Pax 2 Vaporizer Review: The Affordable Elite Vaporizer

Pax 2 marijuana vaporizer review

Price: $199

Pax 2 Review Rating: 94/100

The Pax 2 marijuana vaporizer has a compact and sturdy built, therefore best suited for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, rock climbing etc. It is available at an affordable price of $199, which is a steal given its amazing features (the new version of Pax vaporizer, Pax 3, will cost you almost a hundred more. Check out Pax 3 review). The Pax 2 vaporizer comes with a ten years warranty and is a low maintenance product.

This vaporizer is built with an oven which allows constant heating, the heat settings are easy to reset and it comes with four heat settings. It comes with a wider spectrum and has a high range of temperature to suit the needs of its user. The batteries too are highly reliable and durable.

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Below are some of the major features of Pax 2 vaporizer which make it superior to other such products available in the market.

Heating System And Vapor Release

There are four different temperature settings in the Pax 2: 360/ 380/ 400 / and 420 degrees Fahrenheit or 180/ 193/ 204/ 215 degrees Celsius. Temperature can be viewed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and resetting is also very easy. It comes with two advance features of lip-sensing and heating algorithm, which is focused on the material to give an even distribution of heating effect. These features enable the use of the herbs in a more efficient way and even distribution of heat enhances the flavor

The chambers of the Pax 2 oven has been redesigned and modified to a smaller size so that it facilities even heating of the herbs, The body is built of stainless steel, which remains the same as the previous models

Size And Concealability

The built and the dimensions of the Pax 2 is – weight specification = 90.2 grams; size dimensions = 3.87 inches in height, 1.21 inches in width and .08 inches in depth. These dimensions make the Pax 2 compact as compared to its previous models and other such products in the market; making it portable and easy to carry around even for outdoors.

The vaporizer has a unique design which makes it a discrete product. It does not have a cumbersome mouth piece. The new model comes with a flush mouth piece, which is easy and less time taking to clean and use. This mouth piece has inbuilt sensors to which can the presence of the lips and modify the temperature during the use. Works very smoothly even at low temperatures and can produce higher level of clouds as compared to previous vaporizers.

The Pax 2 comes with accessories such as an extra mouth piece, USB charging dock, a bottle of ISO and cleaning cloth to enable good cleaning of the vapor path. You just need to use a little bit of the ISO solution by dipping the stem into and then use it to clean the vapor path, it is easy and less time consuming.

Maintenance, Charging, and Battery Life of Pax 2

Cleaning is quick and very basic. This is a huge improvement over the original version, which was very difficult to maintain.

It is estimated that the batteries perform 30% more efficiently as compared to previous Pax models. Once the batteries are fully charged, they can work for ninety minutes continuously without any problems of overheating or inefficiency.

The battery can be charged by a USB charging dock, which does not need a plug. It starts charging once this USB is connected to the vaporizer. The charging process is fast and hassle-free as one does not require a plug point or wires to do so; due to this the charger can be carried very easily in one’s pocket.


The modern and user-friendly features of the Pax 2 makes it the standard bearer for the manufacturer, compared to its previous models in the market. The innovative mouth piece, compact design, unique heat settings, intelligent sensors and the sturdy built makes it a hot favorite among all people.

Although the product has some unique features, but certain things still need modification such as the weak magnetic USB charging dock, and irreplaceable batteries. If these flaws of these are taken care of then Pax 2 will become the supreme vaporizer.

Pax 2 comes at an affordable price, it is highly reliable and durable and comes with a ten years warranty. So if you are planning to buy a vaporizer Pax 2 should be your choice.

Pax 2 Vaporizer
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