Hypnos ZERO Vape Pen Review: Good Things Come In Small Packages

The market for vaporizer pens for dabs is rapidly moving and Linx Vapor is definitely leading the pack along with some other companies. Keep reading to find out what we like and don’t like about the Hypnos ZERO Vape Pen.

Linx Hypnos Zero Vape Pen Review

The Hypnos Zero is an upgraded and improved model of the original Hypnos Pen. What is most remarkable about this one is its new atomizer style which is termed as an a ceramic plate. We are really liking it a lot. At $75, the product and the vapor it creates is a steal!



Hypnos ZERO looks exactly like a vape juice vape pen. Which makes it very discreet and relatively safe to use in public.

We got used to it pretty fast. At 3.9 inches, the Hypnos fits in our hand comfortably. Plastic mouthpieces tend to get hot sometimes, but the glass mouthpiece on this device doesn’t. You could smoke away for as long as we like. Which is what we did.


Heating Efficiency and Vapor Path

Most pens come with 3 heat settings, but the Hypnos ZERO is equipped with 4. The temperatures have been recalibrated to perform a bit differently than the previous Hypnos battery. The lowest temperature is even lower and the highest is even higher.

The airflow is excellent just as it was in the predecessor. The top edge of the inner chamber has 4 air holes around it, and as long as you load it sparingly, they will never get clogged.

The placement of the screen in the mouthpiece is changed and has a different pattern for the holes. You may experience this part getting clogged occasionally just for a second or two when you take your first draw before it gets warm. The clogging happens due to the buildup of wax residue in the mouthpiece, which covers the holes. The second the chamber heats up, the wax melts away and you will hardly notice that it happened.


Size And Portability

Linx Hypnos Zero vape pen

The Hypnos ZERO is compact. Being 10 cm long, it is the tiniest vape pen currently that we have tested. The design was given great thought, as the small size does not hinder your vaping session and even people with large hands can hold it with ease. This pen will fit almost anywhere so you can take it with you everywhere.

Accessories and Applications 

Hypnos Zero AccessoriesThe Hypnos ZERO vaporizer doesn’t come with much in the box. There is the pen and its 2A adapter and that’s about it. There is also a USB cord given, so in case you don’t have the sources to plug the adapter into, you can take the cord along and charge your vape pen.

The only thing that we feel prevents the Hypnos ZERO from being truly perfect is the residue that builds up inside the mouthpiece.

This wasn’t a problem with the original model, but being the powerful device that the ZERO is, some of the wax can accumulate in the mouthpiece while using. We kind of expected this to happen because the distance between the mouthpiece and the atomizer is short.

Other than the mouthpiece, wax sometimes gets into the atomizer’s thread, causing it to stick when removing or placing back the mouthpiece.

However, this issue has not tampered with the performance of the pen for us. It is just slightly annoying, but the vape pen works like a champ. Cleaning is also as simple as dipping the mouthpiece in ISO alcohol.



Compared to other wax vape pens that we have used, the Hypnos ZERO gives the most usage time, lasting almost 25 percent longer.

To test the components, we set the heat setting to the highest and pressed the power button in place for a 15-second cycle. We then repeated the steps till the batteries were drained, with short intervals in between.  So on average you will be able to get 65 complete heat cycles before the battery dies. Time-wise it is approximately 16 minutes of usage.

If you charge using a 2-amp wall adapter, you can fully charge your battery in 90 minutes, which is just a little over the average time of 60 minutes needed to charge most pens. You may also use the USB cord that comes in the box to charge if the former is unavailable. 


We have tested numerous vape pens and this one really impressed us. We really have to hand it to Linx Vapor, they are quite the innovators.

You will definitely notice how differently this vape pen performs, especially if you are used to pens that utilize rods or wicks. We think both styles are cool, but this one is more unique.

The quality of this device is better than the other pens we have used. At $70 this is definitely a worthy investment!

The only drawback is the wax gunking up in the mouthpiece, but as we mentioned before, it is not really a barrier in the way of top-notch performance.

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