KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer Review: Worth the Hype?

KandyPens is maintaining its sweet spot at the top of the ladder with their latest Gravity Vaporizer pen that comes with all best essential features. To know why the Gravity is taking the vape community by storm, keep reading.

Kandy Pens Gravity Review

KandyPens Gravity Review Rating: 84/100

KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer is a wax based vape pen designed as one of the most advanced and sophisticated pens available currently on the market. It comes with two atomizers; quartz and donut, a temperature controlled battery and is finished with a noir-style sheen. Adding to this is a lifetime warranty to ensure that your investment is not wasted.

We tested the Gravity for some time before forming an opinion on it. The following review is going to describe the features in detail, along with how well each function worked for us.

After launching the immensely successful and constantly sold-out Donuts, KandyPens has come up with the Gravity Vape Pen Kit. It comes with two coils;

  1. A Coil-less heating chamber with a ceramic dish- equipped with SlowBurn technology that enhances the flavor and scent. This coil is mild-tasting and gentle.
  2. A Crystal Chamber made with Quartz, with Dual Quartz Rods. This emits large clouds and is harsher and stronger.

The battery is temperature controlled and covered with a lifetime warranty. Top this with a black sandblasted finish, making the Gravity Vape Pen perfect and stylish in every way.


Gravity Vape Pen Temperature Options

The Gravity Pen comes with four temperature settings, which is one up from the standard of three set in most pens. The color of the LED operated K logo on the pen indicates which temperature is currently set. The color codes and their respective temperatures are as follows:

  • 300F – Pink
  • 350F – Red
  • 400F – Green
  • 430F – Blue

The temperatures are changed by quickly clicking the button in the shape of the letter K three times. The button changes colors and the light blink three times, confirming the change in temperature. If the pen is turned off and turned back on, the current temperature is flashed with the respective color three times.

KandyPens recently altered the Gravity’s mouthpiece with the addition of a carb hole for improved airflow and increased functionality. The tip was also slightly tweaked so a glossy black finish could be featured, enhancing comfort and adding to the aesthetic appeal.

We must say, it is quite a treat to use this device. Paired with the Gravity Battery, the atomizer’s performance is truly exceptional.  The first few draws are filled with flavor without risking the oil burning. Heat distribution is also excellent thanks to the disk which is placed in the chamber low enough to vaporize oil that is right at the bottom.

The low temperature is gentle on the lungs while retaining the flavor. If you are sensitive and tend to cough often from vaporizing, the lower temperature setting is sure to please.

Convenience Of Carrying And Using

KandyPens Gravity Vape Pen using experience

The Gravity Vape Pen is, of course, modeled after the shape of a pen. It is pretty discreet and can fit most pockets and bags. You can probably even get away with fitting it in a handheld purse. It fits nicely in the hand and feels smooth and glossy.

If you are seeking a vape pen or just a vaporizer that is not only stylish and sleek but also not prominent in crowds, then you will fall in love with the sexy Gravity Vape pen that has a dark theme. It looks like an ordinary pen, although a very sophisticated one, and won’t attract any unwanted attention.  

With the KandyPens Gravity Pen Vaporizer, you will get 1 Gravity Battery, a Gravity Storage Case, a Ceramic Disk Atomizer, a Battery Charger, a Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer, a Dab Tool, 2 Alcohol wipes and an Instruction Card.

Keep Up

Vapers are usually concerned about the cleaning of their Vaporizers. It can be a deal breaker for some, which is why you’ll be happy to know that maintenance and cleaning of this product is quite simple. The pen disintegrates into smaller components which makes it easier to clean them. Clean up is done simply with an alcohol dipped wipe.

Battery And Charging Cycle

The battery is very long lasting. We charged our Gravity Pen once every few days without having any low battery situation. Charging is somewhat slow, with a full charge taking about two hours. But you will be getting a few days’ usage out of it so it is fair enough.

The charger is portable and compact so you can charge your Gravity Vape Pen anytime you want on the go.

Perhaps the best part about Gravity’s temperature control battery is that It comes with an industry-leading lifelong warranty. This means that the battery will be replaced no matter what happens by KandyPens. In all honesty, such a warranty is extremely rare, especially in the wax pen category. The warranty is pretty reassuring for existing customers and those who wish to purchase KandyPens products.



KandyPens Gravity Vape Pen is an excellent choice if you are looking for a wax pen that is super easy to use and mid-priced. It is priced the same as any other wax pen vaporizer but features durability and styling like no other. You will also get a state of the art atomizer technology, a battery with TC function and a lifetime warranty.

KandyPens Gravity
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