate without issue. The product offers regular features alongside some groundbreaking add-ons that, alone, may be reason enough to upgrade from your current vape. The device has been designed with the demands of the modern connoisseur in mind; the result is a discreet, stylish and customizable product.

Heating Efficiency & Vapor Path

The HipVap Weed Vaporizer comes with flexible temperature control. You can adjust the temperature between 65-221°C using the buttons on the left of the item. This temperature range is great for dry substances, and some concentrates and oils.

When it comes to vapor quality, the result is determined more or less by the temperature setting you select. For our first tryout of this unit, we started with a temperature setting of 190°C (374°F), gradually increasing the temperature every minute by 10°C until we reached 220°C (428°F). At moderate temperatures, the vapor is warm and smooth, but at higher temperatures it is quite harsh, causing our reviewers to cough violently. We discovered that the best temperatures for using the HipVap are below 200°C, though the dry herbs were vaporized thoroughly at all temperatures.

Size & Portability

HipVap Vaporizer ReviewThe HipVap passes the size and portability tests with flying colors. The shape of the HipVap is designed like a hip flask, small and curved to fit in your pocket comfortably. It really is quite light and tiny, to the point where you may almost forget that it’s in your pocket. It isn’t flimsy, though; on the contrary, the device feels solid and seems built to last. We recommend, however, that you don’t keep it alongside anything in your pocket, since the buttons are extremely sensitive and can accidentally be pressed.

The battery life is decent too, allowing you can enjoy several vaping sessions throughout the day without worrying about the device running out of battery.


Helped by its size and portability, the unique design of the HipVap allows it to be extremely discreet. You can use this vaporizer with ease and without attracting too much attention in public thanks to its hip-flask appearance. The only thing that prevents the HipVap from scoring a perfect ’10’ in this category is the fact that vapor does tend to leak from the mouthpiece, which can leave a scent trail.

Accessories & Applications

The HipVap kit comes with a bunch of accessories, which maximize its value. We aren’t quite sure how such a good deal is selling for such an affordable price. In the box comes the HipVap Vaporizer, eight oil wicks, two pods, three screens, two additional mouthpieces, ten pipe cleaners, two odor-proof bags, one charger, and an instruction manual. The device also comes with a two-year warranty on the product, which is quite a long duration and allows you to vape peacefully without worrying about anything.


The two 1700 mAh lithium-ion batteries used in this vaporizer provide 2.5 hours of consecutive use but, of course, this timeframe is subject to change according to the temperature setting. Two hours is the average length of battery life, even with fluctuating temperatures. To save battery, the HipVap vaporizer is programmed to shut down automatically if not in use for 10 minutes.


There are a few minor quirks that prevent this product from being the absolute best, but they are not enough to overshadow the great value and features of this kit. Ultimately this vaporizer provides adjustable and consistent temperature settings and excellent vapor quality every single time.

HipVap Vaporizer
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