Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer Review

pinnacle pro vaporizer review

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Pinnacle has been making different vaporizer models for a while. Their latest is the Pinnacle Pro, an update of their popular Pinnacle Classic. This is a portable vaporizer (more portable than desktop vaporizers, better performance than vape pens).

Pinnacle Pro Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Pinnacle Pro followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Size & Portability: 91%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 86%
  • Price: 90%
  • Vapor Quality: 89%
  • Overall Rating: 87%
One of the top portable vaporizers on the market. Great with dry herb and the size is fantastic, easy to fit in your pocket.

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The Pinnacle Pro came in at #4 on our “Top Portable Vaporizers” list. It’s best qualities are it’s great size, it’s performance (it vapes with the best of them), and it’s versatility (it can vape concentrates as well as dry herb). The Pinnacle Pro is basically as close as you can get to a vapor pen in size without the drop-off in quality.

The drawbacks are it’s price and it’s “feel”. It doesn’t feel as well-built or sturdy as some of the other vaporizers in this price range. It performs just as well but feel is important. If this vape were priced $50 cheaper, it would have a shot at #1. But for anybody who wants a small vaporizer that does well with dry herb and concentrates, the price is about right.


pinnacle pro vape designThis is a very small vaporizer, and it easily fits into your pocket. There aren’t a lot of attachments or anything that would require a carrying case, so it’s very portable. It’s also sleek and all black, making it pretty incognito. And for those vapers who like to take their vaporizers with them wherever they go, that’s a big plus.

All the features are well hidden and compartmentalized to make this a real showcase for minimalist design. The entire product just looks clean and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean it can’t do a lot of cool things.

The Pro measures in at 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, making it about the smallest portable vaporizer out there. The only thing smaller than this that lets you vape are pen vaporizers. But this still has all the functionality of a full-sized portable vaporizer.


pinnacle pro chamber

The Multi-Use Chamber (Very Roomy)

One of the great things that really makes the Pinnacle Pro stand out is that it can accept both oils and herbs. Now most of your portable vaporizers are just going to do either one or the other. To get into multi-use vaporizers you usually have to go with a desktop one. But the Pinnacle Pro handily works with both oils and herbs, making it versatile.

And you don’t have to do any crazy switching out of tanks, tubes or other apparatus to make it work for you. You can simply insert your oils or your herbs into the same compartment. It’s a cool feature that we would like to see more of, and it definitely sets this vaporizer apart.

Another nice feature we like is the LED light system. This is something you will see in the higher end portable vaporizers, so we would be disappointed if it wasn’t a part of the Pinnacle Pro, since it retails around $200. Holding down the power button will light up the LED display and show you how much charge is left in your battery. There are five lights, and when they are all lit, the charge is full.

This thing heats up very fast. Your herbs or oils are usually ready to go in less than a minute, and it produces a decent vapor so long as you have something in the tank. The vape uses a convection method to heat the herb. This means that the heating element is touching your ingredients. You put your oil or herbs on the mesh, which is heated up by the heating chamber. That gets really hot and vaporizes whatever you put in there.

That’s why it gets so hot so fast. Now that can cause some discomfort if you are not used to that level of heat. So you will want to be careful with it and just take it easy at first. We loved how quickly everything was heated up, and the high heat levels didn’t really bother us, but some people are going to find it uncomfortable.


Because the heating chamber is located right next to the mouthpiece, you get a great vape on every draw. The herb or oil is getting heated right as it leaves the vaporizer, so you get a clean, crisp hit each time.

This has a downside though, as the mouthpiece can get kind of hot because of how close it is located to the heating chamber. We suggest turning the heat down as low as you can while still ensuring that your ingredients are being vaporized. We also find that taking long, slow breaths was better than heavy short ones. This way you are less likely to burn your mouth. You may have to adjust the heat settings and the way you vape before you find a method that you are comfortable with. But once you get in the groove with this thing you are guaranteed a great vaping experience.

We also found that the battery life was a bit lacking. If you are using the vaporizer at its highest settings continually, your battery life is going to be around 40 minutes. Otherwise, it should give you about an hour of vaping.


There is definitely some improvement on the classic Pinnacle vaporizer here. The way the heating works is far improved, and your herbs or oils are going to be ready to vape much faster than before. If you feel like you are ready to upgrade from the Classic, then this is the next logical step.

That said there are some better vaporizers out there. A few of them give you better quality vaping experiences. But on the other hand, you are going to have trouble finding anything that offers you such versatility in the way you can vape. I mean, this thing works with your oils and your herbs and it does it all in a very compact package. It’s impressive, to say the least.

But it may not change your mind on the Pinnacle if you have been less than pleased with its vapor production in the past. And we wouldn’t really recommend it to new users, as it has more features than most of them will need, plus that price tag can be steep for an introductory vaporizer. This one is better suited to people who have tried some other vaporizers and are looking for something that does a bit more. They won’t be disappointed by the Pinnacle Pro’s functionality.


  • Versatile- can vape oils and herbs
  • Powerful heating elements mean faster vaping
  • Very small and discreet product
  • Produces a great vapor


  • May get too hot because of where the heating elements are located
  • Battery life is not the best

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer
QSC Rating: 86/100 by

Disclosure: We receive a small commission if you buy the reviewed vapes using the provided links. This helps us to maintain this website.


  1. Been using the pinacle pro (vapor blunt)
    for 10months now.
    It’s a bad ass vaporizer. on level 3 with dry herb, it hits hard ! two problems ive had with it.
    The mouth piece melted from the heat. And when i tried to remove it by force. it broke off. and the piece was stuck in the cap. Easy solution. i bought another cap and mouth piece on ebay. for less than 10$ . You can even buy flavoured mouth pieces. But i jUst got the regular black one again. There’s a clear version, but that for the original pinacle. not the pro version.
    The 2nd problem that cant be fixed is the battery life. It’s very short ! like 20 minutes run time. that includes heating up time. Its a major pain in the ass. Having to take the charger withme wen away from home for a full night. or parties. Such a bummer to have people excited.about trying it, then the leds start blinking and then the thing dies. 🙁 ugh.
    its such a buzz kill . It can make you go from mr popular to unpopular very quickly. 🙁
    Besides all that wen it comes to personal use. Its hands down great !! i dont see it giving up any time soon. I mean, you’d expect the heater to have a long durable life for the price tag. 140$ on ebay.
    Thanx pinacle for making a great product.
    better battery next version ..pleeaase…:)

  2. Always have problem with battery.
    I got 3rd one in less than one year and stop working again.
    I am tired to return it 4th time.
    The service are sucks too.
    One time They said no problem found it and send me back same o unit and it did not work when i plug out so I send it back.
    Do not waste time.

  3. All I can say to you guys is to stay away from this Vaporizer. First of all, the vaporizer is not worth all the money. I got a “brand new” one but it had some glue attached to one side of it and finger prints all over. It would work for three times, than wouldn’t turn on properly. I fully charged it and it would turn off after 5 minutes of use, telling me that the battery was empty.
    But the worst part of the whole experience wasn’t even the vaporizer itself, it was the customer service. I have bought so many things over the internet over the years and I know what a proper customer service is, but the people who are distributing the vaporizer were the worst.
    I wasn’t happy with my vaporizer so I wanted to send it back. I told them so and explained the situation to them but all they had to say was that THEY don’t think that another one would make me happy. I found that quite unprofessional, especially in the light that they told me each mail they want me happy. I have told them what would make me happy but I guess it didn’t go along with what they thought what happiness is. So bold and so arrogant. We went back and forth and after quite a while they offered me to send me another one, the better version. I felt so drained at this point already because I had to argue with them about something, I thought, was clear: I wasn’t happy, I told them what would make me happy, they tried to make me change my mind. Bad bad service.
    When I finally got the vaporizer, it was missing the receipt (thus warranty was gone), the glass mouth piece that I really really wanted and I was pointing that out in almost every mail wasn’t there either, and it was also missing a second plastic mouth piece that my first vaporizer had.
    I am done with them and will never go back to this product nor will I recommend it. The whole process was so hostile towards me and at no point I got the feeling as if they really do care about their customers.

  4. The Vapor Blunt has to be the shittiest companies that I have ever had to deal with! After spending $378.00 and using my unit a few times it is now completely useless and won’t even turn on.
    The Vapor Blunt will not return my calls nor will they respond to my emails and obviously are not doing ANYTHING to honor the warranty
    Whoever is in charge deserves to be shot with a ball of their own shit! This is the worst company bar none that I have ever dealt with. You’re not business people you have no right being in business and my final question. How does it feel to suck so badly at what you do??? This company and the people who work there are pathetic.
    P.S. Let’s not leave out that I purchased this unit from not doing anything to help or solve my problem. They made the sale so now I can go sit on my Pinnacle Pro for all they care.

    • Funny that allot of “vapers” dont really get that.

      For instance, I have a Vapir N02 V2. Everyone I talk to who has one basically crams the screen all the way inside and down to the bottom of the “chamber” (which is really the heating element mostly), then they cram the herb down into there as well. So in essence, well, reality, they just created CONDUCTION.

      Now, I try to explain to them that the “top hat” design of the screen isnt done on accident. Its designed to sit at the top of the chamber. If you sit it on top and GENTLY press it in about 1/8 of an inch, it will CLICK into place. That top hat screen is the ENTIRE BOWL and is meant to sit above the heating element and vaporize properly from HEAT alone.

      Every time those people basically look at me and respond with a blank stare, as if I just made it up out of thin air. Well, compared to CRAMMING the screen to the bottom which basically ruins the screen then CRAMMING the dry herb into the heating element and burning the herb, Ill use the proper method…The clouds might not be as thick but at least its vaping properly

      So yeah, sorry for the long response but I agree with you lol

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