Lotus Vaporizer Review: Simple and Brilliant

Are you looking for an effective, clean way to vape your herbs? Then the Lotus Vaporizer might be for you. For more details on why the Lotus Vaporizer is guaranteed to fit your lifestyle, read on.

Lotus Vaporizer Review

The Lotus Vaporizer’s unique design allows for your herbs to be vaporized manually without the risk of creating harmful combustion toxins. The Lotus utilizes a butane torch lighter that heats the materials without touching them, decreasing the chance of burnt herbs. This remarkable design also allows the Lotus to operate without batteries or electricity, no more lugging around cumbersome batteries or trying to find an outlet to recharge your vaporizer. All of this convenience comes to you for the low price of 150$, while this might seem expensive it is actually markedly lower than similar products with prices ranging up to 300$, also remember you will no longer have the added cost of buying packs of batteries which can cost 10$ apiece.

Lotus Vaporizer Heating Mechanism

The Lotus Vaporizer is made up of a wooden exterior topped with a secured metal plate, and a secondary pipe-shaped chamber. The metal cap is heated using the butane jet lighter mentioned above, the heated air then passes through to the herb chamber. The air intake system is located at the base of the wooden exterior; this placement ensures that only fresh air is inhaled while toxin-filled fumes are eliminated. This butane sourced convection process eliminates the risk of toxins while creating a steady stream of vapor that has a desirable flavor and potency.

While the Lotus mechanics may seem complicated at first the vaporizer is surprisingly easy to manage once you understand how it works. To start the vaping experience, it is always best to use finely ground herbs, this allows for a smoother vaping process, it also means that less heat will be needed to create the vapor. Using less heat will lower the chances of burnt herbs which create an unappetizing flavor and scent. You must also understand that while butane fueled heat is steadier than battery created, it does take an extra couple of seconds for the vaporizer to be heated enough to start the vaping process. If these steps are followed the Lotus will work perfectly, you will need to be mindful of how high the flame is as this will determine the amount of heat generated, there is no secondary temperature monitor apart from your own attention.

Size And Concealability

Easy portability is among the many advantages of the Lotus, it’s small size allows for easy transport and discretion when not in use. It is important to mention that because of the way the Lotus is operated it cannot be mistaken as a common electric cigarette when it is use, if used in public it will be easily identified as a vaporizer, if this does not concern you then there is no issue. Keeping this in mind, the battery-free operation of the Lotus eliminates the noise usually associated with battery operated machines, there are also no gages or panels which can create annoying lights that draw unneeded or unwanted attention Lastly while it is easy to use the Lotus anywhere and anytime you will always want to follow the safety guidelines to avoid burns which can occur if you touch the hottest parts of the unit.

Accessories and Warranties


As mentioned in the price statement above, many might think that the price of 150$ is too much for a manual vaporizer but it is useful to know exactly how much you will get for your money. With every purchase of the Lotus Vaporizer you will receive the accompanying kit which includes the following items; a durable vapor cap, an aluminum stem which creates less build-up than a typical glass stem, a protective pouch which ensures easy portability without the risk of damage to the vaporizer, and a torch lighter which adds to the ease of portability since it is light and will last for quite some time. Since batteries are unnecessary there will be none included in the kit nor will they need to be purchased separately.

A three-year warranty for this product is also included in the kit at no additional cost, it is important to note that the majority of manual vaporizers come with a 90-day warranty which doesn’t inspire much comfort on the part of the customer.

In addition to these items Lotus also sells an easy to use accessory that can adapt a typical Lotus water pipe into a second vaporizer. This water pipe adaptor is made of stainless steel that comes fitted with a standard screen, and is also fitted with a handle to eliminate the possibility of singed fingers. The water pipe adaptor can be added to your purchase for only 25$.


If you still need another reason to purchase the Lotus Vaporizer, then you will be happy to learn that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The Lotus has very few components and since there are no battery or electrical components you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. It is important to note that the Lotus is not described as being dish washer safe.

Wrapping it Up

There are many features that make the Lotus Vaporizer so desirable; its’ unique design, manual features, easy portability, and low price are just a few. It is also an excellent option for people who enjoy not having to be held back from taking their vaporizer out into the world because of the need for electricity, or stores where they can purchase emergency batteries.

I should mention that this vaporizer is recommended for more exexperienced vapers since there are certain techniques that need to be mastered. The Lotus does take some getting used to and there have been instances of wasted or burnt herbs before the user has become comfortable with the way the Lotus is operated.

Lotus Dry Herb Vaporizer
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