PAX Era Vaporizer Review – A Godsend for Hash Oil Lovers

The new PAX Era Vaporizer Pen is nothing like the other vape pens for dabs that are on the market.

In addition to its amazing performance and unique design, the newest offering from PAX Labs has bells and whistles that are fun and whimsical. You have to be amused with the games option of the pen. Searching for the easter eggs is not the purpose of the new delivery system, but it sure is a relaxing way to enjoy the pen while vaping.

What Sets PAX Era Apart from the Crowd?

Pax Era

Pax Era Vaporizer Review Score: 94/100

The LED lighting changes with the flick of your wrist. As you make a draw on the pen, the LEDs change colors and pattern to the order you program with your phone. When you turn over the pen, it changes the game you are playing to another hidden option. When you tap the pen on your hand, it turns the pen on or off.

The hand gestures are pre-programmed so that the pen heats when you lift the pod. To set the heat range, you just click the Pod back into the base.

These are just a few of the special features of the new PAX Era Vaporizer Pen, but what really makes it special are the Era Pods.

Pods make the innovative liquid feed system. It is a prefilled cylinder of oil that snaps in instead of screws in.  The Pods are not made of BPAs; they are built of food-grade polycarbonates to ensure safe vaping.  However, currently they are available in California and Colorado only.

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Pax Era Dab Pen Design & Performance


The thin design of the of the PAX Era Vaporizing Pen makes it look cool and modern. It looks very similar to one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market, JUUL e-cig (which is a branch of Pax Labs) The colors of the pen offered are Silver, Black, Gold, and Rose Gold. It is a discreet size, only 3 inches long – yes, you read that right, it’s just three inches long, making it the best pen for stealth vaping. Moreover, the LED lighting can be turned off into a stealth mode so it does not draw attention in a public setting.


The performance is the quality to be expected from a PAX Labs invention.

The new SimpleClick design of the pen makes it a snap to change cartridges without muss, spillage, or leaks.  The Pax Era is prefilled with herbal concentrates available from special vendors. To change out the POD, you just pop it out. There are no threads to align or liquids to mess with. The Pod makes an enclosed environment, that also prevents the oil from clogging in the delivery.

The Bluetooth feature in the PAX Era vape pen is as unusual as the POD system of delivery. You can download an app on your smartphone that controls the temperature, LED lighting, and everything in between, to customize your vaping experience.

The Bluetooth app also accepts updates to the software and locks the pen for safety. From your phone you can see the quantity left in your POD as well as the battery life left.

Vapor Quality & Ease of Use


Simply put, the vapor quality is simply amazing, and never before seen in this class. The vapor is extremely dense, thanks to the two-wick system. A slow draw will provide even thicker vapor and a richer flavor.

Everything about the PAX Era is easy and smooth. Loading the Pods takes just a few seconds, it turns on instantly; there is no wait time for the pen to warm up. The battery has a one-hour life and can be charged with a USB, no matter you’re in your living room or driving your car.

Overall User Experience

Pax Era Vapor Production


The PAX Era Vaporizer Pen is a fun and quirky creation. You will appreciate the one-year warranty that is nice to have but will never need to be used because of the high quality of the product.

Most of all, you will enjoy the smooth draw and the ease of changing the Pods while adding your custom herbal concentrate. On top of that, you can kill time with the fun games preinstalled in the pen.


  • The PAX Era SimpleClick Pod is a game changer for herbal oil lovers as it turns a messy chore into a fun activity. Purchasing oils and filling the tank was a dreaded chore. Now you can just order the Pods and the nuisance of filling is eliminated.
  • The colors on the LED and the beautiful casing is a plus. The PAX Era vaporizer pen is well-balanced, not heavy or bulky in the hand. The programmed gestures are a nice option that, when teamed up with discrete design, allow stealth vaping anywhere, any time.
  • The Era has an amazing design, offers great performance, and is very easy to use, and yet it’s very affordable, costing just under sixty bucks.


  • The PAX Era Vaporizing Pen has a limited distribution. The Pods are not available on line and you can only buy them in California or Colorado, where herbal liquid concentrates are legal. The battery life is long, but not as long as of some of the other vaporizers in the same class. 


The PAX Era Vaporizer Pen delivers consistency and customization for the vaper in a beautiful package. The innovations that have been added makes it fun and easy to use.  The SimpleClick Pods are different and needed to deliver the quality herbal oil concentrates you want to sample. Considering the overall quality and performance, our entire team gives two thumbs up to PAX Era and highly recommends it.

We recommend buying this dab pen directly from Pax! Check out the link below!

Pax Era Vaporizer
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