PAX 3 Vaporizer Review – Multipurpose Vape for Connoisseurs

The PAX 3 vaporizer is one of the most efficient, multipurpose, and elegant looking devices we have used so far– and honestly, we’ve tried pretty much every vaporizer you’ll find on the market.

The vaporizer is a two-in-one device and can be used for whole leaf as well as extracts. What’s more, the smartphone app allows you to customize and personalize the device, right from the screen of your phone. And when it’s hot and ready to be used, the vaporizer vibrates which is a unique and interesting feature for a vaporizer.

Pax 3 weed vaporizer review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review Score: 96/100

It is available for $274.99 which might be some investment, however, after using the vape for a few days, we believe it’s a must have for almost any vaper.

Let’s see how.

Battery Life


The battery life is totally amazing. I’m a serious vaper, and used the PAX 3 for a whole day without having to charge it. The battery power is a whopping 3500 mAh, and takes only about 90 minutes to fully charge.

The Most Notable Features

Most notable feature of Pax 3

The most exciting feature is that PAX 3 is an intelligent device and heats up as you bring it close to your lips and cools down as you put it away.

Also, it comes with an industry leading 10-year warranty which shows that the manufacturer really stands behind their device.

The PAX 3 vaporizer heats up within 15 seconds to offer amazingly rich yet smooth taste, no matter you’re vaping herbs or concentrates. After having regularly used it for a few days, I have fallen in love the rich flavor it has to offer. The vapor production might not be huge, but it’s more than enough to satisfy even the most experienced vapers.

Putting PAX 3 Through its Paces

We used PAX 3 and two other popular dry herb vaporizers head to head and were surprised to see PAX last considerably longer than both on the same amount of herbs.

It has four predefined temperature points, which offer great performance but it’s a bummer considering that some cheaper devices offer a much higher level of customization. The good thing is that the highest temperature level is reached within a matter of a few seconds.

The vaper can enjoy extended vaping sessions with a small amount of herbs, thanks to the amazing heating technology used in the oven.

Even though the body of this luxurious looking device is made of aluminum, yet it does not heat up even after an extended period of use. The vapor produced is rich in flavor and is exquisite in taste.

Even if only a little material left in the oven, the taste and quality of vapor do not change and content is not burnt – one of the biggest issues with most other dry herb vaporizers.

Most interesting feature is the Bluetooth facility that can be enabled using an application on your phone. The LED screen displays the temperature at which PAX 3 vaporizer is operating in addition to the battery status.

The four ventilation chambers allow the heat to escape so that the device does not heat up while in use no matter on which temperature it is being used on.

However, the device tends to produce odor if it is not cleaned after every second use. This is a bit annoying at times but any other vaporizer also has to be cleaned after every third or fourth use. It is not a big issue, though. The body is very delicate and might get damaged if dropped on the floor, so take good care of your device.

Ease of Use


The body of the device is light in weight and is easy to carry around or keep in your pocket or purse. The device has been designed for people who are mostly on the go and don’t have a lot of time to charge the vaporizer.

All you have to do is open up the oven by pulling the mouthpiece and pour in the content of herbs. Close it, touch the power button, and set the temperature by up and down buttons. In short, from refilling to using to cleaning the PAX 3, everything is as easy as pie.

Exciting Accessories

Pax 3 Accessories

I was so happy to see there were so many accessories in the pack. PAX 3 vaporizer comes with 3 spare screens. Quite amazing isn’t it!; concentrate insert, 2 mouthpieces, multi-tool,  2 oven lids, maintenance kit, 3500 mAh battery, Bluetooth, charging cable with adaptor, and a 10 years warranty card.


The device is loaded with exciting features and has advanced oven technology that produces massive plumes of vapor and an extremely rich taste. Although the price might seem a little high but you’ll be saving a lot more in terms of expensive materials you use because of its utmost efficiently. All in all, we highly recommend PAX 3 to every vaper who wants to get extra rich yet smooth flavor without having to deal with countless confusing settings.

Pax 3 Vaporizer
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